Doutzen Kroes Was Once Labeled “Too Fat”

doutzen-kroes-was-labeled-too-fat-once - Doutzen Kroes Was Once Labeled "Too Fat"

Yes Model Management says that supermodel and “Angel” Doutzen Kroes is a size 4 or 6. I am always PRO diversity, so I am really happy to see that there is at least ONE runway model out there who wears a size 6 (even if just occasionally). A successful model, since she was number 5 in Forbes’ Highest Paid Models in 2008 Top (in case you’re wondering, the first 4 were Gisele, Kate, Heidi and Adriana).

But wearing a size 6 also has a downside in the fashion industry – because a while back, Gucci basically rejected Doutzen for being… you guessed, “too fat”. Very, very sad. Doutzen’s words:

“I like the Versace show best so far. The collection is really beautiful and at Versace femininity is important. Feminine shapes are allowed. In contrary to Gucci where I got rejected because I was too fat! Gucci likes slim girls only.”

2 things are majorly wrong in Doutzen’s statement (but she’s so not the one to blame): 1. “Feminine shapes are allowed”, like they are some sort of sin and 2. “Slim girls only”… coming from the stunning slim girl in the above pictures.


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Doutzen Kroes in Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog 2009 (13 Pictures)

doutzen-kroes-in-victorias-secret-swimsuit-catalog-2009-1 - Doutzen Kroes in Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Catalog 2009 (13 Pictures)

Here’s Victoria’s Secret latest acquisition, Doutzen Kroes. For maximum hotness, Doutzen is wearing many, many bikinis under various shapes and forms, all revealing Doutzen’s perfectly fit, sculpted and thin body.

Perfectly defined abs, definitely not in the “too skinny” territory, visible tone, flat stomach and a tight booty – see all these after the jump! Read more

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Doutzen Kroes – Photoshoot on the Beach

doutzen-kroes-photoshoot-on-the-beach - Doutzen Kroes - Photoshoot on the Beach

There are a few supermodels that don’t look underweight - and I’m happy to say that Doutzen surely doesn’t look underweight here.

Real, natural, healthy, fit, athletic – yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

How do you like it?

4 More pictures of Doutzen on the beach (and more outfits) after the jump!

P.S.: Many sources say that Doutzen is a US size 4 (at 5’10”).

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The Hottest Angel in a Red Dress Is…

the-hottest-angel-in-a-red-dress-is - The Hottest Angel in a Red Dress Is...

Since the Victoria’s Secret Show only made us greedier for more, here is yet another round of some of the hottest supermodels today – from left to right: Selita Ebanks, Marisa Miller, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes.

Lots of long, tanned and shiny legs, lots of blonde locks and the mandatory smiley, flirty faces.

Who’s the hottest angel this time?

More pics on the next page!

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