Jessie J: “People say that you’re too skinny, or you’re too fat. You’re never enough”

FFN_vcv_52312308 - Jessie J: "People say that you’re too skinny, or you’re too fat. You’re never enough"

The full story from People:

For Jessie J, working out is a way to get fit and feel strong — something that’s particularly important to her as she manages a heart condition.

The singer, 29, inherited Wolff-Parkinson-White disease — a condition that means she has an extra electrical pathway in her heart that causes shortness of breath and dizziness — from her father, and his father before him.

“It doesn’t go away, sadly. It’s just something that I’ve had to deal with since I was a child, and it pushed me to get stronger. It’s just part of who I am,” Jessie J, a spokesperson for Propel Electrolyte Water, tells PEOPLE.

But after undergoing surgeries as a child, she doesn’t worry too much about burning out during concerts or her workouts — she’s learned how to monitor her body.

“I do have to make sure I stay healthy and look after myself,” Jessie J says. “I kind of love that I have something that pushes me to be healthier.”

“I just wanted to recreate the way people see the word ugly,” she says. “For me it’s like, don’t care, stop judging yourself, get on with it, get sweaty, get fit. Who cares what you look like? Don’t wear makeup; your hair’s going to be a mess. Just do it.”

“People say that you’re too skinny, or you’re too fat. You’re never enough,” she says. “I think it’s so fickle and silly. I’m comfortable in my own skin, so I try to inspire people who aren’t there yet to get there.”

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Rashida Jones: “Beauty is so emotional for me — I eat my feelings”

Rashida-Jones-Tracee-Ellis-Ross-Connie-Britton-Good-Housekeeping-May-Beauty-Issue-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-1 - Rashida Jones: "Beauty is so emotional for me — I eat my feelings"

On her ‘awkward’ adolescence:

“Between 12 and 15, I was emotional, chubby and awkward. It was puberty and I was a work in progress. Thankfully I got to do that privately. It sucks now that kids have to decide how to represent themselves publicly at such a young age.”

On “Hollywood” beauty:

”I don’t like the idea that there is so much pressure on women to look a certain way in Hollywood. There are times when I feel myself buckling under that pressure. Beauty is so emotional for me — I eat my feelings.”

On her mom’s beauty approach:

”She has always been holistic about beauty — she puts on sunblock, drinks a ton of water, takes care of herself, meditates. I’m less strict, but I do meditate, eat well, work out. And I love being in nature with no mirrors — just trees and a good sweat.”

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Connie Britton: “I’m booby and kind of curvy”

FFN_vcv_51957862 - Connie Britton: "I'm booby and kind of curvy"

On what makes a woman sexy:

There’s nothing sexier than life experience, and there’s nothing sexier than knowing your own body and having a little bit of experience with that!

On turning 50:

People tell me the 50s are the best time – I’m ready! That whole stigma of being over 40 and not being sexy anymore is fake news. We’re more vibrant because we have experience, we know our bodies.

On her body type:

I’m booby and kind of curvy, so I definitely need to wear things that work with that. I can’t just put on a muumuu, because it looks crazy on me.

… says Connie in Good Housekeeping.

Would YOU describe Connie as ‘curvy’?

3F28B60900000578-0-image-a-12_1491920848748 - Connie Britton: "I'm booby and kind of curvy"

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