Candice Swanepoel’s Sheer Look – Wow or Eww?

46C9D0FB00000578-0-image-a-79_1511927846431 - Candice Swanepoel's Sheer Look - Wow or Eww?

29 year-old mom-of-one Candice Swanepoel showed up at the Victoria’s Secret show CBS viewing party in New York last night, wearing a sheer outfit with back lingerie.

How do you all like her look?

Candice Swanepoel’s Sheer Look – Wow or Eww?

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46C9CB1900000578-5127389-Kiss_kiss_The_model_wore_a_sheer_sequinned_shirt_with_high_waist-a-20_1511936399085 - Candice Swanepoel's Sheer Look - Wow or Eww?  46C9D8A400000578-5127389-She_s_back_The_South_African_model_was_delighted_to_open_the_Vic-a-18_1511936399003 - Candice Swanepoel's Sheer Look - Wow or Eww? 46C9D66F00000578-5127389-Stopping_traffic_Candice_certainly_turned_heads_in_her_revealing-a-16_1511936398980 - Candice Swanepoel's Sheer Look - Wow or Eww? 46C9D77500000578-5127389-Strike_a_pose_Candice_showed_off_her_taut_tummy_one_year_after_g-a-21_1511936399277 - Candice Swanepoel's Sheer Look - Wow or Eww?

18 thoughts on “Candice Swanepoel’s Sheer Look – Wow or Eww?”

  1. Maybe if she had closed the top and it wasn’t this sheer… Body looks great though. Hate the hair. Never was the biggest fan of her face.

  2. Candice is so lovely, even her eww looks get a “wow” from me, but girl, no.
    She’s one of VS’s TOP angels, she should not be working this hard to show off the underwear. This isn’t even lingerie, it’s servicable, like the stuff I wear to work.

  3. also wish her roots were done? Something nice- I do love her hair this length. I wish it was styled more voluminously for this look though.
    Sorry, I expect more from those I love! (On a social media level). Lol

  4. I hate it, it looks like some sort of hideous raincoat (rainsuit?), plus I’ll never get behind pants that cover the whole shoes, they look ugly and borderline dangerous to me. Her body looks good but this… er, outfit doesn’t even compliment it in any way. I wonder if she actually likes this or if she just had to wear it to promote the brand.

  5. When I saw some of the previous posts I couldt see what (some of) the the people in here where talking about facewise, but oh my God, I really see it know! What exactly she had have done I don’t know, but it looks way off 🙁 its a shame….
    Her body looks good though…

  6. Oh my GOD why did she ever decide to let somebody touch her angelic face ? There’s definitely something off about it.. Is it lip injections ? She has that kardashian like rubber lip smile on the first photo.
    Candice used to be one of my faves, it’s really a shame 🙁 she doesn’t have that freshness to her anymore

  7. I want to give her a high five for how great she looks after having a baby (hot mama!)…but I can’t get behind her outfit. Fair enough, she wants to show off her figure because no one’s ever seen her in lingerie, but this is a bit desperate..

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