Rebel Wilson Models Her Plus-Size Line

41E30DBD00000578-4652440-image-a-1_1498772201609 - Rebel Wilson Models Her Plus-Size Line

37 year-old Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson looked dolled up as she starred in the campaign for Rebel Wilson X Angels – a collection aimed at plus-sized women.

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Rebel Wilson: “You don’t want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat’

rebel-wilson-weight-loss - Rebel Wilson: "You don't want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat'

36 year-old Rebel Wilson is currently working on Pitch Perfect 3 and while the star doesn’t want to lose weight for her role, she is also concerned with looking twice as big as her coworkers. But more interestingly, the actress mentions the Hollywood weight pressure of fitting into a clear mould, where you have to be either very thin or overweight, just not in the middle, in order to have a distinctive label and get roles.

On the fact that her fans don’t want her to lose weight because being in the middle range in Hollywood is bad:

You know what? People say, ‘Don’t lose weight.’ You don’t want to be in that weird range of are you skinny or are you fat? Because how do you class yourself then? Weirdly, a lot of people say “Don’t,” but then I guess when you’re doing movies with actresses who are super skinny and whatever and you got to do a photo shoot side by side… then you notice you’re twice the weight they are.

On how she feels about her body and her outlook on body size despite the Hollywood weight pressure:

But for me, it’s just about being comfortable in your own skin. You never want to be like too unhealthy because that’s bad. But you just want to be comfortable with who you are, whatever your size.

… says Rebel.

rebel-wilson-weight-loss-5 - Rebel Wilson: "You don't want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat'

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Rebel Wilson Does Flare

rebel-021616-_3 - Rebel Wilson Does Flare

On lying about her age (she is 35, not 29):

“An actress has a playing age and can play within that, so why does it matter what her actual age is? I don’t get that. My movie was No. 1 and [the Australian press] tried to find anything they could that was bad on me. The most they could find out is that I stopped saying my age in press articles. It’s a business thing because you don’t want to be like, ‘Oh, I’m 29, about to be 30 coming to America, great.’ That’s not a positive thing to do when you’re an actress in Hollywood.”

… says Rebel.

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