Meet Sports Illustrated Rookie Kate Wasley

f-1 - Meet Sports Illustrated Rookie Kate Wasley

Name: Kate Wasley

Age: 22

Nationality: Australian

Size: 12 US

Height: 5’11” / 180 cm

Measurements: 41 / 32 / 47, 104 / 81 / 119 cm

A quote from Kate:

I get a lot of comments (not necessarily on my page, but when photos get reposted) that say things like ‘wow, promoting obesity isn’t healthy’, ‘she must have heart disease’ ‘nice face, but needs to lose weight’… and I wonder why is it that people think this way? The fact that I am a bigger human doesn’t mean I’m sitting at home, eating a high calorie diet, eating junk every meal and doing no exercise. I work out, and I have some days when I can’t be bothered, I eat healthy and sometimes I eat foods that aren’t, I drink 3L of water a day, I also like to have wine on fridays. I have balance and that’s ok.

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