Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Aging, Diet and Exercise

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On aging in Hollywood:

“You’ve seen me age! I’ve been in showbiz for so long. From the first time people saw me on Saturday Night Live until now … it’s no secret that I’ve gotten older. I’ve gotten older in front of you and that is odd – it is still so strange to me that everyone has seen me age on a public stage. It’s totally changing and difficult.”

On her diet:

“It can get really hard on-set and the biggest challenge is getting enough sleep. And, when I don’t have enough sleep, my metabolism goes crazy and my decision-making when it comes to good food choices is not the best–it’s very easy for me to go off the wagon as the hours of the day get longer. I am lucky that we have a really great craft services that does give us healthy choices and high-protein options, which helps me not make the bad food mistakes. I try to have some healthy choices on hand. I like Kind Bars and I recently found Santa Barbara Bars. I also always have almonds with me.”

On fitness:

“Besides hiking, I like spin classes and I like doing cardio. But I have to admit, I am not so great on a bike. But I do try to do cardio–or anything aerobic–one day a week if I can because I think it’s so important and anyone feels better after they do it. I’m admittedly a lot better in smaller classes and groups though; when there are gobs of people, I start to get self-conscious.”

… says 54 year-old Julia.

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