Taylor Momsen in Yet Another Lingerie Outfit on Stage

Taylor Momsen in Yet Another Lingerie Outfit on Stage 1

Taylor Momsen (16) is a fan of lingerie-like outfits and garters, so here she is on stage with her band “The Pretty Reckless”, sporting yet another daring and highly revealing outfit.

What do you guys think of this look?

Taylor Momsen in Yet Another Lingerie Outfit on Stage 2

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Taylor Momsen in Yet Another Lingerie Outfit on Stage 3

Taylor Momsen in Yet Another Lingerie Outfit on Stage 4

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154 thoughts on “Taylor Momsen in Yet Another Lingerie Outfit on Stage”

    • Yep, I completely agree with the possessed part! Haha.
      I actually think Taylor Momsen is a good-looking girl, but this is a little too much, regardless of her age.

      • She was a good looking girl. She has the potential to look absolutely amazing, considering the fact that she is naturally thin, tall, has a cute face…etc.

        But instead, she chooses to put ratty platinum blonde extensions in her hair that wash her out, too much makeup that distract from her face, eyeshadow that hides her eyes and makes her look like a zombie raccoon, and a style of dress that makes me think she has STD’s (not saying she does, just strippers are not known for their health).

          • being an older woman myself i know the real reason all of you are so *itchy and eager to call her a s—, jelously i know because i feel it too but i wont degrade myself by insulting a 16 year old girl dont you feel guilty at all

          • geraldine- love this comment , and its so true , im 18 and a professional model, and all the time i get critised by older women– but never young ones- the models and women my age always compliment me and say they love how i look.
            so i do think it down to jealously , an older women see’s a sexy looking blonde young girl and wishes she could be that age again.
            but what i always say is that being jealous and insulting the people your jealous of wont change them person and also wont make you younger , nicer etc, i think people should just accept who they are- and remember – that young girl will one day be older xx

        • Lol Casey well put, exactly what I think when I look at her too, its a pity because underneath all the ugly, she’s so pretty.

    • why? because shes an individual , with her own stlye and her parents are letting her express herself,
      oh no shes wearing short dress, end of the world her parents must be rubbish, no shes just a young girl trying to stand out and be indvidual, id say thats a good thing , shes being herself rather than a sheep.
      i think people need to chill out and be open minded– shes not getting hurt, and shes not hurting anyone x

  1. Okkkk I REALLY dont need to see your pum,shes 16! Hoewever I’ll say one thing in her defense,the photographer clearly was on underneath her,as she is on stage,though I dont doubt this outfit is very very short…

    • …which means that – since she was on a stage – the audience had a pretty good glimpse at her underdies as well.

    • exactley — it should be the photographer that should be slated not the her– hes clearly the perv with problems , not a girl trying to stand out by wearing a short dress— hasnt everyone does this x

  2. Her look is so contrived, so pretentious. It doesn’t seem authentic that some high paid actress is a broke and angsty “starving artist.” She looks silly, like she’s playing dress up or going as Courtney Love for halloween.

    • I totally agree with the Courtney Love/Halloween comment, however I don’t think Courtney’s eye makeup was ever THAT bad.
      I remember when I was 16-18 (26 now) I used to wear wayyy too much eyeliner and my mum used to cringe at some of my outfits – however I think Taylor is on a whole other level.

      • Hahaha, when I was 16, I went through the kind of gothic thing, but never like this. I wasn’t actually gothic, and I thank God that snapped out of it quickly.

        Yeah, courtney never went to hot topic to pick out her eye shadow…

      • My stage at sixteen was obsessed with my studies. I can’t relate to teen phases at all – especially those of Hollywood!

  3. Okay, It´s really short, but I’m sure that the photgrapher was underneath her. Anyway, It’s the way She is.
    And one Thing to the make Up:
    I thing It’s great, she always had make up like that.
    And no matter what everybody says, she does whatever she wants to. Better like this instead of this “innocent Little Girl”- Image. See how Miley has her problems to get out of this image.

