Then and Now: Beyonce

then-and-now-beyonce - Then and Now: Beyonce

Beyonce has been up and down in weight and size, we all know that – here are just three of her previous and present weights that illustrate this fact. And even though her pounds on the scale oscillated quite a lot, she never seemed too skinny or unhealthily thick.

Which one is your favorite Beyonce? The very thin purple vision on the left, the super curvy Beyonce with thick thighs in the middle or the recently slimmed down Beyonce (that lost a great portion of her signature round hips)? Click here for more on Beyonce’s new weight loss.

Photo source: Celeb Utopia, A Class Celebs

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Then and Now: Nicole Richie

then-and-now-nicole-richie - Then and Now: Nicole Richie

Let’s talk about Nicole Richie’s weight fluctuations one more time. Now we could definitely write a full book on the subject and words like: “average”, “skeleton”, “emaciated”, “slim”, “scary skinny”, “too big for Hollywood”, “eating disorders”, “weight loss”, “baby pounds”, “skinny again” would definitely fit in this book, especially if they would be accompanied by pictures like the ones above.

With the hope that no one will comment something like “Oh my God, how great she looks in the second picture!”, what do you have to say?

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Then and Now: Anne Hathaway

then-and-now-anne-hathaway - Then and Now: Anne Hathaway

We recently established that Anne Hathaway has been losing weight. Click here to see exhibit A! The above is, you guessed, exhibit B.

On the left, we’ve got Anne 4 years ago, with a curvy and healthy figure, a slight belly bulge (unforgiving fabric, that’s why) and a round, fresh-looking face.

In the middle, we’ve got Anne 1 year ago and even though the intense make-up was not helping in a youthful direction, Anne’s healthy-looking body and curves were still present.

On the right, there’s Anne 2 days ago, not looking like her former self: very skinny legs and arms, bony shoulders and a much slimmer face.

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Then and Now: Hilary Duff

then-and-now-hilary-duff - Then and Now: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is one of those girls who were at a healthy weight to begin with, then got under the Hollywood “lose some or else say good bye to your career” pressure and lost weight till worrying levels, then bounced back till a middle figure. Another example with the same weight fluctuations pattern: Lindsay Lohan.

You probably remember Hilary as the sweet and blonde, healthy and average-looking girl when she was very young, but you might not recall her as “the girl who got too skinny”. Take a look at the above pictures of Hilary 2 years ago and Hilary this week and observe the transformation. While in the first picture Hilary was almost resembling a lollipop, she looks curvier and overall shapelier these days.

Which Hilary do you prefer and why?

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Then and Now: Amy Winehouse

before-and-after-amy-winehouse - Then and Now: Amy Winehouse

Be honest: how many of you would have guessed that the curvy brunette on the left is (was) Amy Winehouse? Yep, that is right – Amy Winehouse was once (besides clean, neat, put together), attractive and shapely. How is she now? Well, for starters, she is on the line between skinny and emaciated – never would have guessed that she had the right curves in the right places to begin with.

Now we’re not going to speculate on the reasons that were responsible for the transformation from curvy to scary skinny or from pretty to messy, but it’s a fact that Amy suffered a very noticeable, if not unbelievable make-under.

What do you all have to say?

Photo source: Celebutopia


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