Emily Ratajkowski: “All women are put into stereotypical boxes really quickly”

Emily-Ratajkowski_-Elle-Australia-2018-01-662x878 - Emily Ratajkowski: "All women are put into stereotypical boxes really quickly"

On being smart:

“No matter what we look like, all women are put into stereotypical boxes really quickly. I’ve definitely experienced that. I mean, most profiles written about me are like, ‘We’re so surprised she’s smart!’ On one hand, I get that it’s natural instinct to have an idea about someone, but also, f–k you.”

On being “bold & beautiful”:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been known to play by the rules. I’m not afraid to speak my mind, but with that being said, I do hope that what I put out there is positive. When a woman is comfortable with her sexuality and doesn’t need validation from men, she kind of makes a lot of things irrelevant that people really care about, and it pisses people off.” But accepting her body, says Ratajkowski, “makes me feel powerful. If people are that scared, then there must be something to be scared of.”

On her critics:

“I think it’s really bad for women, this competition and ‘judginess’. It’s something I deal with every day when I get dressed, like are you being objectified or are you being empowered? And I truly believe that no matter who looks at me and thinks, ‘Oh God, she’s wearing a tank top and look at her boobs, how sad that she’s a victim of the patriarchy,’ I’m thinking, ‘Well, f–k you, I feel great. And I like what I’m wearing, and I like how I look. That’s more important than your idea about that.’”

On the women she defends:

“I was like, ‘This is funny that these are the people that I end up fighting for.’ But I kind of feel like they’re the most important people, too. Like, don’t differentiate, don’t change your politics because you don’t think a person with a sex tape deserves protection or you discount somebody because of their sexual history. I think Kim Kardashian is actually an incredible feminist. I channel her when I’m having a bad day. I’m like, ‘Here’s someone who really doesn’t give a sh-t what anyone thinks.’ I would like to be that person who is above it all, and she is that way.”

… says Emily in Elle.

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Emily Ratajkowski on Her Boobs: “Sometimes they make me feel the most powerful”

emily-ratajkowski-at-2018-vanity-fair-oscar-party-in-beverly-hills-03-04-2018-12 - Emily Ratajkowski on Her Boobs: "Sometimes they make me feel the most powerful"

On her biggest asset:

Boobs are funny. They hurt sometimes, and sometimes they’re the thing that makes me feel the most powerful. They’re a key to my sexuality. They’re all those things.I love my boobs. I love other people’s boobs. Boobs are kind of great.

I remember there was some article like “Emily Ratajkowski Is the Mozart of Breasts.” What was so bad is someone sent it to my dad, who sent it to me. My dad still sees me as a little kid.

… says Emily.

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