Megan Fox: “People anticipate shallowness from me”

FFN_vcv_52077881 - Megan Fox: "People anticipate shallowness from me"

On the fact that people make fun of her for reading books:

“You know how women that are always cast in James Bond movies are pinups but their job in the movies is always being a marine biologist or neuroscientist? I think people react to me that way. Like, ‘Right, she’s studying neurobiology.’ But I am really interested in that.”

On her pin-up fame:

“Resistance is futile, at this point… I’m not going to keep fighting the image that exists. I think people, in general, are plebeians that are brainwashed by the type of media that they expose themselves to. … People anticipate a shallowness [from me]. They anticipate a self-centeredness and a lack of self-awareness. It doesn’t … matter what I say, or how eloquent a speaker I may be, or how positive my intentions may be. I’m going to be made into what people desire me to be. At this moment, they might desire to exalt me onto a pedestal. But the next? You’re a human sacrifice. The control is not in my hands.”

… says Megan.

FFN_Fox_Megan_LRR_011911jpg_6580471 - Megan Fox: "People anticipate shallowness from me"

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Megan Fox Brings Today’s Quote

GettyImages-499715100_master - Megan Fox Brings Today's Quote

On turning 30:

When you’re young, that sounds so old. When you’re in high school or even when you’re in your early 20s it sounds like, ‘You know when I’m 30 I should just give up. Like what’s the point of going on at that age?’ And then you turn 30, I’m turning 30 later this year, you don’t feel any older at all.

… says Megan.

Step Back in Time – the beauty at 18-19 years-old:

GettyImages-55745222_master - Megan Fox Brings Today's Quote

GettyImages-74567757_master - Megan Fox Brings Today's Quote

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