    • Yeah…looks like puberty caught up with her. Too bad she was out dressing like that before even really, well, becoming a woman. No other way to put that–it’s horrifying that this little girl (let’s be frank–you are a little girl at 16) is wearing this.

  4. Next time she’ll go on stage with just a bra and a thong. When she first started wearing the straps on the outside it was kind of silly, but this is waay to much, it’s all lingerie, and we are not even seeing her from the back, her a– must clearly show . Though it’s true that a lot of rock stars have worn even less on stage.

      • I am fed up defending my choice of pictures – it’s the same poem over and over again: I do not work with 20 different photo agencies, OK? I am sorry if Agency X has slightly more flattering pictures of Taylor’s bum than Agency Y. The next time someone wrongly and unjustifiably accuses me of “purposely attempting to make celeb Z look bad”… that person will be banned for offending me – sorry guys, I can’t take it anymore.

        BTW, I don’t even understand your point – just because you can’t see her bum in some of the pictures, it means… what? She clearly knew that her butt and lingerie will show.

        • I have to say, I agree with you. It seems Taylor would have enough common sense to know that as a celebrity, pictures would be taken here. So even if you HAD been out to get her, which I understand you’re not, it’d be her own fault if her honey bun was posted on the Internet. It was her own conscious decision to wear this nonsense. Just sayin’.

          • STFU, “xoxo”. Versus doesn’t have to defend her photo choices against one of the ten apparently rabid fans that Taylor Momsen has. The girl looks like a child hooker, and even on the website you linked the panties were STILL showing. Get over yourself.

      • If anything those other pics from more of a distance are even MORE unflatering because it shows her total lack of a figure (she’s 16, its on its way)

      • Oh so because she wasn’t flashing her bum to 100% that makes it okay ? You could still see her panties no matter what pictures VS uploaded. She’s 16 for gods sake – that’s hardly an age appropriate style. Actually it’s probably never appropriate no matter the age or occasion. Even if you would want to surprise your man with that h e’d probably dig for his beaded rosary in a frenzy to exorcize her.

        • Hahahaha I love your last comment.
          My younger sister (she is now 15) is IN LOVE with Taylor Momsen and the pretty reckless.
          I’m going to hate the day she starts to think dressing like this is cool. She is impressionable.
          I just wish I could tell her you don’t have to dress like a s—k to be sexy and that she’d listen 🙁

  5. I’m sick of all the horrible/inappropriate-on-many-levels outfits, hideous make-up and disgusting hair extensions!! this just saddens me 🙁 I used to like her in the first seasons of gossip girl

  6. This is ff—*. She is underage… Seriously this is disgraceful… But you know what? All of us saying this would probably give her a kick… she likes shocking people, obviously… Pretty pathetic imo.

    • WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? At least she’s not totally anorexic now.

      I hate this girl, she wears way too much eye makeup and pretends that she’s something she’s not. Attention w—- to the freaking max.

    • The weight-gain is the ONLY good thing about these pictures! At least now I can imagine her looking somewhat healthy under the horrible make up and the s—ty outfit.. She should be protected from herself!! =(

    • i agree. and not to say she’s fat by any means, but she looks to have gained a little weight, probably for the better. She seemed kinda scrawny before.

  7. Talk about an unpleasant view! xQ~
    I hate her makeup and “dress” (customised camisole?), and you really don’t want to know what I think of the rest.
    This kinda makes me not want to have children.

  8. yikes, someone should put this girl in her place, seriously. She’s too young, just like miley btw, to be only thinking about being ‘sexy’ and having sex. Dear god kids these days, there’s more to life than that.

    • What the hell are you talking about? I’ve been thinking about sex since I was about 13 and I’ve started having it now that I’m 17. This may be disturbing for parents, but teenagers are all ready and waiting for sex. It’s not for adults only at all. We are way hornier and better looking. It’s perfectly natural, but society keeps trying to push back the acceptable age. It’s SO annoying.

