Holly Madison: ‘I’d rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves’

Holly Madison: 'I’d rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves' 1

A while back, Holly Madison was asked by the producers of her show to lose weight and she replied that since she brands herself as a ‘sex-symbol and not as a fitness model’, she is fine the way she is. This week, Holly is in Life & Style magazine, where she reveals her unretouched bikini body to show us that she’s got cellulite and she’s proud of her curves.

“I’d rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves,” Holly, 32, exclusively tells Life & Style at the photo shoot on Feb 21. “I’m proud of my body.”

For good reason: Holly has a figure most women would envy. And yet, Holly isn’t afraid to admit that her small stature doesn’t exempt her from what haunts millions: cellulite. “I have cellulite – and had it even when I was at my absolute thinnest,” she tells Life & Style. “I’m never not going to have cellulite. People need to just accept that it’s there and maybe dress accordingly or use body makeup to cope with it.”

Still, when Peepshow’s choreographer and director instructed Holly to shed weight – after she’d gained 15 pounds following her move to Sin City – she was hurt, she confesses. “Once I realized that other people were noticing that I’d packed on a few, I was embarrassed to go onstage,” she reveals. Making matters worse: her Holly’s World nemesis, model Jayde Nicole. “Holly needs to lose 10 pounds of fat,” Jayde, who once cattily sent Holly a basket full of candy when she knew her co-star was dieting, recently told Life & Style.

“After moving to Vegas, I lived in a suite in Planet Hollywood for a year and ordered room service all the time,” Holly says. “I like food too much to go on some crazy diet. French fries are my favorite downfall.” Holly also says she’s not willing to give up sweets but she has decided to make some healthy changes: Pilates classes and 20-minute runs, and mixing prepared meals from the Fresh Diet delivery service into her menu.

“I’ve always had a butt, and I want to keep it – cellulite and all. I’m not perfect, but I love my curves.” Holly tells Life & Style.

What would you prefer? To be ‘overweight and curvy or super thin with no curves’?

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      • Oh wow…let me explain then- By real i meant that we can clearly see that her skin is like one of the average woman-dimples and cellulite on her back side. she just looks like an ordinary woman which i find beautiful. I dont really care for her boobs, to be honest. Didnt google search her to see if she had implants or whatever not.

        • I agree Masa…sure she has implants but she has never lied about them! I think she looks great and have always prefered her with a bit more meat anyway. It makes her breasts look more natural. One thing I hate though is that she says ‘i’d rather be overweight…’ i mean…she is clearly still slim and tiny! She would still be teeny in real life without the added pounds from the camera. Its just that she is in Hollywood…a whole other dimension.

    • Curvy is not the same as being fat, why does nobody understand that! If you stuff your face with food you don’t end up looking like Beyonce, you get nasty fat rolls and thunder thighs.

      • I agree that curvy doesn’t equal fat, it’s a shape. However, i think size can play a part too. If u lose a lot of weight u can end up losing ur curves, cos for most people, eventually ur butt and b❆❆bs will disappear if u continue to lose weight. And the other way around: some people gain most weight on the butt and boobs, so gaining weight can make u curvier.

        But i do find it annoying when overweight women (who are not curvy shapes, but simply overweight) praise themselves on being curvy – as they do in soo many women’s mags. I guess it’s to feel better about their size 🙂

      • just to completely agree with strawberry fields (cool name by the way!). super thin means very low body fat, having bones sticking out, no b❆❆bs (which are pretty much all fat) etc. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who wants to be overweight, but equally I think quite a lot of us want some softness, whether its boobs, or butt or just a nice even proportioned shape. the bad thing is you don’t always get the shape you want 🙁 and I think thats what I am usually working out for. to keep in check the bits I don’t like.

        • For women who are thin and want to gain curves, I have created this amazing product called Girls Love Curves, click my name for more info. We have real pictures and a forum with our client journals, for anyone interested!

      • Oh dear god I agree. Fat isn’t the same as curvy… It all depends on how your body is build. You can be skinny and curvy, normal and curvy, fat and curvy. CAN, doesn\t mean you are.. then again what\d you expect from someone like holly madison? The only thing she’s known for is sleeping with a rich old dude for the money.

