Heidi Klum & Mel B – “America’s Got Talent” Beauties

Untitled-3 - Heidi Klum & Mel B - "America's Got Talent" Beauties

40 year-old Heidi Klum and 38 year-old Mel B showed up at the “America’s Got Talent” pre-show event at Radio City Music Hall in New York City last night, wearing tight dresses in bold colors / prints.

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Mel B’s Skintight Outfit – Wow or Eww?

Mel-Bs-Skintight-Outfit-Wow-or-Eww - Mel B's Skintight Outfit - Wow or Eww?

Mel B attended a screening of new reality show It’s a Scary World and her outfit of choice was pretty much like a second skin, showing off Melanie’s fit figure and plump curves.

Are you a fan of this look or is it too much?

Mel B’s Skintight Outfit – Wow or Eww?

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Mel B Says: Your Food Has to Taste Good

FP_5181482_Brown_Melanie_WIC_061010 - Mel B Says: Your Food Has to Taste Good

“I think one of the most important things is no matter how healthy your food is, it has to taste good – whether you marinate that fish or chicken overnight, whether you slow-bake it, whether you put your chicken and vegetables in a crock pot and let it simmer. You have to take time out and nurture your food and make it taste good because eating food is a big part of the day for everyone. It’s social.”

“I don’t do that much because I have a pretty good gauge as to what’s healthy and I have a pretty good gauge as to ‘OK, I’m full now.’ I try not to overeat. But I think it’s great to know how many calories this has, or that has. I think it’s unhealthy when you start getting completely obsessed about it, but I think a healthy knowledge of it is a great idea.”

… says fit Melanie in OK Magazine.

Do you guys agree with her thoughts?

Mel B in a Bandage Skirt – Front & Back

Mel-B-in-a-Bandage-Skirt-Front-Back - Mel B in a Bandage Skirt - Front & Back

A few weeks ago, I tricked some of you you into thinking that Mel B’s bottom curves belonged to no other than Kim Kardashian in a mini guessing challenge – this week, Melanie’s curves are back and they’re in a super tight and short bandage dress.

How do you find Melanie in this leggy / bootylicious outfit?

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