Kirsten Dunst Brings the Quote of the Day

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On plastic surgery:

“If you’re going to be an actress who is lasting and still working when she’s older, you can’t have stuff done because you just look weird, and you certainly can’t be in period films. I’ve heard of men doing it too, and I get so distracted by it. I can’t even see their performance because I’m just thinking, ‘What did they do to their face?’ ‘Filling’ is definitely the worst thing people do; it makes everyone look puffy. No, the prettiest women to me are the ones who have let themselves age. Kristin Scott Thomas in Nowhere Boy looked absolutely gorgeous. So I feel like there is a way to age gracefully and maybe just do a peel now and again to maintain your looks but not change them.”

… says Kirsten.

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Kirsten Dunst: “I guess if I wasn’t comfortable and in a relationship I’d be thinner”

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On gaining weight:

“I’ve got a little bit more of a tummy now, so although I own about 20 pairs of jeans, I’ll wear the same three for a year because the rest are from when I was skinnier. I guess if I wasn’t comfortable and in a relationship I’d be thinner. When you’re with someone, you eat so much more and you chill out a bit – but I don’t criticize myself more than is healthy, because there’s such a lot of that, isn’t there? Whether it’s girls among themselves or gossip magazines, it’s all about women tearing apart other women. I don’t get why that’s so prevalent right now.”

… says Kirsten in The Edit.

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