      • I know curvy doesn’t equate to fat. That’s why I didn’t include overweight. If you’re super thin, you’re not curvy. While you can still be thin and curvy. But my ideal size is size 10 (uk)/ size 6 (us). Hence why I would eat a load if I was super thin.

        • Curvy does not equal fat. Recently, I have gained quite a bit of weight /: It does not look good on me because I don’t have curves, all the weight goes to my thighs/stomach :/ I think some woman look better bigger like Holly, but others like me it does not look good. If I gained a lot of weight, I would have rolls, not curves! But as long as I’m healthy I’ll learn to love my body! 🙂

          • i’m the same way and it’s soooo frustrating. my frame is so small and i’m super long and tall and any weight i gain just goes on my belly and it’s not attractive. i just look swollen in the middle. my boobs, hips, butt all stay small. i wish i could add curves, not rolls.

      • I completely agree. Curvy is about body shape and not body size. However, even with an hourglass figure you can only be so thin and still show some curves. Though SJP is an hourglass body type I personally wouldn’t describe her as being curvy as her and contrary to popular opinion Candice Swanpoel doesn’t fit the curvy description for me either, though it is clear that both women have the genetic body types and would look curvy with a little more weight on.

        • Nkeon- I completely agree with your SJP and Candice explanation. Like, they need their curves to be “filled out” to really be curvy. (and not all with fat either!

      • really ? curveless? idont mean that to be rude lol.
        but im just curious what the pro is in that? unless im misunderstanding what you meant by curveless. im assuming you meant just skinny with no curves.

        • No, you didn’t misunderstand – I mean like Olivia Palermo. I really love high fashion, and imo that looks best on a body with no curves, so I do see a pro in being curveless 🙂

          • oh i get it. like runway models body. i guess so. wouldnt say i agree but i definitely see where your coming from.

            i still need a bit of curves to find a girls body nice. , mostly because under a t shirt, it never looks good. i guess thats why i never found keira knightleys body nice. never noticed olivias was similar to her though.

          • I agree. I would love to have thin with very little curves. Like Miranda Kerr for example. It looks amazing in clothes! There are so many types of clothes that i love but can’t wear because of my curves. Of course curves have advantages too. WHen i didn’t have b❆❆bs i really wanted them… but now that i have them i mostly find them annoying 😉 I wouldn’t like to be completely flat chested, but smaller ones would be nice.
            So i get it, Mel 🙂

          • lol i think miranda kerr is a good size not small at all. just not gigantic. i think thats a pretty nice body already and wouldnt complain either.

          • i agree, Cristina. I love Miranda’s body, but i definitely see it as small… obviously tall, but small frame and very skinny. I see her as thin with little curves… and one of the most amazing looking examples of that 🙂 imo it doesn’t look emaciated on her, it looks natural, even though she probably works hard to stay like that…

          • I love Miranda Kerr! But that wasn’t the kind of curveless I was talking about, I actually think she is kind of curvy in her own way. She has a pretty small waist and a bit of T&A. By curveless I meant Olivia Palermo, like completely flat with no waist.

          • @cristina lol. i guess i shouldnt have used “not small at all” but in comparison to what we were talking about and how “curveless” someome is. IMO i think miranda kerr is still a good body shape. her b❆❆bs seem smaller in the picture you showed compared to the one is searched in google right after @strawberry fields mentioned it (guess she was wearing VS) . but i still think hers are okay and she looks good. its not like olivia palermos at all who we were originally talking about.

          • @Melody: i was under the impression you were referring to her body as a whole, not her b❆❆bs only. Because if we are only talking about boobs, they are proportionate for her body.

    • Yeah nobody wants it. But not all of us are lucky enough to not have it. I have it pretty bad and I’m only a size 6/8. It’s just how my body is and it’s something you have to learn to live with. Even though I work out almost everyday I’ll always have it and I’m coming to accept that. Nobody’s perfect.

  1. Dunno who she is, but she’s hardly overweight.
    Kudos to her for being able to stand up for herself and not give in to pressure. I don’t think we really get how hard the industry is. Seems like most celebs give in to the pressure.

  2. Why does everybody act as if cellulite is people’s worst enemy? I mean every woman has it, so why complaining abou it?

    • I dont think the majority of people give a damn about cellulite actually, I dont even know if I have it (I dont stare at my a– in the mirror lol I could not care less) and it doesn’t bother me in the least when a see a girl on the beach or whatever with cellulite.

