Christina Hendricks for The Edit

CH7 - Christina Hendricks for The Edit

On her personal style:

“I like clothes that are vintage-inspired and whimsical. You need some basics in your closet, but I always tend to go to the piece that has a sparkle on it, or a pearl.” Today, she is wearing brogues, a very un-Joan state of affairs. “These flats hurt my feet more than heels,” Hendricks bemoans with a grimace. “I’m good in a three-inch heel, that is the most comfortable for me.”

… says Christina in a vintage-inspired feature in The Edit.

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Slimmer Christina HendricksBrings Today’s Quotes

476275175_101 - Slimmer Christina HendricksBrings Today's Quotes

On her trademark red locks:

‘When I was ten years old, redheads always intrigued me, especially Anne of Green Gables, and my mom said, “Let’s just throw a rinse on that!” Little did she know she opened a can of worms. I still love my hair as red as I can get it!’

On her ‘can’t-live-without’ beauty product, pink blush:

‘It’s the first thing I put on when I wake up, and my husband just thinks I have naturally flushed cheeks!’ she revealed.

… says Christina.

Christina back in 2012:

155752560_10 - Slimmer Christina HendricksBrings Today's Quotes

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