From Our Fabulous Over 50 Club: Yasmin Le Bon

From Our Fabulous Over 50 Club: Yasmin Le Bon 1


From our Fabulous Over 50 Club: old school supermodel Yasmin Le Bon, who was extremely popular in the 1980s and who looks amazing at age 52. The mom-of-three stunner recently launched her own Fall line for Winser London and she starred in the campaign shots rocking her cashmere, tweed and knitwear designs.

Yasmin about her collection:

‘I have designed a capsule collection which is wearable and luxe – pieces that I really want myself. Yes, I know – completely selfish!’

The old school supermodel, who apparently hasn’t aged a day since her prime in the 1980s looks positively younger than her years even when posing with her 27 yer-old daughter:


Yasmin in her prime:


More new and old picture of Yasmin next!


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