      When I was younger I was a bit more concerned with these things and I remember seeing a (slim) girl walking down the street in a mini skirt with cellulite down the whole of the back of her thighs, and I said to my boyfriend “look at her cellulite” and he was like “what cellulite?” he just saw a girl in a mini skirt lol.

  3. If those were the only two options, I’d prefer thin and no curves. I like the aestethics of it.
    But I like myself as I am now, just need a iof toning.

    As for her, she looks fine, although I bet the face is photoshopped, even if her butt isn’t.

  4. I’d rather be thin and curvy than overweight with no curves 😀

    .. No seriously, I’d rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves, cos I would still have the choice to lose weight and be thin with a nice curvy figure, but women with no curves can’t do much about it..

  5. I’d be more inclined to believe her if she would actually lose her curves if she lost weight. But seeing as how most of her curves are thanks to silicone, I don’t see her point. You won’t lose your breast implants if you lose weight. She was just as curvy as she is now when she was thinner, because, her curves are mostly her breasts and her waist, and neither has changed that much with her weight.

  6. I thought I’d I gained 15 pounds I’d look like a bombshell but none of its gone to the right places, I wasn’t meant to be curvy, now I’m trying to lose weight and be healthier.

    Wow that model sounds kinda funny! Mean but comedic.

  7. Well, she’s far from overweight. And I don’t find her specially curvy either, she has a normal butt, a normal waist, and all the top part is fake.

    And I prefer thin and curvy, but between those two options… well, I don’t know, it depends on how thin we are talking about and how much overweight…

  8. It’s fashion to say that being curvy is a good thing. A few years ago it wad fashion to be super-skinny… Next step would be what ? I hope this would be “healthy” or “ourselves”…

    • yet even tho its in fashion most people on this site have said they would prefer to be thin.
      I don’t even think it is a pressure to be thin as such, its more a pressure to be perfect. no lumps, no sag, no dimples, just the perfect shape with the perfect pert b❆❆bs minus any stretch marks and perfect taut skin etc. doesn’t matter how thin you are you will still have flaws and the media will always delight in showing them up.

      • Exactly, amazon. That is what I think too. People just want to be perfect and if you are heavier then you have lumps, bumps and things sag a little – if your’e very thin you an wear a spandex jumpsuit and not show any ‘wobbly bits’! I’ve had stretch marks since puberty because I developed quickly and there’s nothing I can do about that – being super thin wouldn’t erase them. Plenty of very thin women have stretch marks too!

        I think photoshop has had a big part to play – even the super thin models and celebs don’t actually look as perfectly smooth, thin and toned as we normally see them. And then on the red carpet they are spray-tanned to create flattering shadows and cover imperfections, corseted into their dresses or at least with a good amount of tape and spanx! It’s all to create an illusion of perfection that just doesn’t exist for anyone.

        As for the question from Versus of which I’d prefer to be – with only these two choices I would have to say overweight and curvy, because that’s what I am! 🙂
        I don’t think it’s a good choice though as being overweight does not equal being curvy for everyone just as being super thin doesn’t equal being curve-less for everyone. Being yourself and confident with it is the best thing!

        • I agree Erica. They change everything with photoshop these days…As another poster posted this Adam Hill link the other day…I’m going to post it again! Sorry to whoever originally posted it, I cant remember who you were but I think we should get the message out wherever poss =p thats my excuse. Plus its a cool clip!
          I fell in love with Adam Hill and also the original person who posted this when i saw it.

  9. hum, and by the way, I’m slim with no curves (butt and breast) but 57cm waist so…I look “feminin”. And I was always small butt small breast so…

    I prefer having no curves more than FAKE curves (surgery and all).

  10. ” Holly isn’t afraid to admit that her small stature doesn’t exempt her from what haunts millions: cellulite.”
    You don’t need to be petite to have pleeeeenty of cellulite … I know what I’m talking about 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. I like curves, real or not, so I’d rather be a little bigger but still have sexy feminine curves than be a boyish rail…my husband would probably like it too, haha. What I don’t understand is why she’s not considering maybe eating well not to lose weight but to just BE HEALTHY. Hello? Yeah, you might always have cellulite Kim K and Holly, but you could just try to eat right and exercise anyway? Isn’t that being a better role model than saying “well s—, sex symbols are SUPPOSED to be super curvy and not thin so I’m gonna eat french fries until the day I plump up real pig-like”?!

