Carrie Underwood Talks Body, Diets & Exercise

Carrie Underwood Talks Body, Diets & Exercise 1

Interested? Let’s see some of Carrie’s tips! From Self Magazine:

Favorite ab improver: “When I gain weight, it’s in the spare-tire area. I’ve told trainers abs are a physical impossibility for me. And every single time, they’re like, ‘Well, we’ll get you abs!’ So do I have them? No! But they’re as flat as they’re probably going to get. Push-ups work out everything. If you do them right, you’ll feel it in your abs. I do four sets of 10 to 20.”

Workout motivation tricks:

1.) Make exercise accessible. “I have Exercise TV on cable. Jillian Michaels’s videos will kick your butt. She’s my trainer, and she doesn’t even know it!”

2.) Work toward an event. “Everybody has things they want to look nice for: anniversary, birthday, reunion. I’ll think to myself, Oh, that award show is coming up. Or, I have a photo shoot in four days! It’s nice to set goals.”

3.) Revel in success. “I love it when I feel good about myself. I’ll look at a photo and think, My arms look great!–and then I go work out my arms. Once you’re enjoying things about your body, you realize how much you want to keep them that way or make them better.”

“If I eat too much before a show, I just want to sit down. Too little, and I’m starving. So I eat something small, like Quorn, a tasty meat-free protein, and green beans.”
Keep a food diary. Carrie has been tracking her intake for three years! She counts her calories on a regular basis, to see how it all adds up. “Once you realize, it’s like, ‘No wonder I’ve plateaued! No wonder I’ve been gaining weight!'” she says. “Little things really do add up.”

“My food indulgences are pizza, and I love… cheese. I have a big problem controlling myself with the cheese.” Two years later, it looks like she found a way to have her pizza and eat it too! Here’s her recipe favorite formula for a healthy, 250-calorie personal pizza: 1 Flatout wrap with 1/4 cup sauce, 1/2 cup fat-free or 2% cheese and loaded up with veggies.

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40 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Talks Body, Diets & Exercise”

  1. I liked what she said.. Seems to me that she really likes her body and have a positive look about dieting and exercising… Altough, I’m not a really big fan of her body. It’s ok, very natural, but I don’t know… Seems like there’s something missing.

      • actually, based on this photo, she has more of a waist than i thought! heather, i agree completely, and i think its her chest…not everyone needs huge ones…but it just seems so ‘blah’ or something…

        • yeah, her waist is fine. Its the b❆❆bs that are missing…But there is not much she can do about that, and I rather her natural “blah” ones to some fake bags of plastic. If I was her I would go for a different bikini.

    • i love her figure, i would swap her in a instant! and i see a waist. i haven’t seen many pics of her so maybe its the angle.

  2. I make those little pizza’s with flat outs too:) MMMMMMMMMMMM….so good:)

    I think she is more of an apple shape, Thin arms and legs but struggles with the tummy a bit. Very pretty though. I LOVE her legs especially.

    • Yeah I don’t like being able to see muscles on a woman’s stomach. A six pack is just as gross as a beer belly if you ask me. Her stomach is good the way it is.

  3. I really appreciate this article. People were complaining about Jessica Alba a few posts ago. Here is a girl that not only talks about, but revels in, the work she does to maintain her body. You go girl! 🙂

  4. I started a journal of everything that I eat a couple of months ago and it really works! I think Carrie Underwood is a very healthy role model and I even have a couple of pictures of her up on my fridge to help keep me motivated. To be honest I was a little shocked that someone had a negative comment about her figure, really her waist isn’t “defined” enough for you? What does that even mean?

  5. I mean..this whole documenting what you eat thing. I get if you do it to become aware of what you eat for like a few weeks or something, but to me it sounds obsessive to have volumes of journals of what you ate and how many calories every day for years. Reminds me of like an anorexic or something. I know it’s not bad nessisarily and I see it reccomended to do, but still that’s just me.

    Anyway I think Carrie looks great, but she’s another one who seems to always be talking about weight loss and dieting.

