America Ferrera – 1 Girl, 2 Dresses

FP_5686205_ANG_AFFPhotocall_TheDryLand_090710 - America Ferrera - 1 Girl, 2 Dresses

America Ferrera is busy doing some promotional work this week – here she is at 2 different events, looking pretty and polished in 2 dresses that accentuate her waist. America is very consistent when it comes to her style and she’s very loyal to these kind of classic-cut dresses that flatter her figure.

How do you like her chosen outfits?

3 more shots next!

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America Ferrera in a Bikini

America-Ferrera-in-a-Bikini - America Ferrera in a Bikini

At (huge) request, here is America Ferrera and her voluptuous, non-Hollywood-skinny figure vacationing in Bahamas.

As opposed to many other celebs, America is being photographed in a bikini and she’s actually smiling back to the camera, gotta love that!

One more America after the jump!

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