Bridget Malcolm Stopped Obsessing about Her Size and Gained Weight

f-2 - Bridget Malcolm Stopped Obsessing about Her Size and Gained Weight

Bridget Malcolm, the 26 year-old Victoria’s Secret model who has been criticized for looking too thin and obsessing too much over achieving a skinny look, has recently admitted in lengthy blog post that she’s been struggling with self hate and over-obsessing about thinness – but no more. Here are some highlights:

In August this year I made myself a promise. It was time to make peace with my body. I threw away my scales, my measuring tape and my body checking. I threw away all my clothes from when I was at my smallest. I deleted all the gym selfies from my instagram, and all of the “progress” shots from my phone. Basically, I wanted no point of reference any more of a time when I was smaller, or larger. I just wanted to stop looking in mirrors and telling myself that I was “too fat”, and “not doing enough”.

So I began to relax into eating well; healthily, because I feel better that way, but no longer skipping meals, and no longer restricting volume. I let go of any attempt to diet, and stopped having foods that were “bad” or “good”. I stopped allowing guilt to exist, and I stopped hard workouts altogether.

I cannot tell you how many times I went to bed with my head whirling – trying to get me to latch onto how much I ate at dinner, or during the day, or trying to convince myself to change my diet, start training hard again, start tracking my size, just start doing more.

Because the fact is, life is way too short to be focused on the exterior. Time spent worrying about your size is time wasted. There are far bigger fish to fry in the world than your thigh size. There are so many better uses for your brain.

I have gained weight. And I do not give a fuck about it. My life is so much more than my jean size. And every day when that voice in my head tries to tell me I am worthless, it gets a little easier to shut it down. I am setting myself free slowly.

Honestly I have been kind of leading a double life when it comes to by body image. I have pretended that everything is fine and that I love life, all whilst struggling in private with serious self hate.

Read her entire blog post HERE!

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Sailor Brinkley-Cook in Sports Illustrated

Swimsuit 2018 - Sailor Brinkley Cook

Name: Sailor Brinkley-Cook

Age: 19

Known for: Being SI veteran Christie Brinkley’s daughter

Posing here for: Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue 2018

Step Back in Time – mom Christie on the 1981 cover of Sports Illustrated:

christie-81-ea769b3c-c36f-4cf3-954c-64bfb062eab8 - Sailor Brinkley-Cook in Sports Illustrated

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Kate Bock & Alexis Ren in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue

Kate Bock - Alexis Ren

Name: Kate Bock
Age: 25
Nationality: Canadian

Name: Alexis Ren
Age: 21
Nationality: American

Posing here for: Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue 2018


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SI Model Hunter McGrady: “The girl above was a very sad, shy, unhealthy, scared girl”

t - SI Model Hunter McGrady: "The girl above was a very sad, shy, unhealthy, scared girl"

On body diversity and finding her healthiest self:

I’m here to remind you all that we all have a body that sits differently than others but we are so blinded and yet driven by social media and what the perfect body looks like. I’ve tried in more ways than one to change my body, I have battled an industry that tells me my body isn’t good enough. Even in the plus size world, I get told to change. I’m calling bullshit on that. I have never been happier or healthier in my life.

The girl above was a very sad, shy, unhealthy, scared girl who would have been mortified at the thought of being bigger because all I ever knew was that looking one certain way was beautiful and that i wouldn’t be accepted otherwise. I didn’t see different sizes or (what society labels) “imperfections”on my screens or on billboards.
We all hold weight differently, some sit smaller than others and some bigger, we all fluctuate, we all are beautiful in our own ways and SO HELP ME GOD if I have children and have to raise them in a world where they don’t see diversity. I won’t stand for a world that keeps women down and tells us we can’t love ourselves and shout it from the rooftops. We are WORTHY of these things. I’m sick of being told it’s vain. Don’t you dare allow yourself to feel guilty for loving yourself or for feeling absolutely fabulous. You deserve it. You’re worthy of that.

… says size 14 / 16 model Hunter.

Hunter-McGrady-Pictures - SI Model Hunter McGrady: "The girl above was a very sad, shy, unhealthy, scared girl"

To see Hunter’s 2017 Sports Illustrated spread, click here!

And See more inside!


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Sports Illustrated Beauties: Myla Dalbesio VS Vita Sidorkina

Myla Dalbesio VS Vita Sidorkina

Name: Myla Dalbesio
Nationality: American
Age: 30
Height: 5’11”

Name: Vita Sidorkina
Nationality: Russian
Age: 23
Height: 5’8”

Posing here for: Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

For some much racier shots, check out Sports Illustrated!


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