Chrissy Metz on Skinny Celebs: “It’s the other side of an eating disorder”

FFN_vcv_52312474 - Chrissy Metz on Skinny Celebs: "It’s the other side of an eating disorder"

On what she thinks of the too-thin models and popstars:

It’s the other side. It’s the other side of an eating disorder or issue or problem. It’s concerning because it’s more about the mental, being unhealthy. I don’t know their plight. I don’t know their issues. it’s very easy to say ‘oh she’s too skinny’ or people saying I’m too fat and hopefully, it’s not [always] an issue. I know Kesha was given so much grief about her weight. “She looks great. Leave her alone. If she’s healthy, who cares?

On how overweight actresses have it harder than men:

Melissa McCarthy, Gabourey Sidibe, Rebel Wilson, all the women who are sort of unconventional or plus-sized if you will or curvy… they’re pioneering this way that art is finally catching up to life, and women and people alike are seeing themselves on TV and in movies. I love that Melissa, it’s not never an issue about her weight. It’s like you’re freaking hilarious and talented and let’s talk about that. Eventually I think that will happen for me and right now I think it’s so important that we’re having these conversations because when you’re knowledgeable about something the fear goes away and so many people are afraid of fat people. It’s crazy and I hate to say that, but until we educate people and figure out what the real issue is, people are going to be afraid of it. So I’m so happy and grateful that those women and men alike, although it’s much more acceptable for men to be overweight…

… says Chrissy in People’s Magazine.

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