Gabourey Sidibe: People don’t ask Rihanna why she’s so confident

rs_634x1024-170211170710-634.Gabourey-Sidibe-NAACP-Pasadena.kg_.021117 - Gabourey Sidibe: People don’t ask Rihanna why she’s so confident

The details from Us Magazine:

Gabourey Sidibe describes her self as “f-king unbreakable.” And yet, she dreads red carpet events.

It’s really hard to get dressed up for award shows when I know I’ll get made fun of because of my weight,” Sidibe, 34, explained at the 2018 MAKERS conference in Hollywood, California on Monday, February 5. “If I wear purple, somebody will call me Barney. If I wear white, a frozen turkey. If I wear red, a pitcher of Kool-Aid. These are actual tweets I’ve gotten.” (The Empire actress brilliantly shut down trolls who criticized her appearance at the 2014 Golden Globes by tweeting: “I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK.”)

Sidibe, a champion for loving yourself, went on to reveal that the No. 1 question she gets asked is: “Gabourey, how are you so confident?”

“I always wonder if that’s the first thing they ask Rihanna when they meet her. ”Riri, how are you so confident?’ mused the American Horror Storyalum. “Of course not. Everybody knows why Rihanna’s confident. She’s beautiful.”

“How am I so confident?” continued an emotional Sidibe. “It’s my good time and my good life despite what you think of me.”?

Back in March 2017, the actress showed off her massive weight loss:

Untitled-1-1 - Gabourey Sidibe: People don’t ask Rihanna why she’s so confident

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Kelly Brook: “I would love to not have boobs”

Q-LAED1SmBM - Kelly Brook: "I would love to not have boobs"

On how gaining weight on her boobs caused her back problems:

It’s about a kilogram each. I’ve gone up quite a lot. I was always booby, but I have gone up quite a lot. I think I’ve gone up to a 34FF. I’ve been having lots of back problems recently and I went to the doctor and he said, “I think you might need to lose weight…I was like, really? He was like, “Yeah you know you’ve put on quite a lot of weight, up here (motions to breasts).” Because that’s where I put it on, on my boobs. So my bras were not supporting me, it’s completely thrown my back out. I think it’s the equivalent of three basketballs or something…. It’s really sore, sciatica. It is excruciating. Hopefully I’ll fix it.

On losing weight:

So now I’m literally training to try and lose weight off my… so I’m running, but I can’t find sports bras so I’m actually just running holding my breasts to try and keep them in place. But it is helping, he says if I strengthen my core it’s going to support me better. 5pm at night I’m just laid up and I’m in so much pain… People think that, “Oh I want a boob job, I want boobs…” Because I was born with them I don’t know anything different – I would love to not have boobs and just be able to wear lovely little tops and do more sport and not have back problems and not have to worry about them sagging or whatever they’re going to do at some point.’

Step Back in Time – Kelly in 2000:

kelly-brook_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqnntzVh6i2V8vnWmVeYqabhk1mDTumCeH_NeArSD702I - Kelly Brook: "I would love to not have boobs"

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Khloe Kardashian: “I can’t imagine my life being this unhealthy again”

47DBD67E00000578-5244129-Glow_up_Khloe_Kardash_opened_about_about_her_own_journey_of_self-m-28_1515349903270 - Khloe Kardashian: "I can't imagine my life being this unhealthy again"

On her body transformation (that she accredits to working out, and critics accredit to plastic surgery):

Sometimes it’s hard for me to post these transformation posts only because I can’t imagine my life being this unhealthy again. Never would I ever consider myself fat, But I would consider myself unhealthy mentally/physically and not knowing my true value. Mind, body and soul. For me, my transformation journey started from within. I needed to heal myself from the inside out. Once I started putting myself first, everything started falling into place. My life transformed a few years ago when I made the decision to stop existing and start living. I decided when I was ready regardless of what anybody else was saying about me. Regardless of the pressures. I had to do this on my terms or I knew it wouldn’t last. It’s ok to take the control back. Choose your life. Don’t let anybody else decide for you! We are no victims to life but we can become victims and prisoners to the people that we choose to surround ourselves with if we allow them to break us and consume us. Never be afraid to put yourself first! Never choose comfort over your own well-being! Never forget that fate loves the fearless! Today’s wisdom was yesterday’s pain. Tomorrow’s happiness is today’s bravery! I am so proud of myself for being stronger than I’ve ever been-mind body and soul. I am even prouder of myself that I’ve been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for so many years. I broke that cycle and I’m happier than I have ever been! You can do this!! Start from within and nothing can stop you. Elevate yourself- mind body and soul.

… says Khloe, who is currently pregnant with her first child.

khloe-kardashian-white-dress-pregnant-bump-embed - Khloe Kardashian: "I can't imagine my life being this unhealthy again"

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Kate Beckinsale in a Black Dress – Then & Now

Untitled-3 - Kate Beckinsale in a Black Dress - Then & Now

Left: 34 year-old Kate Beckinsale at the NY premiere of Live Free Or Die Hard at Radio City Music Hall back in 2007.

Right: 44 year-old Kate on the red carpet at the GQ Men of the Year Party at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood on Thursday.

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Swimsuit Treat: Hilary Duff

42EA4DE800000578-4755162-image-a-114_1501709609794 - Swimsuit Treat: Hilary Duff

Swimsuit Treat: 29 year-old Hilary Duff had some fun in the sun with her son as she went paddle-boarding in Hawaii this week.

Step Back in Time – Hilary in a bikini in 2008:

abmoau - Swimsuit Treat: Hilary Duff

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