Then and Now: Amy Winehouse

before-and-after-amy-winehouse - Then and Now: Amy Winehouse

Be honest: how many of you would have guessed that the curvy brunette on the left is (was) Amy Winehouse? Yep, that is right – Amy Winehouse was once (besides clean, neat, put together), attractive and shapely. How is she now? Well, for starters, she is on the line between skinny and emaciated – never would have guessed that she had the right curves in the right places to begin with.

Now we’re not going to speculate on the reasons that were responsible for the transformation from curvy to scary skinny or from pretty to messy, but it’s a fact that Amy suffered a very noticeable, if not unbelievable make-under.

What do you all have to say?

Photo source: Celebutopia


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