Jordin Sparks Reveals Her Weight

FFN_f_51398259 - Jordin Sparks Reveals Her Weight

On how much she weighs:

‘I fluctuate a bit. I go anywhere from 155 to 161lbs. That it is how much I weigh, and I’m okay with it. It feels really good.’

… says 6ft tall Jordin (183 cm and 70-73 kg).

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Jordin Sparks Talks Running

J-Sparks-04192013-1 - Jordin Sparks Talks Running

On what really pushes her to keep running:

“Watching my dad was one of my biggest inspirations. There are days I don’t want to get up, let alone run, and Jason’s (Derülo, her boyfriend) a great motivator.”

On her choice of music while working out:

“Kanye West, Jay Z… and I listen to Jason a lot. I can’t help that- It’s just nice to hear his voice. I’ve also been listening to some new up-tempo stuff of my own that I’m excited for people to hear.”

On keeping her workout routine fun:

“I put my iPod on shuffle and let the song’s face determine my interval. If it’s a slow song, I turn the incline way up and jog to the beat. If a faster song comes on, I turn the incline down and watch the miles fly by.”

On her dream running buddy:


… says 23 year-old Jordin.

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Bonus Post: More Grammy Dresses

The-Rest-of-the-Grammy-Gowns1 - Bonus Post: More Grammy Dresses

We’ve been admiring (or criticizing) the Grammy dresses (and how they look on our celebs’ bodies) for a few posts now, so here’s the last awardy treat for today – in these shots: a super skinny LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Osbourne in purple ruffles, a red-hot and smiley Jordin Sparks, a leggy Jennifer Lopez in a mini number and a black & white Eva Longoria.

How do you like these red carpet dresses?

The-Rest-of-the-Grammy-Gowns-2 - Bonus Post: More Grammy Dresses

Don’t miss the rest!

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Jordin Sparks Sends the Message “Drink Milk for a Change”

Jordin-Sparks-Sends-Message-Drink-Milk-for-a-Change - Jordin Sparks Sends the Message "Drink Milk for a Change"

“I encourage all teens to help make a difference in the world and Drink Milk For A Change.”, said Jordin at the Manual Arts High School where she revealed her “Got Milk” ad and launched the “Drink Milk for a Change” campaign in Los Angeles.

She looks good and happy, her waist seems small!

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