Iskra Lawrence’s ‘Model Poses That Deceive You on Instagram’

edcd8f53-4aa1-4ef7-9b56-d763eccc48d1 - Iskra Lawrence's 'Model Poses That Deceive You on Instagram'

27 year-old plus model Iskra Lawrence is an avid militant for body positivity – and she recently partnered with Elle to create a video that shows how posing in certain ways can make one look much slimmer.

On her video:

I wanted to get super real and show u how drastically and instantly ppl can change how they look simply by posing!
Let alone good lighting, high quality cameras and photoshop! I’ve talked about this a lot in the past but in this video I show you 7 ways in which posing can dramatically change how we look. I myself still pose and there’s nothing wrong with moving your body in ways you feel most comfortable or confident but let’s be honest and show the actual process. I’ve been modelling 14years so I learnt some stuff I want to share with you all. Because life’s not perfect, social media lives aren’t Perfect and neither are us or our bodies. And that’s exactly how it’s meant to be! Because we are all imperfectly perfect and 100% unique.

P.S.: According to Wikipedia, Iskra is…

Height: 1.75 m / 5’9”

Weight: 192 lb (87 kg)

Watch it below!

Many more of Iskra’s posing tricks inside!


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Iskra Lawrence in Daisy Dukes

4344028B00000578-0-image-a-1_1502783496295 - Iskra Lawrence in Daisy Dukes

26 year-old plus-size model Iskra Lawrence rocked a pair of denim shorts as she recorded a segment for her EveryBODY program on Venice Beach in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

On how she doesn’t diet:

I haven’t dieted for years, maybe like seven years now.

On her body image philosophy:

I want to show that every person deserves to feel beautiful and love themselves no matter what other people say or what they see in the media. Instagram has changed my life both personally and professionally. It is has given me a platform to help young women and men who struggle with body-image and self-esteem, which were issues that I dealt with growing up.

434401C800000578-4791554-image-a-3_1502785086762 - Iskra Lawrence in Daisy Dukes

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Iskra Lawrence – AOL’s Build Studio Beauty

41725C6E00000578-0-Going_for_gold_Leaving_her_golden_tresses_loose_she_accessorised-a-22_1497545884193 - Iskra Lawrence - AOL's Build Studio Beauty

26 year-old plus-size model Iskra Lawrence wore an emerald green skirt paired with a sleeveless crop top as she stopped by AOL’s Build Studio on Thursday in New York City.

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Iskra Lawrence: “No one else has the right to tell you what to do with your body”

3E09848A00000578-0-image-a-191_1488887906305 - Iskra Lawrence: "No one else has the right to tell you what to do with your body"

On not caring about what her critics have to say:

I stopped caring what people think a long time ago. I think it’s the best thing that came out of getting into modelling at such a young age, going to castings and being criticised. It gave me such a thick skin that now I’m like, “You know what? I don’t care what people think.”

On whether she lost weight since becoming famous:

I’ve been reading a few of your comments saying I’ve lost weight & need to stop working out erm no. First off our bodies are allowed to fluctuate its natural, and also no one else has the right to tell you what to do with your body. That’s why it’s called yours. I love posting pics celebrating this body I have & I love seeing communities online where woman & men feel free to share their pics & are doing it because THEY want to.

On how she became a successful model:

People see the finished product but don’t know the 13-year struggle behind it. They don’t know what I went through, that I had to think outside the box, how I used social media to grow, how I networked, how I’ve spoken at different places. I’ve even spoken at Harvard! The more you try to be like someone else, the less successful you’re going to be,’ she said. ‘You need to be different. That’s what’s going to make you stand out.

See more of Iskra in Women’s Health inside!


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