Katy Perry Shows off Her Spanx

katy-perry-shows-off-her-spanx - Katy Perry Shows off Her Spanx

Even the slim & skinny celebs wear them! A while back, we got a Spanx view from skinny Eva Longoria, and now Katy Perry is revealing hers during a concert in Florida.

katy-perry-shows-off-her-spanx-2 - Katy Perry Shows off Her Spanx

Facts are, some dresses and some specific fabrics can be very unforgiving, even to the (lucky) ones who are completely rolls-free… nothing wrong with getting a little extra help to perfectly define your shape. At least, Katy seems to enjoy flashing her little extra help!


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Katy Perry Is in a Bikini!

katy-perry-is-in-a-bikini - Katy Perry Is in a Bikini!

This is some treat: loads of bikini pics featuring Katy Perry, in all her slim & healthy glory!

Her figure looks greeeaaat, she’s got the complete package: nice skin, nice & plump cleavage, flat stomach, nicely shaped legs… plus, she looks pretty without make-up!


What do you think of her bikini (and yes, I mean the bottom) – is it flattering or not so much?

katy-perry-is-in-a-bikini-2 - Katy Perry Is in a Bikini!

Check out lots of pictures after the jump, then share your thoughts!

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Katy Perry Misbehaves

katy-perry-misbehaves-01 - Katy Perry Misbehaves


Katy Perry misbehaves in Missbehave Magazine and she is “punished” with a little photoshopping – if the size of Katy’s legs in the above pic isn’t enough proof, take a look below:


katys-photoshopped-legs - Katy Perry Misbehaves

On the left, Katy and her normal-sized, slim legs and on the right, Katy with much thinner, photoshopped legs.

For more colorful pics of Katy in Missbehave Magazine, check the 2nd page!


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