Then and Now: Rachel Hunter

Even the hottest models that made it on Sport Illustrated covers (multiple times), appeared in Playboy and have worked most of their lives in their bikini or sexy lingerie, posing in sexy photoshoots – even they can start looking less like long legged, ideally shaped, skinny women. Case and point (no, I’m not gonna say Tyra Banks): …

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Jennifer Garner in a Little Black Dress

When it come to Jennifer Garner, one can say that she is pretty… boring – from a weight point of view, that is. No major weight fluctuations (if any), no eating disorder rumours (pretty rare in Hollywood), no tabloid covers on “How Jennifer Lost 30 lbs in 3 Weeks”, no plastic surgery to add/fix curves, no …

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Cheryl Cole in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

cheryl-cole-in-a-bikini-multiple-perspectives - Cheryl Cole in a Bikini, Multiple Perspectives

Second bikini stop for today: Cheryl Cole. If you are still not familiar with her, then you are definitely not located in UK, since she is super popular there, as well as the band she is in, Girls Aloud.

Now what you probably don’t know is that Cheryl lost loads of weight after her footballer husband cheated on her (and apparently, here she is on vacation with him, trying to fix their rocky marriage). How much weight did she lose, exactly? Various sources say that she was down to a scary weight of 85 lbs at a 5’4” height (6 st/39 kg, 164 cm) – but probably gained some back since then.

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