    • I really don’t think that’s what she was implying… When did she say anything about becoming deliberately plump?

      Besides, we have plenty of celebrities going on about how perfectly balanced they are “I Work out, but everything in moderation!” Holly is being honest and that should be enough.

  12. Super thin and no curves for me.

    On a side note, Jayde Nicole has cellulite too, I’ve seen, and she’s super thin. So Holly’s right, it’ll always be there. And for that matter, who is Jayde to say anything negative about Holly…

  13. I think i’d rather be curvy and slightly overweight too, i’ve been a BMI close to 25 and it didn’t look that bad or “fat” imo. And a curvy body often carries weight better, i think. But i can’t be sure, i can’t get curves for the life of me, i gain in all the wrong places 🙂 It’s a bit funny she says she felt embarrassed about people noticing her weight gain though, and still would rather be overweight and curvy, bc i’d think if you choose to be overweight you can’t feel embarassed about it. Dunno.

  14. What a positive body image! Holly is a great role model. Even in a a culture such as hollywood and vegas she has maintained her strength, happiness and BEYOND adorable personality! Its all about balance in health and happiness! Bravo, Holly!

    • are you kidding me? she takes her clothes off for money. she’s like a fancy stripper. and don’t even get me started on her previous lifestyle with hugh h, because that is essentially prostitution. Role model she is not.

  15. Okay people need to get over this cellulite is bad thing..where did it even come from? But seriously Holly’s pose does not do the best for her figure, which i like because yeah a lot of her is fake, but the parts that aren’t aren’t starved down to nothing.

  16. Wow! AWESOME ATTITUDE! I love her now. And you know what? Who cares about a little bit of cellulite? This is awesome–thanks for the good post.

    I can tell you what…I can’t think of many red-blooded men who would turn that body down.

  17. she has stretchmarks on her bum but still looks great in a bikini i think shes confident with who she is and men find her sexy she is sexy!!! i think no curves and thin is nice to look at but theres alot thats not sexy about it namingly the amount of hard work it takes to stay like that-youd be spening more time in the gym and being on a strict diet than actually having a life or spending time with a partner-go figure!

  18. curvy with no cellulite (is that possible…lol) no but seriously, i don’t get when people act all shocked when they see a celebrity with cellulite, it’s normal. it doesn’t mean they’re overweight, because i’m thin and have cellulite…. genetic (i eat 95% healthy and workout regularly). i personally prefer the look of a waist with hips and b❆❆bs and bum, i’m not talking about when obese individuals call themselves curvy, that’s not curvy that’s overweight lol. i’m talking i like when someone has a shape to them rather then straight up and down. it all comes down to personal preferance though and i think if someone is confident with their shape they automatically come across more attractive.

  19. She looks grea, she really doest. It’s really refreshing to see an unphotoshopped picture of a woman’s body.

    I thought I wasn’t going to get cellulite, or maybe I was just being hopeful, but boom! at 21 years old, there it was. On my thighs and glutes. I was stunned, not surprised because it’s natural and it will happen to 90 percent of all women, but still, I was shocked. I hated it, but in the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Right now there is no technology that permanently removes cellulites, so you just have to accept it, and I have. I will have it whether I’m skinny, slim, fuller or fit and in shape. I know, because I’ve been everything but overweight. And it’s fine, I’m 23 years old now, I’m young, I’ve got a great athletic body and I’m not going to let some dimples on my a– make me feel anything less than fan-freakin’-tastic.

    • awesome comment- i agree completely! I mean, I have been active my entire life right. I noticed a dimple on my thigh when i was 16 at a dance comp…i was so embarrassed! I trained 4 hours a day and was super thin and TONED, but i had that dimple which drove me mad at 16! THEN a few years later i was watching a video of myself as a kid in the pool…guess what? I was 8 at the time…and that dimple was in the same thigh in the video! lol! it stayed with me my whole life! how wierd is that,…if only dimples in your thighs and a– were seen as cute like on the face lol! all you can do is stay healthy, dont stress and enjoy life!

