Tracy Anderson Brings the Quotes of the Day

tracy-anderson-in-swimsuit-on-the-beach-in-miami-02-23-2018-5 - Tracy Anderson Brings the Quotes of the Day

On the fact that you can have fun on your vacation, but only if you work out regularly:

“I like for people to loosen up a little bit on their food and still get their workout in. That’s way you can come back from vacation at least staying the same [weight] and not gaining.”

On how people on vacation lose their bikini bodies:

“This is the picture that’s going to happen: You’re going to work really hard, you all of the sudden capture a healthy lifestyle in a few weeks and you’re going to see the results that are going to be positive. Then you’re going to drink margaritas and eat chips and guacamole on the beach and you’re going to lose those results before your very eyes.”

… says celebrity trainer Tracy.

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Tracy Anderson: “Everyone has the same fears. Except for Jennifer Lopez.”

Health0518CovSubs1 - Tracy Anderson: "Everyone has the same fears. Except for Jennifer Lopez."

On how every woman has fears, except for Jennifer Lopez:

“Every woman feels vulnerable. What’s interesting is that now anyone can do the trickery that’s been happening to celebrities for a long time. Doesn’t that person on Instagram look like they have it all? We can all play that game now. It’s a disservice to womanhood to make us envy one another or desire to look like one another. Everyone, whether or not they’re a celebrity, has the same fears. Except for Jennifer Lopez. She doesn’t ever hate on herself physically. I mean, she is J.Lo, but I’ve seen very beautiful women hate on themselves, and she’s really the only woman I know who doesn’t.”

… says Tracy.

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Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson: “I wish people would go to bed earlier”

tracy-anderson-bikini-3 - Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson: "I wish people would go to bed earlier"

On how people need to work out in the morning, not at night:

“I like [working out] first thing in the morning, and I like it every morning, and I like it to be the thing you really protect. You can take on anything during the day and any stressors that happen. There’s so much more to working out than having a great butt or perfect abs — it has to do with our mental health, our attitude, our ability to fight disease and stress. So it’s really important. Sleep is incredibly important. I wish people would go to bed earlier and get up earlier in the morning, because what happens when you [work out] in the evening is your adrenaline kicks in, and then it keeps you up later.”

On the fact that even 15 minutes is better than nothing:

“I’m an advocate for experts. Go do something strategic, even if it’s 15 minutes of a DVD.”

On the importance of getting up early:

“If you hit snooze, then you’re settling for less. Get up and get out of bed. I want to hit snooze too! [But] No one needs to feel defeated if they can’t get it in every morning. For women, identifying when your cycle is, you may want to hit snooze, and it’s important we recognize that. There are times when it’s okay to hit snooze because that’s what our bodies need — as long as it’s not a regular habit or it keeps you from owning your best self.”

… says celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson.

tracy-anderson-bikini-2 - Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson: "I wish people would go to bed earlier"

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Tracy Anderson’s Words, Then & Now

FFN_vcv_51367092 - Tracy Anderson's Words, Then & Now

THEN – Tracy on walking as exercise in April 2016:

We are wrapped in bubble wrap. We think that making it through the pain cave is putting our workout gear on and getting to class. Now, I’m not knocking any level of showing up, but I think many people are stuck in preschool with their bodies. Going for a walk is like going to preschool—but you could go to college, you could get your master’s degree.

NOW – Tracy on walking as exercise in September 2016:

I always approve walking as a really great cardiovascular workout to do. It’s something that people think is for the aging crowd or that it’s not really aggressive enough, and I completely disagree with that. It’s a really responsible form of exercise. One of the great things about walking is that it’s something that almost everybody can do. It’s something that is very healthy because it doesn’t have harsh impact on your joints. And even though you are doing the same movement over and over, you can change your speed, you can change your stride, you can change all different things to keep yourself engaged. You burn less calories running than walking if you aren’t able to run for very long or run very well. To really be effective and calorie-burning, you have to be able to work your body to where it’s working up a sweat, where it’s pushing into that zone of actually being optimized to be effective in the calorie-burning range, so it’s much better to go for a long and powerful walk than it is to go for a short run.

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Tracy Anderson: “It’s fine to have pizza. It’s fine to have ice cream”

Tracy-Anderson-bikini - Tracy Anderson: "It’s fine to have pizza. It’s fine to have ice cream"

On the biggest mistake women make after workouts:

“It’s the detox to retox mentality. You have women saying, “Oh, I worked out, now I’m going to go lose all emotional control for the rest of the day, and eat pizza and a pint of ice cream.” And I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat those things. It’s fine to have pizza. It’s fine to have ice cream. You need to make sure more than anything that you’re having balance. You can’t do one good thing and trick yourself into thinking you’ve earned the right to do something bad.”

On whether celebrities are better at staying in shape:

“No. I think the celebrity culture is all about tricking people into wanting somebody else’s life that seems to be better than theirs. But then there’s also real entertainers and craftspeople who are all different shapes and sizes. They understand what they’re good is at is entertaining and connecting people through love of music, through escape. But I don’t think real artists care to dangle their “hot bodies” in people’s faces for commercial purposes. I don’t consider that to be a true artist. I think there’s a whole sort of breed of artist that is narcissistic and so it’s their narcissism and other people’s desires to fit in or be beautiful and accepted that these people play on to manipulate their emotions with, and I think that is disgusting.”

… says Tracy.

wenn28752984 - Tracy Anderson: "It’s fine to have pizza. It’s fine to have ice cream"