Katherine Heigl – Cuvry Scale Time!

katherine-heigl - Katherine Heigl - Cuvry Scale Time!

Katherine Heigl is not a skinny girl, and hooray, cause the second last thing Hollywood needs after “tanned blonds with generic looks” is yet another skinny celeb. And since she is probably 10 lbs over the “skinny prototype highest limit”, aka 120 lbs and most likely fills more than a full B cup, plus she’s got, as seen above, a noticeable rear, she classifies in the curvy sector.

So, what do you think? How would you rate her on the Curvy Scale? Ratings start from 1 and top with 10, where 1 is “flat glass rather than hourglass” and 10 is “plump & round hourglass reinvented”

Versus’s expert verdict: Katherine is a 6. Thin enough to be skinny-lovers’ secret daydream and plump enough to be on curvy-lovers’ “who I’d like to marry” list.

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Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time!

blake-lively-snl-party-4128-33 - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time!

Michelle Trachtenberg is definitely not the epitome of curvy, but yes, she’s got the minimum scores & curves to qualify. And I think we can agree that Blake Lively is sort of skinny. Want estimations? If Blake is 5’8 and Michelle is 5’6, then Blake must be around 120 lbs and Michelle is probably around 130 lbs. I bet I’m spot on!

It’s skinny versus curvy battle time! Which one do you prefer? The curvier Michelle or the slimmer Blake?

Versus’s expert verdict: After 14 hours of deliberation, the balance inclines towards Leighton Meester. What? That’s the other Gossip Girl, you say? Oops.