Liv Tyler: “Just be kind to yourself. Everyone is different”

FFN_RIJ_CRITICS_CHOICE_SET1_011716_51949570_edited-1-681x1024 - Liv Tyler:

On post-baby bodies:

Just be kind to yourself. Everyone is different. Everyone’s body is different, everyone’s birth experience is different. Some people’s body type is that they totally look normal right after [birth], and [for] others, it takes many months. But I think it’s best to focus on your health and the health of your baby and bonding.

On how to dress after having a baby:

Lot of pajamas! Beautiful cotton or silk pajamas — loose things where you can’t see my belly too much because it’s that transitional period [where] I don’t think people can tell if you’re pregnant or you’re just chubby.

… says 39 year-old Liv, who gave birth to her third child a month ago.


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Liv Tyler: “The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin”

FFN_f_51786177 - Liv Tyler:

On her style:

“I go through periods where I just want to wear sweatpants and a puffer coat, and I wish I lived in Maine where I grew up and I could just jump in the car and go to school,” she says. “And then I stop myself and say, wait, you’re so lucky you get to live in New York City and you have beautiful clothes. Pull yourself together.”

Her thoughts on the fashion industry and body image:

“If you look back at Helena Christensen or Christy Turlington, they were probably a 4 or a 6 — they had beautiful bodies, very lean, obviously, and gorgeous. They obviously took beautiful care of themselves — they weren’t malnourished. Today, sadly, is a different story. The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin and very tall. I hate to make big statements because people just run with it and take it out of context. The whole industry has changed, it’s hard to comment.”

… says Liv for Yahoo! Style.

More photos of her next!

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Liv Tyler’s LOVE Shoot

Liv-Tylers-LOVE-Shoot - Liv Tyler's LOVE Shoot

Liv Tyler (who is one of Vogue Curvy’s ‘curvy icons’) is not in the paparazzi eye 24/7, so let’s take the chance to admire her latest photo-shoot for Love Magazine!

Long legs, desaturated photos, a bit of smoke-glamorizing and Liv’s pretty face are the ingredients of this shoot – how do you like it?

Liv-Tylers-LOVE-Shoot-2 - Liv Tyler's LOVE Shoot

See the rest!

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Liv Tyler Is Against ‘Photoshopping’

FP_5061561_Tyler_Liv_CJNY_052210 - Liv Tyler Is Against'Photoshopping'

“I know what people look like, and I see what pictures look like before they’re airbrushed – my own and those of my friends – and every image is so manipulated. They’ll take a hair off your arm and get rid of a pore or freckle on your face.”

“Personally, I find imperfections and flaws charming and beautiful. I like it that all people don’t look the same.”

… says Liv.

Who agrees with her?

Vogue Magazine Launches “Vogue Curvy”

FP_3861346_Tyler_liv_POD_1023091 - Vogue Magazine Launches

So hear this out: Vogue Italy launched a magazine (see the website here) called “Vogue Curvy”, a concept that is represented by the slogan “Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes”. That’s quite something… considering that it’s coming from VOGUE!

What I don’t get is this:

1. Their definition of “curvy” – it seems that in their book “curvy” is everybody who isn’t very skinny, apple shapes, hourglass shapes, plus-size women, average-sized women, all of them (except, of course, skinny women). Otherwise I can’t understand why they chose Liv Tyler as one of their “Curvy Icons” (when Liv is a slim apple shape?!) and said that she is known for her “generous curves”. Other celebrities that are featured in the magazine include America Ferrera, plus-size model Johanna Dray, Christina Hendricks, Crystal Renn, Tyra Banks and Lizzie Miller (wow, that post has 221 comments!).

2. Why you need another a different magazine for the “curvy” women – why mixing the “curvy” (read average, non-skinny, plus-size and all the other types, sizes and shapes) girls with the skinny girls in the same magazine is simply NOT possible. Why?

3. In the same context, Vogue Italia also launched Vogue Black.

What do you think about this initiative? Is it something you appreciate or is it a bit offensive?

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