    • It takes a certain type of person to do that kcal counting. I know i would become overly obsessed, and propably very paranoid of eating too much. Not for me, but i still think Carrie’s approach sounds healthy, and seems to be working for her.

    • yes! thought that I was the only one who doesn´t think it´s good to keep track of your calories for three years. Don´t know any not eating disordered person who does that for three years. but wth

  6. Thanks Versus for sharing this kind of info. (and for the style how you do it: talks about Body, Diet, Exercise + real photo)
    You know?! It is boring to reading tones of magazines writing about do this or do that for diet, for losing weight. It is good to see somebody who apply this stuff and see it’s working. And it is useful to reading about how to combine diferent methods of maintain body weight and workouts.
    Ok! Maybe it is applying just for some body types. But, it is a chance to knowing this info for those who helps.
    (I mean: who has a body as she have, may try to apply what she related to doing)

  7. ive read several articles about what she allegedly eats. she is a processed food (junk in my opinion) vegetarian. pretty on the outside but rotting on the inside.

    • I remember that I tried to be a vegetarian… it was very difficult to keep my nutrition well. My parents are from Japan, so, it was very hard not to want to eat seafood, also. Forget being a vegan- I love dairy products (different from my parents here).

      It seems to be an assumption that vegetarians are healthier- but a found-in-nature meat product is healthier than something meatless and processed.

      • as a vegan myself, i must say that not all vegans eat processed fake meats! 🙂 nutrition is a little harder as a vegan, true, but without meat the focus is on legumes and nuts/seeds. i eat many many more beans and nuts now than i used to…also a larger variety of grains – amaranth, quinoa, etc.. i think the key to staying healthy with a diet like this is fixating less on “replacement” (like cheese substitute, meat substitute), and more on expanding your dietary selections! 🙂

  8. Is it really impossible for her to gain abs? She looks good but her stomach doesn’t look very tight or toned. I’m just curious– it sounds like she works out quite a bit and if her trainers have been trying to give her abs, why doesn’t she have them? It doesn’t look like she has much body fat to hide them.

    • i have a stomach like hers…i totally know what she means when she says that she just gains in the spare tire area. for me, when i gain weight, i get it all in my lower ab area and inner thighs. i’ve exercised/dieted a lot in order to try to get my abs to be more defined, but all in vain – at my lowest weight, i was on the border of being underweight, and i did a ton of ab exercises…there was definition in the oblique area, but nothing really where the six-pack should be.

      if that’s where you naturally gain, i think it’s just too hard to get rid of enough fat in that area to make your muscles more defined… your body fat percentage would just have to be incredibly (and probably undesirably) low. undesirably because it just wouldn’t be very fun at that point (feeling cold all the time, etc. etc.).

    • looks perfect to me. i wouldn’t want a six pack. if you have one good for you, but its not a look i aspire to. this is soft feminine and not what i would call untoned.

    • I have a body similar to hers, just more petite and taller. I ONLY gain weight in my lower stomach area. Not my arms, legs, butt, boobs, nowhere, just my belly. I can kill myself in the gym and eat a well balanced diet and my lower stomach (belly button area) will never be completed toned. I can get the upper abs (kinda), just not lower 🙁

  9. Is ‘self’ a fitness magazine? If so, it surprises me that they did an article on her. She doesn’t appear to have much muscle tone….

    • “Self” often has not-so-toned cover models actually. Remember the Kelly Clarkson fiasco?

      Also, the magazine is lame. “Shape” is better.

  10. I love Carrie underwood!
    Iv’e started to use ExerciseTV because of her and I absolutely love it! They have amazing celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Looser and others that are really inspiring and motivating.
    Check them out onDemand on the ‘sports +fitness’ section

  11. yeah !!! i really like her body .she is slim ,healthy ,and not toned .i think she is a M shape that’s mean :proportioned shoulders ,bust and hip softly defined waist curve ,strong straight shoulder line rounded bottom .she is like the same body .

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