Kimberley Walsh Brings Today’s Quote

article-2338999-1A3E3411000005DC-595_634x967 - Kimberley Walsh Brings Today's Quote

On not dieting:

‘I find diets grim, antisocial and unhealthy. I try to eat healthily but I certainly don’t diet anymore, if you stay healthy and work-out then you can eat what you want. I like to have a bit of chocolate every now and again and I don’t feel bad about it. I do like to work-out a lot, I usually just concentrate on toning – doing lots of squats and toning exercises.’

… says 31 year-old Kimberley.


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Kimberley Walsh: “I dieted a lot as a teenager”

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On having a curvy figure as a teen:

Like most women, I dieted a lot as a teenager… I remember doing Atkins a few times before a video shoot. ‘It worked, but it was always a quick fix. As soon as I stopped, I’d crave all the things I’d banned myself from and put the weight straight back on! I soon realized that I couldn’t keep it up… I stopped dieting altogether when I was in my early 20s.

I was always aware that I had a rather large bottom. There weren’t many girls in my school who were the same shape so I was always like, ‘Oh, I’m not really the norm. It was only when people like J-Lo and Beyoncé came on the scene when I was younger that I thought, “Well, if they’re considered attractive and sexy, then it can’t be that bad [to be curvy]!” It’s really handy because you can see what they’re wearing and get tips on what might suit you.

On embracing her curves:

I’ve spent many years putting myself under the spotlight but now, in my thirties, I’ve accepted my body. I feel comfortable with it and I’m pretty happy with the way I look. I’ve learnt that it’s all about making the best of what you’ve got.

… says Girls Aloud’s Kimberley in Cosmopolitan Body.

article-0-19E8A997000005DC-601_634x755 - Kimberley Walsh: "I dieted a lot as a teenager"


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Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh Promotes Toning Trainers

kimpa1 - Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh Promotes Toning Trainers

Girls Aloud’s curviest member, Kimberley Walsh, is the new hot pair of legs (and face, of course) of PUMA’s new ‘BodyTrain’ fitness and toning trainer…

… and you’re looking at the promotional shots!

Fellow British hottie Kelly Brook promoted a similar product in the past, too – check out her bootylicious commercial HERE.

Check out one more after the jump!

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Kimberley Walsh: ‘I do train, but it’s only so I can eat more!’

FP_5994010_BARM_Haven_Prince_110310 - Kimberley Walsh: 'I do train, but it's only so I can eat more!'

“There’s been a few stories this week stating that I’m trying to lose two stone before Christmas and I don’t eat anything but fruit after midday. It’s all nonsense!

I’m comfortable with the size I am. I do train a few times a week, but it’s only so I can eat more! I don’t want people to believe what they’re reading – it’s a negative thing to be putting out to young girls and I don’t want to be part of it.”

… says Girls Aloud’s Kimberley in a recent statement, as a response to various tabloids that claimed that the star was on a strict diet.

Black Dress Hotties: Kimberley Walsh & Hilary Duff

Black-Dress-Hotties-Kimberley-Walsh-Hilary-Duff - Black Dress Hotties: Kimberley Walsh & Hilary Duff

Hotties Kimberley Walsh & Hilary Duff went for classy black at 2 events this week – the 28 year-old Girls Aloud babe (who looks a bit slimmer?) chose a studded tight number and 23 year-old Hilary went for a puffy hairstyle and a one-shoulder dress.

Who’s rocking the little black dress look on this occasion?

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