Emma Thompson on LA: “Oh god I am too fat to go there”

FFN_vcv_52164593 - Emma Thompson on LA: "Oh god I am too fat to go there"

On the fact that skinny actresses ‘simply don’t eat’:

‘There was a wonderful actress in a film I did called Brideshead Revisited and the producer said to her, “Would you lose some weight?” and she was exquisite and I said to them, “If you speak to her about this again on any level I will leave this picture. You are never to do that.”‘

On body image in Hollywood:

‘It is evil what is going on out there and it is getting worse. The French fashion industry said they would get rid of size zero and they didn’t. Not only they didn’t but it continued. I never moved to the US. I couldn’t. Can you imagine? Every time I go to LA I think “Oh god I am too fat to go there.” I think they are saying to me when I arrive “You are fat and you are old. Go home”. LA is so mad and so hostile. It is a very strange place and I could not live there.’

… says 57 year-old Emma.

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Jessica Brown Findlay: ‘I’m not going to be a better actor if I’m a size smaller’

wenn23197065-591x1024 - Jessica Brown Findlay: ‘I’m not going to be a better actor if I’m a size smaller’

Downton Abbey actress Jessica Brown Findlay recently shared a few thoughts on body image, while opening up about her troubles with an eating disorder – the full story from Fox Entertainment:

Jessica Brown Findlay, who is starring in Hulu’s new drama “Harlots,” is opening up about her eating disorder that she’s suffered from since she was a teenager.

I’ve had an eating disorder since I was 14,” the 27-year-old “Downton Abbey”star told The Daily Telegraph. ”And I think that we can feed certain ideas of what beauty is and what success is, and I just feel there has to come a time where those aren’t the rules anymore, and then we can have a mature conversation about what that is about, and about depression.”

“I felt so alone for so long, and I just hid,” she continued. “And then I started talking and held my head up, and instead of saying ‘sorry’ decided to tell myself that I matter.”

She explained that when she started going to therapy, she realized it was good and healthy to talk about her issues.

“It’s about learning to stand up and say, ‘This is me, and that’s OK,’” she said. “I’m not going to be a better actor if I’m a dress size smaller. It’s nothing to do with my brain.”

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Tess Holliday: “The pressure of “looking good” for a living is too much today”

Tess-Holliday-pregnancy-20161-557x650 - Tess Holliday: "The pressure of "looking good" for a living is too much today"

Mom-of-two Tess Holliday (who gave birth to her second child 8 months ago) recently opened up on Instagram about the pressures of being a working mom, especially when having to look good for a living. Here’s a part of her emotional post:

My confidence has taken a blow with this birth & it wasn’t until this morning I realized why. The pressure of “looking good” for a living is too much today. When your face is breaking out from the hormones of breastfeeding + total exhaustion from lack of sleep, bags under your eyes, patchy red skin & to top it off no energy to work out or leave my bed.. how do you do it? How do you feel confident in your skin & feel like you aren’t letting the client down by showing up exhausted & disheveled? Yes, I chose a career based on my looks & I’m the first one to say that beauty isn’t what should drive you, it’s certainly not what motivates me. As a working mom in an industry that’s as critical as mine, where is the line? The balance? The compassion? Is any career understanding when you show up at negative 10% because your kids wouldn’t let you sleep & you want to hide under your covers & cry? Not many. I hope one day that changes & society views mothers as the flawed human beings we are that are just trying to keep our s~~~ together like everyone else. #effyourbeautystandards #workingmoms #disruptperfectmomsyndrome

… says Tess.

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Plus Size Model Denise Bidot’s Unretouched Sports Illustrated Ad

denise-bidot-lane-bryant-si - Plus Size Model Denise Bidot's Unretouched Sports Illustrated Ad

Name: Denise Bidot

Age: 30

Nationality: American

Denise Bidot is one of the faces and bodies of Lane Bryant – and she surprised many when she appeared in a competely unretouched ad in the current issue of Sports Illustrated. Heres what she says about the experience:

It’s an honor to be in the @lanebryant ad featured in the pages of the 2017 @si_swimsuit , completely unretouched.
It’s amazing to be a part of the change thats helping women see once and for all that nobody is perfect. We can still be beautiful in spite of our imperfections. It’s time we celebrate each other and learn to love the skin we are in. 💙💙 #NoWrongWay #LaneBryant #thisBody #changeishere #loveyourbody #bodypositive #SIswim #sowhatstretchmarks #selflove #bebold

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Miss Canada Siera Bearchell (Size 6) Responds to Body Shamers

Miss-Canada-Siera-Bearchell-5 - Miss Canada Siera Bearchell (Size 6) Responds to Body Shamers

Name: Siera Bearchell

Age: 23

Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)

Title: Miss Universe Canada 2016

Miss Canada Siera Bearchell has been under fire in the past weeks for gaining too much weight prior to her participation in the Miss Universe pageant. The beauty queen is currently being labeled ‘plus-size’ although she is just a size 6 at 5’9” – and here’s her message to her haters:

I was recently asked, “What happened to you? Why have you gained weight? You are losing points” This was a reference to my body of course. While I am first to say I am not as lean as I was when I was 16, 20, or even last year, but I am more confident, capable, wise, humble and passionate than ever before. 🙋🏻As soon as I started to love who I was rather than always trying to fit what I thought society wanted me to be, I gained a whole new side of life. This is the side I am trying to bring to the @missuniverse competition. The side of life that is so rare to find: self-worth and self-love. We always focus on the things we wish we could change rather than loving everything we are. #missuniverse #bodydiversity #IMG

With so much focus on the external, it's no wonder we suffer so much internally. 💭 I've seen the photo on the left circulating through media online (the changed image). The photo on the right is directly from the @missuniverse Press Website (the real, raw image). It's so sad that us women face this kind of criticism and hatred in a world that needs positivity now, more than ever. We need to uplift the women in our lives rather than belittle them for their appearance. We need to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness that we all exhibit. There is beauty beyond size. There is beauty beyond walking on stage in a bikini. There is beauty beyond looking a particular way. It's time to realize that true beauty, self-worth and validation start from within. #beautybeyondsize #bodydiversity #confidentlybeautiful #misscanada #missuniverse

A photo posted by Siera Bearchell (@sierabearchell) on

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