Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: ‘Check yourself.’

4E24039D00000578-0-image-a-21_1531348533118-1 - Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: 'Check yourself.'

29 year-old Candice Swanepoel gave birth to her second child a few weeks ago and a few days back, she was spotted rocking her new mom figure on the beach in Brazil. The photos made the body shamers come out, so Candice replied in one of her Insta stories:

‘This is me 12 days after having my son. If you have something bad to say about it…check yourself. Society can be so cruel to one another. Beauty standards are sometimes impossible for women these days. I’m not ashamed to show my post partum tummy. I am proud actually…I carried my son for 9 months in there. I think I’ve earned the right to have a little tummy. Candice continued, ‘Is it because I’m a model? Well we are normal people too, so let me enjoy the beach in peace please.’

4E18F2CA00000578-5939421-image-m-12_1531248603364 - Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: 'Check yourself.'

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4E18EBAA00000578-5939421-image-a-29_1531250949469 - Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: 'Check yourself.' 4E18ED5700000578-5939421-Family_time_Candice_was_joined_by_her_parents_and_her_little_boy-m-46_1531252291021 - Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: 'Check yourself.' 4E18EF3E00000578-5939421-image-a-72_1531253727676 - Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: 'Check yourself.' 4E18F1D600000578-5939421-image-m-78_1531253899055 - Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: 'Check yourself.'4E18F3EA00000578-5939421-image-a-79_1531253905399 - Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: 'Check yourself.'    4E24028700000578-0-image-a-25_1531348759219 - Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: 'Check yourself.'

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40 thoughts on “Candice Swanepoel to Haters Who Criticized Her New Mom Tummy: ‘Check yourself.’”

  1. Wow, i love her quote, and how the hell does she look that good 12 DAYS after giving birth!?? It baffles me how people can critizise a new moms body, specially the body of one of the phisically closest to perfection on the planet!!

    • This won’t be a popular opinion and I don’t even care anymore, but I’d never criticise her body, just her actions. She created a new human being and is trying to play the victim. I hope her son fares through this life pretty well, considering just how awful life can be. The world is reckless and merciless, and this is absolutely paradoxical. Just love your fking son, Swanepoel. Leave the basement keyboard warriors alone and focus on what’s important, you narcissistic Insta h0.

      Edit: Apologies, Angie. This wasn’t supposed to be a reply to your comment.

    • yeah she looks great. but my question is…where is her newborn?! can you take babies that young on planes to exotic locations?! jeezz… get to mommying, ms. model. your babe is hungry and needs those boobulars (assuming she’s breastfeeding).

      • Probably sleeping safely in a stroller nearby in the shade. Maybe with close family watching while Candice takes a dip in the ocean with her other boy.. Come on, give her some slack, she is not at a nightclub! She is just on Holliday with her family!!

      • The child DOES have a father you know. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he’s spending 50% of his share of childrearing off camera at this moment? Get to daddying, mr. 50% responsibility.

        • he’s also unemployed, to my knowledge his job is to be candice’s boyfriend (lucky guy). same with laurens (romee’s bf). so she’s the bread winner and he takes care of the kids, although her job is not that hard

        • anna and sarah, i sure hope the newborn is with its daddy or some close family member. but it is interesting how when celebs like kim k post vacation photos after having kids their almost always chastised for being “bad moms” or not nurturing their kids while a model somehow does not receive the same flack. i’m not for the karcrappians what-so-ever, just pointing out that disparity. i’ll add: after pushing a small human out of your vag, yeah–you prob need a vacation… but taking an infant on a plane is kind of painful for the child. the low air pressure can hurt their ears and exposure to germs is just not safe with that many people all breathing the same recirculated air. for this reason, i stand by my comment.

      • Wow, what the hell is wrong with you people?

        Her baby is probably nearby, being attended to by another family member. Contrary to proper belief, newborns will survive 10 minutes of your absence.

        Some of you on this thread act like she’s out wasted at 3 am. That toddler she’s with is her other kid; she probably stepped aside to play with him, as a parent should do.

        Unless you think mothers should ignore all of their children except for newborns.

        • So agree with you. I did not have a child yet, and would love to have one. But im pretty sure it will not stop me to enjoy life. U can have fun and take care of your and child have a job etc IMHO

        • She is a slave to social media. I have zero sympathy for people like her.

          She complains about being ridiculed? Suck it up, princess! That’s just the world. She continues parading her life on Instagram for no reason other than to show how lavish her lifestyle is and how awesome she thinks she looks. It is pure narcissism. No sympathy at all. None.

  2. can’t believe people are criticizing her for not having a flat tummy right after popping a baby out. Geez, it took her body 9 months to change and accommodate her child, do people really think it will just magically “undo” all the changes in days? Her uterus isn’t even back to its regular size yet!
    This is so messed up. She should not be ashamed of wearing a bikini just because she isn’t looking the way people like her to look, people should just be freaking polite and get a clue! ugh.

