Eva Mendes Is in Shape

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On getting back in shape post-pregnancy:

“In some ways, it’s been more challenging to get back in shape after my second daughter. Yet it’s not as hard as I thought it would be, because I’m always running around with the kids. I never sit down – I’m on the move all day. And I don’t keep junk food at home anymore, because I’m trying to set a good example. So there are no more Krispy Kremes for me to grab. But there is this app called Postmates that delivers whatever you want in minutes. It’s almost as bad as having the food in your kitchen. Don’t laugh, but they’re on the way here right now!”

On her workouts:

“Working out allows me to spend time on myself. Knowing that I have an hour to dedicate to my wellness is a priority for me now…I love doing intervals, like running and sprinting, and I see great results with that versus the 30 or 45 minutes of steady cardio I used to do on the treadmill. Between intervals, I lift weights. Right now I’m sticking to light weights because I have a herniated disc in my lower back. I’m off-season right now, so I work out three days a week. But when I’m getting ready for an event or in the summer, it’s five days a week. I don’t exercise more than that though, because I see better results when my body has a rest period.”

On the way she eats:

“I usually start my day with eggs. I think they’re like magic – you can do so much with them. I mostly keep it simple and have scrambled eggs and a piece of Ezekiel toast for breakfast … I grew up eating rice and beans, so I want some kind of grain in every meal. For lunch, I usually have salmon and rice or quinoa, and I try to include a salad. I’ll eat the same thing for dinner. I’m a creature of habit in that way. I don’t get bored with food. I try to think about it as fuel for my body. But what I am looking forward to is the time when dinner becomes a sit-down situation again. Right now I’m in survival mode with two babies, eating on the go.”

… says 43 year-old Eva.

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Eva Mendes’s Mommy Beauty Routine: “Oh right, there’s throw up on my shirt”

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On whether her beauty routine has changed since becoming  mom:

“Absolutely. It’s just about how do you, how to expedite everything. Efficiency. And you really have to check, I need more mirrors because you just have, ‘Oh right, there’s throw up on my shirt.’ You got to really attempt to keep yourself glamorous. It’s beautiful, because it brings you right down. You’re like, ‘Oh I look cute,’ and then you’re like, ‘Oh right, I have baby food on me’ or the little one gives you a kiss, and it’s so sweet, but you get like spaghetti cheek.”

… says 42 year-old Eva.


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Eva Mendes: “Since I’ve become a mom, the first thing to go out the window is exercise”

GettyImages-481977234_master - Eva Mendes: "Since I’ve become a mom, the first thing to go out the window is exercise"

On her beauty routine, now that she is a mom:

‘I’m tired, like any new mom. I’m no longer on my own time…I don’t have a nanny and I’m a very hands-on mom. Being a mom has meant my beauty routine is down to a minimum. It’s just now it might happen at 3am or the minute my daughter falls asleep for a nap. And now a blow-out and a manicure make me feel like a million bucks! I do [exercise] begrudgingly. Please put in begrudgingly! It’s not fun. Since I’ve become a mom, the first thing to go out the window is exercise.’

… says Eva.

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Eva Mendes Talks Beauty and Make-up

479460257_10 - Eva Mendes Talks Beauty and Make-up

On her favorite make-up style:

“To draw attention to my eyes, I never line the outer corners, I keep them open. Another trick is, if you have a longer face like I do, when applying blush, blend it horizontally across your face [from cheek to cheek] so there’s a little on your nose, too.”

On skin and hair care:

“I’m on the coconut oil bandwagon, so I use it more on my hair. It’s my moisturizer for my hands, body, even my face – though for day, I prefer Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Crème. It’s thick and wears well under makeup.”

On her daily beauty routine:

“I pride myself on a fast routine. I start with tinted moisturizer, then I dab on a bright pink cheek stain, which makes my skin come alive. And I always need concealer, because no matter what, I have dark circles. I made peace with that a long time ago.”

… says Eva.


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