      • Yeah, teenagers are way hornier and better looking and all the stuff.. Nut I don’t need a kid showing her undies to the whole world just to show “how sexy and grown she is”.. I mean. There are KIDS.. like 13 – 14 yo kids who follow her style.. and it’s not a good style to follow imo..

        I wouldn’t want my kid to tell me some day “mum I’m going out” wearing nothing but a camisole and a pair of panties.. all s—-like..

      • I hope you’re a troll.

        “but teenagers are all ready and waiting for sex.”

        No, teenagers THINK they’re ready and waiting for sex. I’m not one of those people that thinks everybody should wait until they’re married to have sex. To me, sex is not as big of a deal as some people make it out to be…it’s a normal part of life, and it’s something pleasant that COULD be shared with more than one person.

        However, I find a lot of teenagers, including myself when I was a teenager, think they are ready for stuff they are not. Having sex produces a lot of emotions in both sexes, but especially women. I’m not even talking about the relationship aspect. I’m talking about the chemicals having to do with sex causing deep emotions that most teenagers are not able to handle.

        Not to mention the irresponsibility with birth control and disease prevention. I worked on a survey collection once for sex and you’d be surprised how many of your “ready” teenagers think you won’t get pregnant if you “do it standing up.”

        Conclusion: Teenagers can have sex, some do, but most of you shouldn’t be having it.

        “We are way hornier and better looking”

        I don’t know if this was intended as an attack or insult, but, most people sexually peak in their late 20’s. Your lack of knowledge on that just proves my fact that most kids your age don’t know much about sex, and therefore couldn’t be ready for it.

        • I agree as well. Taylor’s outfit, even if she was 27 i wouldn’t like it, and for a girl of her age, it’s too much imo. I dressed in daring outfits at her age as well, but never anything like that, and her being on in stage outfit doesn’t justify it to me. Also, for some silly reason i started thinking about sex when i was prolly 8 or 9, yep, it certainly doesn’t mean i was any more mature than the rest of us (or ready for it for the next several years). So that doesn’t mean squat to me either, being h—y i mean.

        • Once again agree with you 100%!.

          P.S – I dont know a soul in their twenties attracted to the underdevolped bods of teens. Thats icky.

      • Ha!

        Teenagers are hardly ‘waiting’ for sex these days. And unfortunately some of them are treating it likea bus; just hop on the first one that pulls up at your stop.

        By the way, since when was there a criteria for people to be good looking before engaging in sexual relations?

        The reality is that many teens hormones are going wild and they are having sex without being ready and without taking precautions, hence why so many young girls are pushing prams and young people are getting STI’s.

        And you’re really not presenting yourself as the greatest ambassador for teen maturity.

  9. Sorry to say that but she looks like a s—. Absolutely dislike the outfit and the make up.
    When i was 16 i never wore such kind of clothes. Even if she wants to shock other ppl – this is too much.

  10. what’s sad is that she tries Soooo hard to be sexy, but there is absolutely nothing sexy about her! it has nothing to do with age, there is just something to be said about leaving a little bit of room for the imagiation.

  11. I cannot believe she’s 16! Where are her parents?

    Remember when 16 was about hand-holding and trying lipstick for the first time? yesh!

  12. Although I’m not a fan of trashy outfits in general and certainly wouldnt consider her some true artist, but as a musician (good one or not) she has the right to extravagant stage outfits, and this one reminds me a lot of The Runaways. Plus, you gotta give her some props for wearing underwear.

