Crystal Renn in Tush Magazine

Crystal-Renn-in-Tush-Magazine - Crystal Renn in Tush Magazine

23 year-old so-called ‘plus-size’ model (occasionally called ‘plus-size SUPERmodel) Crystal Renn is posing in loads of denim for German Tush Magazine…

I think Crystal’s measurements on FMD ((US) 39-32-43 ; (EU) 99-81-109) need an update!

Crystal-Renn-in-Tush-Magazine-2 - Crystal Renn in Tush Magazine

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‘Plus-Size’ Models in French Marie Claire

Plus-Models-in-French-Marie-Claire - 'Plus-Size' Models in French Marie Claire

The June issue of French Marie Claire features ‘plus-size’ models Hayley Morley and Laura Catterall in bathing-suits, lingerie and in well, nothing. These girls are a size 10 US, look well-proportionate and have the following measurements:

Hayley (the blonde):

Size: 14UK, 42EU
Height: 5’9, 178cm
Bust: 34dd, 102cm
Waist: 29”, 74cm
Hips: 41′,’ 104cm

Laura (the brunette):

Size: 14UK,  42EU
Height: 5’10, 178cm
Bust: 34E, 102cm
Waist: 29”, 74cm
Hips: 41” 105cm

Plus-Models-in-French-Marie-Claire-4 - 'Plus-Size' Models in French Marie Claire

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Model Treat: Bianca Balti in Lingerie

Model-Treat-Bianca-Balti-in-Lingerie - Model Treat: Bianca Balti in Lingerie

Name: Bianca Balti

Age: 25

Nationality: Italian

Height: 5’9.5″ / 176cm

Measurements (according to FMD):    (US) 31.5-23-34 / (EU) 80-58-86.5

Modeled for: D&G, Armani Jeans, Valentino, Victoria’s Secret, Vogue, Marie Claire, Playboy

When she started modeling… She was rejected by Elite Model Management for being “too average and common”.

Model-Treat-Bianca-Balti-in-Lingerie-2 - Model Treat: Bianca Balti in Lingerie

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Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

Size-12-UK-Model-Katie-Green-in-a-Bikini - Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

Name: Katie Green

Age: 22

Nationality: English

Size: UK 12 (US 8-10)

Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

Models for: FHM, Ultimo, Wonderbra

Chosen: Number 3 on Daily Star’s “Best Bodies” List

Was asked to: Lose 2 stone (28 lbs / 13 kg) when she first started modeling…

Which is why… A while back, Katie started a campaign called “Say No to Size 0” that had the goal to “ban all size zero models and models with an unhealthy BMI (below 18.5) from the fashion catwalks.” (source: Katie’s Official site).

Size-12-UK-Model-Katie-Green-in-a-Bikini-2 - Size 12 (UK) Model Katie Green in a Bikini

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Fabulous Over 50: Andie MacDowell Reveals Her Weight

FP_3979761_Glamour_Magazine_RAM_110909 - Fabulous Over 50: Andie MacDowell Reveals Her Weight

Celebrities aren’t really fond of revealing their weight, so whenever any female stars shares this little secret with us, it’s news!

52 year-old (wow!) Andie MacDowell was kind enough to reveal her exact number:

When you were a young model, in an industry not known for positive body images, did you ever have problems with weight?
There was a time when someone complained to my agency that I was overweight. It was after I’d been in New York for a few years, and I was trying to figure out how to maintain my weight. I was 132 pounds then, and I’m 5-foot-8 – and still eat healthy and exercise. So I said, “Tell them not to book me. This is the best I can do.” And shortly after, I got Calvin Klein commercials and a movie, so it didn’t stop me.

You still look model weight to me:
Right now I’m about 137 to 138 pounds and I feel pretty good about it. Also, as soon as you get older, your face starts o look drawn – that’s why I think I’m better off with those 5 extra pounds.

Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to food?
Well, it’s not a guilty thing – I really do think that chocolate is good for you. And it’s better to eat that than to not have anything. That’s when you end up eating too much – when you feel deprived.

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