Katherine Heigl Documents Her Weight Loss

g-6 - Katherine Heigl Documents Her Weight Loss

On her post-pregnancy weight loss:

It’s been almost 14 months since Joshua Jr was born and it has taken me about that long to really get back in shape. The first pic was taken one month after he was born. The second pic was taken almost a full year later and the last pic was taken this weekend. I wish I had a few from in between the first and second so you could really see how slow my progress was but alas…I was busy covering it all up those months, not posing in my unders! Anyway, I have a beach vacation coming up, a new job I start filming in April and my deep desire to feel fit, strong and sexy propelling me forward the last two months to finally loose the last of my baby weight and do a deep dive search for the ab muscles I knew were buried under that belly somewhere! I was wholly and totally inspired by Miss @rachparcell and the before and after pics she shared after taking the #bbg challenge. I had never heard of it but she looked so damn great (she had her baby just a few months before me) that I had to check it out. I found a fantastic app called #sweat that features several different #bbg programs you can choose from and makes it incredibly easy to do anywhere, which for me means in my bedroom at home! I won’t lie, the workouts are real ass kickers but the progress I’ve made in only 5 short weeks has kept me motivated and inspired to keep going! I am so grateful I’ve had a full year to find those ab muscles and get my butt back up where it belongs and wasn’t forced by work to snap back into shape but it is time to make the strength, fitness and overall health of my body a priority and I am so grateful that @rachparcell shared her story and got this mama motivated!

… says Kathering on Instagram.


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Katherine Heigl: “Thanking my body for it’s perfect health, strength, limberness, vibrancy, youthfulness and beauty”

katherine-heigl-arriving-to-appear-on-the-chew-tv-show-in-new-york-4-20-2017-1 - Katherine Heigl: "Thanking my body for it’s perfect health, strength, limberness, vibrancy, youthfulness and beauty"

On gaining 50 pounds while pregnant:

In the seven months since Joshua Jr was born I have managed to slowly but surely drop my pregnancy weight with only 10 pounds left to lose. I gained almost 50 pounds during my pregnancy and I’m not gonna lie, I had moments of sheer panic that I’d never be able to lose it all. I had hoped to only gain 25-30 pounds like my mother during her pregnancies but found that just wasn’t possible for me. About ten days after Joshua Jr’s birth I got back on the scale to see where I was at and how far I had to go. I had miraculously dropped about 30 of the 50 pounds. I remember being absolutely dumbfounded and weighing myself two more times to be sure the scale was correct.

On losing more 10 pounds:

We’ve all heard about the gals who tone up and get right back into their skinny jeans weeks after their babies birth but this was not me, nor was I trying for it to be. I have only lost 10 pounds since that first initial drop but that’s ok because I decided from the start that I was going to lovingly but patiently reclaim my pre baby body, and forgive the glorious imperfections that would forever grace my new post baby body. Like the caesarean scar that everyone said would be practically unnoticeable but in my case stretches almost hip to hip.

On her “best weight loss advice”:

My best weight loss advice is to start every morning by saying out loud a positive mantra of your choice about your body. Mine is “I am easily, with good health, inspiration, grace and gratitude losing weight faster than I can even imagine with harm to none.” Then I say my gratefuls. Thanking my body for it’s perfect health, strength, limberness, vibrancy, youthfulness and beauty.”

… says 38 year-old Katherine.

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Katherine Heigl on the Hardest Thing About Pregnancy: “The terror of the weight gain”

FFN_vcv_52237191 - Katherine Heigl on the Hardest Thing About Pregnancy: "The terror of the weight gain"

On having a hard time accepting her pregnancy weight gain:

‘I gained like 40 lbs. That’s hard for an actress who’s spent her whole life trying to always lose that last 10. I tried to be as healthy as I could about it and not go crazy and go over the top with weight gain, but I still gained a lot for me.’

On the hardest part of being pregnant:

‘What was rough with the pregnancy was just the terror of the weight gain.’

On another thing that bothered her while pregnant – having bigger boobs:

‘My boobs just got so ginormous. It was horrifying! I’ve always had fairly large breasts, but [I went from a] DD to an I. Did you know that an I even existed in bra sizes? I didn’t. I didn’t know that until I started having to buy bra sizes in an I. That’s D, E, F, G, H, I -that’s horrifying.’

… says 38 year-old Katherine in People Magazine.

3C7F500300000578-4156270-image-m-25_1485358058399 - Katherine Heigl on the Hardest Thing About Pregnancy: "The terror of the weight gain"

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Katherine Heigl: Smoking Sucks!

life-know-new-york - Katherine Heigl: Smoking Sucks!

Katherine Heigl (who recently returned to very blonde locks – by the way, makeover or makeunder?) has a little message for you:

Now I use an electronic cigarette. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s helping me not to actually smoke real cigarettes. You feel like you are smoking, and you get to exhale but it’s just water vapor and not nicotine. I’ve been doing it for six months. Smoking  sucks! The one thing I would say to my kid is, ‘It’s not just that it’s bad for you. Do you want to spend the rest of your life fighting a stupid addiction to a stupid thing that doesn’t even really give you a good buzz?

… says Katherine in Parade Magazine.

life-know-premieres-nyc - Katherine Heigl: Smoking Sucks!

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Katherine Heigl – 1 Girl, 2 Dresses

FP_4711978_RIJ_SHOWEST_FINAL_031810 - Katherine Heigl - 1 Girl, 2 Dresses

Katherine Heigl was spotted at 2 different events this week – and she chose one red dress and golden pumps for one of them and a plain black dress and interesting (Wow or Eww??) boots for the second one.

How do you guys find these dresses on her figure?

And since we get to see her new and much darker hair color better, I’ll ask you again: Makeover or Makeunder?

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