Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts: ‘I don’t work out and I’ve never dieted!’

nicola-roberts-attends-the - Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts: 'I don't work out and I've never dieted!'

Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts wants to make sure that you know the following:

“I don’t work out and I’ve never dieted! Can you imagine if I did? I actually have to be very conscious to make sure I eat. If I’m remotely run-down, tired or worried then I can drop weight overnight. I eat loads and have big portions but my mum’s side of the family is thin.

“I’m hyperglycemic so I have to eat a lot and often otherwise my blood sugar levels drop. And I have a lot of allergies – wheat and dairy make my skin break out. I know my arms can look skinny. I’d rather have them fuller and more womanly. But I like my legs, though. And my hair!”

… says Nicola.

However, Nicola was clearly not-as-skinny when the band was starting out (none of them were, except for Kimberly):

Girls_Aloud_-_Cheryl_Tweedy_Nadine_Coyle_Kimberley_Walsh_Nicola_Roberts_Sarah_Harding - Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts: 'I don't work out and I've never dieted!'

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Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts: “I’m a Size 6(UK)”

FP_4011550_GOFF_Roberts_Nicola_111309 - Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts: "I'm a Size 6(UK)"

Everyone keeps talking about my weight, which I find so ridiculous.
I’m a size 6 and I’m not ashamed of that – I have a naturally small frame and it’s the way I’ve always been. I’ve not been starving myself or exercising every day.

It’s irresponsible for people to obsess over it because I don’t want girls to feel they have to be the same shape. I’ve never been a gym bunny,’ she laughs. ‘Walking the dogs is my only exercise – that’s enough for me.

… says Nicola (24).

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Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts Militates Against Tanning

nicola-tanning - Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts Militates Against Tanning

Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts talks about the dangers of tanning in a new show for BBC – even more, Nicola accepted to have her skin photoshopped to show the damages of too much tanning (see above).

Let’s hear out her motivation:

I tried to cover up my insecurities by turning into a big-time tanorexic.

I had every product from every range. It filled a shelf in my bathroom and no matter how exhausted I was, I needed my fix. I was very young when I was using fake tan and I didn’t care.

I had a very narrow-minded view on what was pretty and what wasn’t. I automatically thought that tanned was attractive. As I got older, I realised fake tan was rather messy and I wanted to look cleaner, classier and more demure. I started looking at women like Lily Cole and Sophie Ellis Bextor – beautiful women with their pale skin, rather than looking at the run-of-the-mill, tanned, average lady.

I began to find it attractive, rather than what I used to find attractive. I grew out of it. I feel that people injecting themselves with a needle to become brown is quite disturbing. One – it isn’t safe and two – it’s not real.

Here is Nicola in her “tanned days”:

nicola-tanning-2 - Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts Militates Against Tanning

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