Star Magazine: “Rachel Zoe is surviving on coffee, nuts and fruit”

FFN_f_51312101 - Star Magazine: "Rachel Zoe is surviving on coffee, nuts and fruit"

The full story from Star:

Rachel Zoe should be bonding with her new son, Kaius, but instead she’s hellbent on losing her baby weight and only eats 600 calories a day!

“She’s surviving on coffee, nuts and fruit,” reveals a fashion insider. “As soon as she delivered Kai in December, she was back on the scale and plotting her weight loss. She says she has another 10 lbs to go and is starving herself.”

On the rare occasion that she does eat, it’s far from a rounded meal.

“She’ll ‘splurge’ on yogurt or pick at string cheese,” says the source, adding that Zoe uses coffee to kill her appetite. “Rachel equates her weight with her talent and feels she won’t be back on top until she’s stick-thin again.”

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9 Months Pregnant Rachel Zoe on Losing Weight: “You just have to be a mom”

FFN_er_51259464 - 9 Months Pregnant Rachel Zoe on Losing Weight: "You just have to be a mom"

On being pregnant with her second baby:

‘It’s wonderful. It’s great. I mean, I’m literally 9 months pregnant so this I think will probably be one of my last outings. I’m going into hibernation!’

On how she lost the weight the last time and on how she plans to lose it again:

‘Chase a toddler and be a mother. Any new mother will tell you don’t have to exercise, you just have to be a mom. Being a mom is the best exercise!’

… says 42 year-old Rachel.

Pictured: 9 months pregnant Rachel in November 2013.

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Pregnant Rachel Zoe “Is not used to eating three meals a day”

FP_6600231_ZoeRachel_BabyBump_POD_08_09r - Pregnant Rachel Zoe “Is not used to eating three meals a day”

Here’s a story that might interest you: pregnant celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe (38) is rumored to be still skinny at this stage of her pregnancy (8 months) because ‘eating 3 meals a day is very difficult’. Let’s see all the details from In Touch Weekly:

Rachel Zoe recently confessed to her pregnancy cravings: love-calorie strawberries and grapefruit. Perhaps that’s why Zoe’s silhouette is still so shockingly slim, even though she’s eight months along.

Dr. Howard Kurtz, a NYC ob-gyn, estimates that Rachel has gained only around 15 pounds, which he says is on the very low end of the healthy range for someone as far along as she is. Dr. Kurtz says that a woman with her build should have gained “about 15 pounds to 25 pounds” by this point, or Rachel risks delivering a baby with low birth weight.

One friend says that Rachel is “not used to eating three meals a day, so it’s very difficult. She says she’s not much hungrier than she was before.”

However, the friend adds that her husband “is making sure that she is eating right.”

Another friend suggests that her apparent lack of a bump is just an illusion: “She’s a fashionista. I think she’s trying to dress a certain way to cover it. The baby’s very healthy, and she’s taking off work soon.”

Although not before the Oscars, for which she’s styling co-host Anne Hathaway. Rachel told a reporter: “I have a lot coming up, so the baby’s not allowed to go anywhere yet!”

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Pregnant Rachel Zoe Is Craving ‘Grapefruit and Strawberries’

FP_6600231_ZoeRachel_BabyBump_POD_08_09r - Pregnant Rachel Zoe Is Craving 'Grapefruit and Strawberries'

Pregnant Rachel Zoe recently opened up about her pregnancy cravings, saying:

“I really enjoy things that are tart, like strawberries and grapefruit. Sour things like that, but nothing really weird.”

According to various sources, Rachel is around 7-8 months pregnant (and this picture was shot a few days ago).

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Celebs and Dresses at Women in Hollywood Tribute

Celebs-and-Dresses-at-Women-in-Hollywood-Tribute - Celebs and Dresses at Women in Hollywood Tribute

Lots of slim and thin celebs paraded in fabulous (or not) dresses at the 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute held at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills.

Here are a few polished beauties: Hilary Swank in golden tones, Kate Hudson with bed hair, rocking a black dress, Gwyneth in vivid orange, Anna Kendrick in pretty blue, Rachel Zoe (who might be pregnant, according to tabloids) covered in fur and Michelle in a classy strapless number.

Celebs-and-Dresses-at-Women-in-Hollywood-Tribute-2 - Celebs and Dresses at Women in Hollywood Tribute

Whose look do you like best?

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