Anna Kendrick: “I look like a teenager”

AK2-e1427720106269 - Anna Kendrick: "I look like a teenager"

On not taking perfect photos:

“Every year that goes by, I think that my on-camera smile is going to get easier. It’s got worse and worse, to the point where I’m giving that Britney Spears terrified smile, where the lips are upturned, but there’s nothing but fear in the eyes…I’m also the queen of ruining group photos. All my friends will be smiling and looking really pretty, and I’ll be there pretending to pick my nose—or actually picking my nose. It’s a fine line.”

On not being stylish in real life and therefore, not a paparazzi favorite:

“Part of it is because I’m dressed really boring in sweatpants and sneakers, so those pictures just don’t sell. You need to be really styled—in the perfect leather jacket and little booties, and have your red lipstick and your coffee—and I haven’t managed that yet. If I’ve got jeans on, it’s a good day.”

On her age and looks:

“I feel like 29 is just total garbage. I’d rather just be 30 for two years. When I say I’m 29, I think I sound like I’m trying to make sure everybody knows I’m not 30. I look like a teenager. I really like ’50s-style dresses, but they make you look childish, and I don’t want to look like one of those people trying to look like a little schoolgirl. I’m trying to give a message to the world that I am a grown up.”

… says Anna.

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Anna Kendrick Does The Edit and Brings Today’s Quote

AK3 - Anna Kendrick Does The Edit and Brings Today's Quote

On looks and aging in the industry:

“I know that things will be more complicated as an older actress, in ways that I can’t anticipate, but I would really enjoy getting to the point where the reason I’m getting roles or not isn’t based on if somebody thinks I’m hot enough. I feel like I’ve always been a character actress, and this is a blip in my career where I’m playing the ingénue. I’ll be a lot more comfortable and get excited when I’m playing women who aren’t supposed to be pretty.”

… says Anna in The Edit.

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Anna Kendrick: “I was always telling myself, ‘I’m never getting boobs!’”

AK21 - Anna Kendrick: "I was always telling myself, ‘I’m never getting boobs!’"

On being a late bloomer:

“I was a very late bloomer. I was the smallest in my class, always telling myself, ‘I’m never getting boobs!’ I remember being comforted by hearing that guys like small boobs and big boobs. They like any boobs!’ At the time I was like, ‘That is excellent news!’”

… says Anna in Nylon.

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Anna Kendrick Talks Style

AK1 - Anna Kendrick Talks Style


On her style:

“Recently I’ve decided that there’s no point in getting dressed up if I’m not having fun. I’ve looked at enough red carpets right now and realized that everyone might think that Taylor Schilling looked better than Lena Dunham at the Emmys… but I thought Lena rocked that red carpet more than anybody else. What the point in fashion if you’re not having a good time?”

… says Anna in Fashion Magazine.

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