Jennifer Connelly in a Bikini

jennifer-connelly-bikini-pictures - Jennifer Connelly in a Bikini

It’s weekend, so… Bikini treat!

This time, the hottie who’s wearing it is brunette beauty Jennifer Connelly, who is vacationing in Bora Bora.

She’s thin, but not as super skinny as she was a few months ago – click here to see!

How do you all like her current figure?

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Jeans Look Better on… Skinny Jennifer or Curvy Beyonce!

jeans-look-better-on-skinny-jennifer-or-curvy-beyonce - Jeans Look Better on... Skinny Jennifer or Curvy Beyonce!

These 2 ladies are not competing for the first time in a battle – click here to see the previous (and highly popular) competition!

This time, let’s personalize our “Skinny VS Curvy Battle” a lil’ bit – the question is:

Jeans Look Better on… Skinny Jennifer or Curvy Beyonce!

Choose your favorite!

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