  20. You know, she really use to bug me in the ‘Girls Next Door’ days, but after seeing her ‘grow up’ a little and watching her on Holly’s World I REALLY like her.
    You can tell by watching the show that she truly IS proud of her body and she rocks it. I think she’s a great body role model.
    I love this girl; go Holly!

  21. Curvy isn’t a size it’s a shape. You can be fat and not have any curves, just as you can be thin and curvy.
    The only thing that makes her super curvy is the size of her boobs.

  22. Also I think a lot of women lie when they say they would rather be curvy. I think the majority of women if they are honest with themselves would rather be skinny.
    Not all women, but the majority I think would. Most women are trying to lose weight.

    • I think that the generalization is unfair. The choice was between being thin and curve-less and being overweight and curvy. Most people would want a happy medium- many people on this site seem to think thin and curvy is the ideal. However, this is a theoretical question- what if you could only be one or the other. There are many thin women who admire curves and curvy women who like their figures and would prefer to retain their curves just as there are others who admire thinner figures. (Sidenote- by curvy I do not mean fat)

  23. I’d much rather be thin and curveless than overweight. Still, I can see how Holly aims towards a goal that’s achievable – I don’t think it will be easy for her to become thin and curveless if she even wanted to. She seems down-to-earth but then again, I don’t know, she’s a playboy bunny with plenty of plastic surgery. Jayde Nicole is really funny, even if it was meanspirited. Also, she has an awesome bod imo – much better than Holly’s!

  24. I think that it’s good to see she’s so accepting of her body and isn’t pushing it to be thinner. I mean, genuinely accepting of her body, not pretending to accept it like Kim K. The lack of retouching is good as she doesn’t look like she’s made out of plastic. I don’t really see cellulite in that photo though, I just see some shadows and creasing. I don’t even like this woman but that Jade chick is even worse. She’s such a dope haha.

  25. Ok, well if I had the choice I would be slender with slight curves. I used to have that body but right now I have gained a ton of weight. I am chubby and it is not fun at all!

  26. I don’t understand what you guys are trying to groom your bodies for. I mean, for me personally, my main goal is to be attractive to guys. And most guys like big breasts and a nice round a– (sorry, there’s no polite way to discuss this). What is the point of wanting to be rail-thin? To please women?? What is the point of pleasing other women?? I don’t get it. What’s the motivation?

    • I can only speak for myself, but my main goal is to be attractive to myself; to be happy with my own appearance and take care of my body with fitness and yummy food – those are my goals.

      Of course there are some occasions where being attractive to prospective partners is important, but that would only influence my clothing choice on that particularly day – rather than how I approach my whole body and life generally. I’m talking about going on dates or going somewhere with the intention of picking someone up, that sort of thing.

      My personal belief is that there’s no point striving for a physical ideal that “guys find attractive”, particularly since most guys are so varied in their opinions, and you can ultimately only work with what you’ve been born with.

      I also find your comment a bit strange…on the one hand you appear confused by women who try and please other women (which is probably more socially understandable since women are notoriously more critical of each other than men are), but on the other hand you confess that your goal is to be attractive to guys – which is (in many ways) just as non-sensical as pleasing women is.

      • I agree Edith. My #1 goal is not to live to attract guys, nor do I think it is the primary aim of many women I know. Design is extremely important to me, so I really value a body that can pull of clothes well, even if it isn’t my own. I also have been raised in a family where health is valued extremely highly, and becoming curvier would probably mean exceeding my natural weight, which wouldn’t be that great for my body. And even if all guys loved curvy bodies, which I know they don’t because you can’t pin down the entire male population, I still wouldn’t conform simply because I wanted to fit their ideals. Yes, I would be influenced by their desires to a certain extent, but I want to look and feel attractive and healthy to myself, too, and I believe I am most attractive when I am fit, toned, and slim. Especially with women in athletics – many of them do not have a choice because muscular buildup takes away some of your curves. But I do not think they should stop pursuing what they love just to fit what men want them to be.

        • Yea, I understand that your body is slim and athletic. But I’m just talking about the women who posted that the body they would most like to have would be very thin.

          I don’t understand why everyone acts like it is somehow demeaning to be attractive to men. It’s far more frustrating and useless (on a practical level) to try to be attractive to women. And the bottom line is that being extremely thin is only attractive to women. Granted, there is a certain range of attraction in the population, but by and large, there are certain biological impulses that cause hips and full breasts to be attractive to men.

