Glamour Model Turned Fitness Fanatic Gemma Atkinson: “People say to me “Real women have curves”

Gemma-Atkinson-HD-Wallpapers - Glamour Model Turned Fitness Fanatic Gemma Atkinson: "People say to me "Real women have curves"

3699F13200000578-3712506-Shaming_the_trolls_Gemma-a-63_1469704957353 - Glamour Model Turned Fitness Fanatic Gemma Atkinson: "People say to me "Real women have curves"

31 year-old glamour-model-turned-fitness fanatic Gemma Atkinson transformed her body from slim and super busty to ultra fit and toned. And her transformation didn’t go unnoticed.

Her message to her haters:

‘People say to me “Real women have curves.” Well I don’t – I am straight up and down. It’s mostly men actually, they say women shouldn’t have muscles. But that’s like me saying to a man that unless they look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, they’re not a man, which isn’t right. I just ignore all the trolls. I have changed my body and they clearly want to as well. Sadly, they don’t have the same drive and willpower so they put me down. It’s so petty. For a stranger to have such a negative opinion on YOUR body means they are 1000% unhappy with their own.’

On her change:

‘Over the years I have grown to love the way I look,’ she explained. ‘And my figure has become a lot more muscular as a result of regular gym workouts and yoga. I have increased my muscle mass and reduced my body fat so I look bigger now than before. I’m certainly heavier, but I love it – I feel strong.’

Don't be scared to lift ladies 😏👊🏻

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Gemma Atkinson’s Official 2010 Calendar

gemma-atkinson-calendar-2010 - Gemma Atkinson's Official 2010 CalendarBritish glamour model Gemma Atkinson released her 2010 calendar (remember the one for 2009?) and, to summarize, she is provocative, busty, tanned, a little plastic, a little photoshopped, a little wet and full of cropped shirts.

Sounds good? Great!

Then check the pics in the gallery and tell us what you think!

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Gemma Atkinson in a Bikini

gemma-atkinson-in-a-bikini - Gemma Atkinson in a Bikini

She’s hot, she’s busty, she’s slim, toned and fit… and she’s in a bikini!

British glamour model Gemma Atkinson brings you today’s bikini treat!

gemma-atkinson-in-a-bikini-11 - Gemma Atkinson in a Bikini

How do you all like her bikini figure?

There’s more after the jump!

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Who’s Hotter? AnnaLynne McCord VS Gemma Atkinson!

whos-hotter-annalynne-mccord-vs-gemma-atkinson - Who's Hotter? AnnaLynne McCord VS Gemma Atkinson!

 * AnnaLynne’s 21, Gemma’s 24.

 * AnnLynne is pretty skinny and Gemma is more like healthy-thin.

 * AnnaLynne has got an enviable waist-hip ratio and Gemma obviously has a fuller top half (not revealed here though).

Who’s Hotter? AnnaLynne McCord VS Gemma Atkinson!

Choose your favorite!

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Gemma Atkinson’s 2009 Calendar – Behind the Scenes

Gemma Atkinson is one busty and fit beauty – and what better way to show off her glamour model assets than posing in a bikini for a calendar?

And since untouched pictures are always better than photoshopped pictures, here are loads of behind-the-scenes photos of Gemma and her amazing bikini body!

Check out 30 pictures in the gallery! Enjoy!

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