  3. Aside from her using “woman” instead of “women”…
    I feel like there cannot be that many people who criticized her body. Her body is ahead by miles compared to most other women 12 days after birth, something she probably is aware of…

    • just to add, i feel like she’s either humble-bragging, or looking for a wave of “omg shut up you look amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing”

  4. She sounds very insecure and trying to hide it. It’s obvious that people are trolling to get a rise out of her. I get that she a “public figure” but self confidence starts from within and requires no social media validation.

    • I think many models struggle with self confidence. They get judged all the time in their profession. It must be very difficult to keep up your self confidence, when people constantly are saying that you are not right for a job, to skinny, to fat, to blond ettc.

  5. Just for the heck of it – I am 7 days after giving birth and have a completely flat tummy – but dear Candice, isn’t now the time to bond with your baby and heal your body? I thought it’s not advised to run around and swim so soon after giving birth. Especially since there is still a lot of bleeding involved.

    • Okay, by that logic you shouldn’t be on this website then. How can *you* “bond with your baby” when you’re on a gossip website tut tut! One single snapshot of her on the beach doesn’t mean she isn’t making a connection with her baby and every body is different…swimming/chilling on a beach is hardly a strenuous activity and you are not her doctor.

      • I am pointing out what is generally being advised by the doctors (at least in my country) – to stay at home and regenerate one’s body, keep away most of the visitors (due to illnesses) and stay away from crowded places, pay attention to hygiene due to the bleeding and possible stitches – no bathing etc.

  6. I must admit that I don’t get all the criticism she is getting – not the criticism she is getting because of her body – that was pretty much to be expected in today’s society, but the criticism she is getting for defending her self and just being a happy mum… I don’t think she is making that quote because she wants everybody to tell her, that she looks great – I mean she wouldn’t have made it if people hadn’t started criticizing her to begin with … I am sure that with the dedication she has shown over the years at maintaining her body, she knows that if she wants to she can bounce back quickly, but that she chooses to spend time with her kids and not to stress about her appearance instead.

  7. She has a valid point but it kind of feels like she’s fishing for compliments at the same time. I mean she has to know that she looks great considering the circumstances? Also, that last photo really freaks me out (which isn’t normal, I know). I could never go through this whole ordeal myself, so kudos to her.

  8. Everyone realizes that literally is her enlarged uterus that we are seeing, right? That’s not a “tummy”. Her uterus will shrink back to normal size in a few weeks.

    • agreed. if you look at the rest of her body – her limbs, her face.. she’s not gained a heck of a lot, probably stayed well within the range of 20-25 pounds for a normal BMI. She has no “extra” weight to lose, just the normal exit of accumulated fluids, extra breast tissue and her uterus muscle contracting. If she does have any extra weight, maybe 5 lbs, she’ll shed that quickly

  9. and she chose the most flattering pictures of herself … i agree with what she is saying, but i don’t buy the whole body positivity act. it seems like she is only concerned with society’s impossible standards for women when it impacts her. also this is the first time i’m hearing anything about her body being criticized. to me it seems like she’s more insecure about it if she needs to announce this before TMZ

    • The body positivity act is more about promoting being overweight. She’s not overweight, she just has a big belly from having a child. So she would not qualify for body positivity because she isn’t overweight or obese. If she weighed 50 – 100 more pounds, then she would qualify.

  10. The world has gone INSANE to criticize this woman. One, she looks fantastic, and two, who cares what a woman looks like less than TWO WEEKS after she has birthed a child? Are our priorities so skewed that this matters to anyone? Very sad.

    And for the record, I have ZERO children, and she looks about 10x better than me – and with less of a gut!

  11. I know many will disagree, but she really didn’t have to show so much skin… she’s s got a normal post patrum body…yet I don’t really needed to see it, Luke I didn’t need to see her 9 month baby bump either. Everything for publicity

    • Those last pictures were the same for me. Honestly, seeing pregnant women gives me anxiety and her at 9 months made my pulse spike. It’s a phobia that’s genuinely scary looking to me, like her intestines are about to be squished out her body like a bug. Shudder. If I was on the same beach as that I’d probably have to leave and i can’t be the only one who gets creeped the hell out by severely pregnant women.

      • How do you think you came into this world?
        This is nature.
        This is the circle of life, with pregnancy being one of the most wonderful stages.
        By doing this 12 days after birth, shows how strong she is. Respect!

  12. I think that it is wonderful that she is up and feeling well enough to get out and relax in the sunshine and waves. I know for myself after childbirth I didn’t want to do anything but stay in my house in comfy clothes and tend to my baby round the clock. It was also the middle of winter. No ocean or warm weather. It’s confusing for me to see the pictures of her in her bathing suit simply because of the bleeding factor after childbirth. I bled for awhile and I don’t think I could have been in a bathing suit that quickly. More power to her though if she was able. Everyone heals differently. As far as people’s comments about where her newborn baby is…I would just assume mom is taking a 1-2hour break and spending time with her other child and partner. The baby might be sleeping somewhere inside away from the harsh elements of the earth. Maybe family or close friends watching over the baby. It’s okay to give yourself a break and family will encourage that for your health.

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