          • I agree with you that it is not demeaning to be attractive to men, but there’s still a strong impulse in almost every girl to compete with her peers, I’m pretty sure it’s biological. Therefore, it makes sense that we want to look good for other women, even if you don’t think it has any practical purpose. We all want to be admired and praised, and being the girl that other girls want to be is one form of that.

          • “And the bottom line is that being extremely thin is only attractive to women.”

            This is not true. Some men do value thin women, and lots of men exclusively date very tiny women. I think it makes a lot of men feel more dominant if they have a woman they can pick up and throw around (so to speak). Sure, the majority of might men prefer curvaceous women, but there is no “bottom line” when it comes to men or women’s preferences.

            I also think it’s wrong to think being thin is necessarily attractive to other women (for instance, how many vitriolic comments have you read on this site directed at really skinny women BY other women). For one, I find curvy women more attractive, especially those who are a bit meaty as well. To take a Rove-ism, I’d turn gay for Christina Hendricks over Megan Fox any day. But having said that, I do have girl-crushes on skinnier women, like Shannyn Sossamon. I dunno, really – it’s more about persoanlity for me than a strict body size or shape.

            As for your other comment, I am naturally quite slim and athletic, but even if I had the ability to magically look a different way that’s “more attractive” to men, I wouldn’t. I’d still choose the body I have now. I especially wouldn’t like big breasts, as I’m a runner and it would be very painful and impractical. I like voluptuous breasts on other women, just not on myself 🙂

            You speak of biological reasons for men being attracted to big breasts, but there’s no evidence to suggest that bigger breasts provide better milk or are more nurturing for babies (or whatever other biological motivation there is meant to be). I’d say that men are biologically more attracted to women who would make good mothers (kind and nurturing personalities, good maternal instinct, etc), over and above breast size (speaking from an evolutionary biology perspective there). I’d agree with you about the wide hips thing, though.

            I also don’t think it’s demeaning to want to be attractive to men. I was just trying to say that being attractive to men is not my main intention. I didn’t mean to criticise yours – I was just speaking for my own preference.

          • I posted that, given the two choices presented here, I would rather feel thin. It came down to how I personally feel. Not how I expect others (men or women) to like my body. I’ve never varied more than 7lbs my adult life (well, I’m 23, so there’s still room yet), but I feel better physically when I’m lighter.

            Besides, I would rather be interesting, than average pretty. But right now, I’m happy with my in between shape.

      • I don’t feel like wanting to appear attractive to men but not caring what women think is strange. I don’t want to sleep with women. It’s as simple as that.

        • As mel said, competing with other women is a biological motive to an extent, just like it is for men to be attracted to bust and hips. By outdoing her competition, a woman has a wider selection of men to choose from, so she can choose the best mate. When you think of it that way, it makes sense why women are always criticizing each other, and trying to compete.

          But human behavior is complex. I would agree with edith and mel above when they said that what matters most is how I and they feel about ourselves. Yes, there is evidence to suggest men are intrinsically attracted to bust and hips. But even more than that, men are attracted to confidence, and if a woman does not feel confident in how she looks, she will not attract men, whether she has a 0.65 WHR with DD’s, or whether she’s flat as a board.

          To me personally, I value the slim AND curvy aesthetic the best, because I feel that it has the best of both worlds. This wasn’t in the decision that Holly offered though, so if I had to choose between her options, I would choose shapeless and thin because I feel that it’s closer to what I already am, and I am confident with how I look (I identify myself as slim and curvy…to become overweight would just be too much of a drastic change for me and I think I would have a hard time accepting such a novel look on myself).

          • Ha, it’s pretty ironic that the example of curvy you gave (“0.65 WHR with DD’s”) is pretty much my stats (with a slightly higher WHR).

            Your arguments all make sense, but for me, I like having a certain advantage where most men are concerned. On a practical level, I feel like being curvy is just more useful. A man’s not going to stand against you when he’s weak in the knees.

            On the other hand, extremely thin women (and I’m talking no curves, straight as a board, not a petite women) can also be very beautiful, but they attract all that jealousy from other women. It seems like an undesirable trade-off to me.

          • I don’t think being curvy gives you an advantage. I have many skinny friends with A cups that get much more attention form men than my curvier friends. They don’t have many curves, but they have a beautiful face, great legs, style, confidence and are very feminine.

