Tina Fey: “I’m a normal-looking person”

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On being the mean girl in school:

I was the mean girl. I admit it openly. That was a disease that had to be conquered. It’s another coping mechanism – it’s a bad coping mechanism – but when you feel less than (in high school everyone feels less than everyone else for different reasons), in your mind it’s a way of leveling the playing field. Though of course it’s not. Saying something terrible about someone else does not actually level the playing field. If I meet a girl of 14 or 15 today who is that kind of girl, I am secretly, in my body, afraid. Even though I’m 45.

On how she didn’t build her career on her looks:

For me it was about hitting age 13 and realizing “OK, I’m not going to glide by on looks. I’m a normal-looking person, but that’s not going to be where my bread is buttered.” The desire to be funny – because you are never actually quite sure if you really are funny – is also a coping mechanism, another way of ingratiating yourself. But when you’re 13 and trying to be funny around boys, you end up mocking them and it backfires. You terrify them.

… says Tina in The Edit.

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Tina Fey Brings the Quotes of the Day

FP_4658328_Bunny_Hop_AAR_030910 - Tina Fey Brings the Quotes of the Day

On being a sex symbol: ‘I cannot do my hair, I cannot do my make-up, and anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the most bedraggled person they have ever seen,’ she says forlornly. ‘I have such a lack of skill in the womanly arts, it’s embarrassing. Well, let’s be honest – the thinking man wants to sleep with the same lady the dumb man does. They all want Jessica Simpson! But I’ll take those compliments for as long as I can because they won’t last for ever. I’ll save all the cuttings so that some day I can look through them.’

On her looks: ‘I’m glad I live in New York, because I think Hollywood would be tough. I mean, I go to the awards ceremonies and even though I’m not big [actually, she’s tiny] I’ll still be the heaviest person there. But that’s OK. My looks aren’t what I bring to the table.’

… says Tina.

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Tina Fey Brings the Quote of the Day

vogue - Tina Fey Brings the Quote of the Day

“People will say, ‘Oh, fashion magazines are so bad, they’re giving girls a negative message’–but we’re also the fattest country in the world, so it’s not like we’re all looking at fashion magazines and not eating. Maybe it just starts a shame cycle: I’m never going to look like that model, so… Chicken McNuggets it is! And conversely, I don’t look at models who are crazy skinny and think I want to look like that, because a lot of them are gigantic, with giant hands and giant feet.”

… says Tina in Vogue Magazine

P.S.: Tina is looking quite skinny on that cover.

Tina Fey Brings the Quote(s) of the Day

Tina-Fey-Brings-the-Quotes-of-the-Day - Tina Fey Brings the Quote(s) of the Day

On Botox: “You can point any kind of laser at my face, but I don’t think Botox is for me. I think it is bad. People who have too much, they look like their faces are full of candles – a shiny, shiny face. Yes, festive. A holiday candle.”

On being vain: “I have the camera frame me from the waist up. Sometimes. If there is a shot that is bad, I can take it out. That is why L.A. is so bad, because they can take your picture from any side. That is why people in L.A. maintain 360 degree fitness. I don’t have that kind of time.”

On working out: “I like to delude myself that I’m in the old-Hollywood mode. I just tailor my clothes well and try to keep my skin clear. While it would be great to work out an hour a day, there is something inherently sort of selfish about it. I can’t do it.”

On her new hobby, shopping:  “I’ve been shopping. I am no longer the least stylish woman in the room.”

Tina Fey in Harper’z Bazaar

Golden Globes Parade – Mega Gallery

golden-globes-parade-mega-gallery-1 - Golden Globes Parade - Mega Gallery

Fabulous (with some not-so-fabulous exceptions) dresses overload! Here’s a mega gallery featuring the rest of the Golden Globes’ dresses!

Just to mention a few: Demi Moore chose a very flattering pastel gown, while America Ferrera looked slimmer than usual in a puffy midi-dress.

Anne Hathaway‘s dress looked great, but it gave Anne a fuller lower abdomen, while Heidi Klum looked slim and fit, but thought that gladiator shoes were a good choice for such an event.

Eva Mendes is thin enough to pull off a giant… stuff attached to her dress, while Penelope looked a little V-shaped in a champagne dress.

Tina Fey went for a bold, low cut neck line and Lisa Rinna‘s shoulders looked quite bony in a revealing dress.

Miley Cyrus was quite cleavagey for 16, and Salma was her usual mega-cleavagey, tiny-waisted self.

Check out the pictures in the gallery and say your thoughts!

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