Vanessa Williams Designed a Clothing Line That Masks Bra Fat

wenn23664657-682x1024 - Vanessa Williams Designed a Clothing Line That Masks Bra Fat

Fabulous-over-50 Vanessa Williams recently launched her clothing line, which was designed specifically for masking bra fat. All the details from PeopleStyle:

“This collection is a combination of me as a professional, me as a mother, and me as what I wear for comfort around the house,” she tells PeopleStyle of the line, which she named after her lifelong signature, a single V and a period. “It’s your urban look, it’s your suburban look, it’s your casual look, and it’s your glam look, all in one.” What does that translate to? An 18-piece debut that includes jumpsuits, blousy caftans, stretch skirts, and rouched tops—all for $100 or less.

But for Williams, she also wanted her line to act as a problem solver, “particularly for women who are 40 and up,” she says. “My friends and I complain about bra fat and loose arms. We’ve got a couple areas that we want to cover. Gone are the days when you’re 20 and you can just wear a little spaghetti strap thing and everything’s up and perky by itself. I’ve gone through my 30s, 40s, 50s and my body keeps changing with every decade. Yes, I’ve got bra fat and love handles. It’s a constant struggle. So, my view is don’t give up the fight, keep it moving, embrace where your body is going, and then dress accordingly.”


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Celebs in Black Dresses: Christina, Vanessa & Elizabeth

Celebs-in-Black-Dresses-Christina-Vanessa-Elizabeth - Celebs in Black Dresses: Christina, Vanessa & Elizabeth

3 ladies, 3 black dresses – figure-hugging or with lots of frills, long or midi and all on the red carpets this week.

First, Christina (34) who looks great in the tight & 60’s style classy dresses that show off her voluptuous figure on her show, but prefers voluminous dresses for events, then Vanessa (47) who rocks fallen sleeves and a V neckline and Elizabeth (37) in a simple floor length dress.

Who’s your favorite from this black dress bunch?

See the other 2 ladies after the jump!


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Vanessa Williams Shares Beauty Tips

FP_4441210_Ugly_Betty_CJNY_012710 - Vanessa Williams Shares Beauty Tips

46 year-old beauty Vanessa Williams talked to Shape Magazine and revealed the things she does to look so fabulous. Let’s take a look!

Q: How do you stay in such great shape?

A: I work out with a great trainer in New York, Sal Gaglio. I try to weight train at least once or twice a week. I hit the treadmill if I’m not training. I’ll do yoga when I have the time. Also, I do a lot of salsa dancing. That’s a great way to stay in shape and be social. I would definitely recommend salsa for anyone who wants to hang out with friends, have a ball, and lose weight.

Q: What’s your best tip for healthy living?

A: Go fresh. Try to steer away from anything that’s pre-packaged, canned or processed. I crave chocolate and sometimes I indulge. But I listen to that little voice when it says stop because you’ll see it in a few days and you’ll have to do more work to get it off.

Q: Any beauty secrets you can share?

A: It’s no secret that I receive BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments to reduce the appearance of the two frown lines between my brows that look like an 11 and give me a tired or stressed appearance. My new obsession is this treatment I’ve been getting from The Goddess Repair Shop. It uses micro-currents to firm, detoxify, and metabolize fat. It’s just an amazing machine.

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Vanessa Williams & Iman Talk Beauty and Body Insecurities

vanessa-williams-imans-talk-beauty-and-body-insecurities - Vanessa Williams & Iman Talk Beauty and Body Insecurities

Every woman has qualms about her looks – we just assumed Vanessa Williams and Iman would be exceptions to the rule. But at the launch of renowned makeup artist Sam Fine’s new DVD, “The Basics of Beauty,” the poster women for beauty admitted that even they have a physical insecurity or two.

“I don’t like my legs!” supermodel Iman told us. “It’s why I wear pants most of the time.”

Williams confessed that her biggest beauty obstacle is her skin. “If there’s a day where my skin is not looking great, I have to have more coverage,” said the “Ugly Betty” star. “With high-definition TV, there is no such thing as too much makeup!”

But their guru Fine begged to differ. “These women inspire me so much,” he said. “They have such different features – Vanessa’s eyes, Iman’s bone structure. They both mean something so special to me.”

So who do the pretty ladies think is their best-looking peer in Hollywood – even without any touchups?

Said Iman: “Angelina Jolie. She’s a beauty. Cameron Diaz, too, and Halle Berry!”

Offered Williams: “Kim Basinger. She’s always got incredible, luminous skin. And Julianne Moore seems like she’s got very natural, gorgeous skin.”

These women could have fooled us – we’d say that they were among the most confident of leading ladies. But, according to Iman, we’d be wrong. Quipped the beauty: “I’m faking it!

Source: NY Daily News

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Hollywood Pinups, Part 1: Kate, Salma, Felicity, Denise, Vanessa, Tea & Michelle

hollywood-pinup-kate-hudson - Hollywood Pinups, Part 1: Kate, Salma, Felicity, Denise, Vanessa, Tea & Michelle

Timothy White’s Hollywood Pinups book is a real treat! Here are a bunch of hot celebrities wearing close to nothing, pinup style!

Kate Hudson – Wow, Kate’s bumpy butt strikes again!

hollywood-pinup-salma-hayek - Hollywood Pinups, Part 1: Kate, Salma, Felicity, Denise, Vanessa, Tea & Michelle

Salma Hayek– Salma, is that you? If it is you, you’re looking “a little” plastic - but still hot, no worry.

Felicity Huffman – First time (I think) I got to see her in a sexy position, sexy outfit and armed with a sexy attitude… and she’s got it!

Denise Richards – Looking a little like Barbie?

Vanessa Williams – The most dressed from them all… and super fabulous!

Tea Leoni– Some side boob, retro hairstyle and pearls – classic pinup!

Michelle Trachtenberg – See-through extravaganza!

Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

Which one is your favorite?

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