            And when you say “a man’s not going to stand against you” do you mean he’s not going to refuse you? I’ve got news, take away the boobs, and he’s still not going to say “no”.

            I have D cups by the way, and yeah they attract attention, but I also get attention when I’m covered up and with a huge coat.

          • What I meant to say is that it’s the whole package, not just the curves, a girl with a gorgeous face can easily beat the ugly one with curves.

          • Well you are very lucky to have those proportions Mrs.Ellis. 🙂 They are pretty rare.

            But I would venture to say that there’s more than one way, and more than one look, to make a man weak in the knees. 😉

            It seems like you are confident with your body. I’m sure aside from your great curves, that is a big reason why men would fall for you!

          • Agree Sharen, it really depends. Yes, curviness may give you an advantage with some men, but there are some that don’t like it that much. I see all sorts of girls attracting guys, whether they have curves or not. And although men might like *some* curves, there is a great variation within what is considered curvy. You could be like Candice Swanepoel and be “curvy,” you could even be like Miranda Kerr in her 2006 days and be “curvy,” or you could be your type of curvy. Yes, some men are attracted to curves, but you can’t really generize within that. I know men who like pear shapes for the WHR and thicker legs, I know men who like apple shapes for their abundant chests. And there are still others that love ruler shapes. It all depends.

  27. just out of curiosity, how much would you say heidi weighs? i remember a few months ago she was in the news because she made some comment about how 130 pounds was fat….well she deff looks like she is about that these days…

  28. I live in Vegas and know a couple of people who are friends with her. Apparently all she eats is fried chicken. 🙂 She is mighty pretty. & her choreographer never asked her to lose weight he told her to tone, it was made a big deal for the show.

  29. her b❆❆bs look so hard to me. i have imlants too, but they look more soft & real..like kim k’s. hollys look brand new! i like her body, just not the boobs. she should have them redone

  30. She is actually REALLY skinny in person-in these photos she doesnt look too skinny-but rather healthy–she claims she is 5’7 and 115 lbs in a magazine i just read with these photos-that is TINY!!!

  31. wow, i am so happy that holly feels this way!! what a great message to us gals! i am lucky and thankful to have a hourglass shape (and tall), so even when i was 20-30 lbs heavier, i pulled it off. right now, at 5’9 i’m 120-125. i never ever thought that once i got this thin that i would want to gain. of course the “perfect” size is subjective in “real” life. but media behaves as if being skinny is objectively better… i’ve lost my huge b❆❆bs & shapely hips/thighs and just feel kinda frail. I decided to try to gain 10 lbs before seeing this, but this def makes me feel like its the best decision for me!

  32. also want to say that holly is gorgeous! i know she’s had a b❆❆b & nose job, and while i usually dismiss “beautiful people” who’ve had facial work, i can’t deny that her natural looking nose job has resulted in one stunning face

  33. Sorry but the cynic in me wonders if she’s doing this o celebrate her “curves” or is she just taking a side swipe at Krystal? Heff’s “super thin” fiancé. Facing her arse towards the camera to suggest they should both kiss her arse.

  34. I’m a pear shape, and I definitely would not want to be skinnier. I have a curvy butt and hips, but also cellulite. I guess cellulite is the downside of curves, in general, and the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Fact is, there’s not really much that can be done against it, except prevent it from becoming worse.

    • I have always been curvy, now somewhat too fat, with cellulite, but i know very thin girls with cellulite too, and my boyfriend says that some cellulite is sexy on curvy girls but awful on thin girls ! And you are right, we have to pay attention not too get too much !

  35. LOL “i’ve always had a butt” how can you place this kind of statement under a pic like this?? holly has no curves at all. her breasts are fake and her butt is flat. there’s nothing wrong with that though. it’s just funny how slim celebrities are desperately trying to survive in the new curvy era of the 2010s. i bet we’re going to see LOTS of butt augs this decade, you’ll see.

  36. no holly. u dont have a body that i would envy. idk who u think u are but no way would i want fake DD b❆❆bs with cellulite ya right! get off your high horse

  37. Don’t like cellulite, it’s nasty. I love a nice set of real non-saggy T*TS and a nice trimmed BUSH to stick in my face. I love to lick a woman’s A S S

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