Carmen Electra Didn’t Need the Boob Job

Carmen Electra Didn't Need the Boob Job 1

How does Carmen feel about her boob job?

“I had breast surgery over 10 years ago, taking me from a 32B to DD, which took a bit of time to get used to. I didn’t want to go as big as that. It’s nice that I don’t have to wear a push-up bra any more, but I could have left myself alone.”

… says Carmen.

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21 thoughts on “Carmen Electra Didn’t Need the Boob Job”

  1. i don’t know if its the dress but she looks heavier than usual here.
    In general i like her face and weightwise she was always healthy and fit type.

  2. she looks very in shape.
    but still, i don’t think you need to become “old” to understand that b❆❆b jobs aren’t necessary.

  3. Oh, really???? If she didn’t do this she would never become Playboymate and any “celebrity”. IMO.
    She is very pretty, but the combo of dress+black tights is unflattaring here or maybe it is picture or her pose/angle.
    Btw, is she wearing color lenses? Her eyes always look weird to me.

  4. I wonder if she’s still “on” her original implants because ,after 10 years, they still look very nice! I wish I knew who her surgeon was.

  5. im sorry but she does not look like 32 band size, specially here she could be 36. i look smaller than her and im 36 DD

    • Agreed but i’ve read somewhere that she is really small, height wise. So when she is standing alone she seems rather chubby and too big for 32 band but next to a average sized person she looks really small so maybe that is it?

  6. I loovvvvee her shoes. I believe they are Valentino. i first saw them on Hilary Duff in emerald green. The perfect romantic shoe (sigh)

  7. She didn’t ‘need’ the boobjob? She would have NEVER gotten this far in hollywood without her boobjob. Let’s face is.

    1. She has no talent whatsoever
    2. She’s not smart
    3. It’s not like she has a rocking body or beautiful face
    4. It’s her whoring around that made her famous, whoring around with her fake boobs

    She did need the boobjob because otherwise she would have gotten nowhere. Personally if i were her i’d rather stay a ‘b’ then become a ‘dd’ and be known for what she’s known for. It’s superficial useless empty heads like her that destroy hollywood 🙂

    • I was going to type my comment but then I saw you’ve said everything.

      It’s easy to say don’t need something after you’ve already had and utilized it. It’s like saying KK didn’t need her sex tape to get famous. As a person she didn’t need to. As a celebrity, yeah right Carmen.

    • I disagree that she doesn’t have a beautiful face or a rocking body! I’m not sure whether it’s plastic (apart from the breasts, that is) but she is definitely not ugly. I agree on your other points though!

  8. Yes you could have left yourself alone, but the real question is would you have even been famous without your infamous b❆❆b job?

  9. Don’t care…. love her with or without the b❆❆b job and as for why she’s famous …..she was a lil “singer”……for a little while she was part of the burlesque dance troupe “the pussycat dolls” not the pop group and oh yeah ……… she was a playboy centerfold or maybe even playmate of the year……and the list goes on…… oh wait I forgot rock God Prince named her Carmen Electra. Carmen Electra is the brunette Pam Anderson so why is Pam famous…..and unfortunately dumb a– Jayde Nicole.

  10. This is really sad. She has such a great character.. who watched the whole Dave Novarro and her newleywed series many many years ago? she was so fun to watch and she was looking so hot. i remember being like 14 ish or 12 or something and thinking “i hope i look curvy and hot like that when im in my 20’s” .. i really hope she gets back in shape.. takes out the fake t—-s.. and gets back on tv. i think reality tv suits her; she has a great personality

  11. Carmen Electra would be equally as sexy with 32A boobs, small or big I think she’d still look amazing. She does have a good surgeon though because I think her current size flatters her body nicely – though she’d still look great if she did decide to have the implants removed later on down the line.

  12. she is looking damn sexy in this outfit andwhat she said was right that she need not to wear push up bra anymore because of her milky breasts.

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