  13. if she’d have worn a skirt over this, it might have been an acceptable outfit
    i like the top, but not in this combo, she needs to cover up more

  14. she is trying to hard for some pap and stuff
    cuz now she left gg and no one caers about her anymore

    she looks like a low class h#####r

  15. If I had the money and opportunity I would do the same. Its every teenage rock girl dream to go outside dressing whatever you want, sing rock songs, be the star on the stage, say f*ck and be so happy doing the angry miserable thing. I’ts the amazing teen years, you guys sound like that middle-age aunt who tells your mom you should go to the church more often XD
    If I didnt have to work I would dress like that (maybe less revealing ) everyday , everywhere.
    Also, I don’t think Miley and Taylor will do teens make more sex, I think Taylor and Miley are the reflection of a generation that is already making more sex.

    • I went through the whole rocker/goth stage as a teen, as do many, and my god I cringe so bad thinking at the stupid outfits and makeup, I would hate so much if it were photographed and immortalised for the world to see. Im 22 and far from a religious aunt, thats just silly, like taylors outfit.

      P.S – I still love my rock music but the “pretty reckless” are far from anything I’d ever have in my ipod, lol, its tweeny.

  16. I hope it won’t get worse with her.
    It seems she goes the wrong way, especially because she’
    s leaving GG now.

  17. Wow, the vitriol! Dressing like a “sl*t” or “wh*re” does not a “sl*t” or “wh*re” one make. Also, what is up with the shaming? The facts: she is a mouthy, rebellious teenager with what I believe to be poor taste in clothing. However, as *she* has pointed out, she doesn’t go out and party and make a mess of herself. The most scandalous thing I’ve ever seen printed about her is a picture of a cigarette hanging off her hand. She’s making typical teenage choices – what’s important to remember is that the are ostensibly HER choices – not some manager’s. She’s making her own image and even if a curmudgeon like me wishes she would be more sensible about that image, it shouldn’t detract from the fact that this is typical rite-of-passage stuff.

    Regarding the clothing, what is up with those studs? That can’t be comfortable in bed…

  18. Oh please.

    Taylor Momsen is not a rocker. This is SOOO contrived, so fake. She looks like a Courtney Love wannabe, and yes, like she’s playing dress-up in some Halloween costume.


  19. I can’t stand her! Besides the creepy prostitute look I’ve read interviews w/ her and how she would say she d.n give a–**bout anybody (Haiti), starving children in Africa… etc She’s a spoiled evil brat

  20. Oh and clearly she wants us to know she is evil -the possessed eye make up and facial expressions, soon she’ll resemble Marilyn Manson

  21. 16 or 26 what does it matter. Your private parts will only get more “developed” as you age, so at a young age I don’t see what the fuss is over (Miley Cyrus included). There girls know there would be cameras in the c0-k pit, but also, at least they are wearing panties!

  22. she looks like a low price hooker ! thats the only thing i can comment on that
    plus she makes herself sooo much uglier than she is with that distasteful make-up ! she used to be such a pretty girl

  23. She might look and dress ridiculous for a 16 year old, but PEOPLE SHE CAN SING. I couldn’t believe it. But I had to hear before believing what you said.

    Search for Pretty Reckless Acoustic and click on the ‘Zombie’ link. She DOES have a voice. A GOOD voice.

    • You call that a good voice?? She sounds like Miley or somebody.

      It is an understatement to say that I was not impressed. At all.

  24. Versus: Taylor is only sixteen years of age and considered a minor in the United States a.k.a jail bait. I’m not sure why you’re allowing an onslaught of critical comments come through about a ” child’s ” body and clothing choices.

    Your website should ban comments from being posted When the celebrity of choice is under 18. Please be more responsible.

    • Firstly, this post was not about Taylor’s body, it was about her clothing choices. I did not ask you to comment on her body and I have plenty of posts on the site where we do not talk about bodies, but about style or media trends.

      Secondly, these pictures can be seen on a wide range of NICE celebrity sites (I’m not talking about the b—y ones). They all allow comments. After all, Taylor appeared in this outfit at an event, in public, these pictures were not unwanted candid pictures or taken from the privacy of her home, there is a huge difference. She chose and wanted to be seen like this in PUBLIC.

      Thirdly and most importantly, I do not consider criticizing a child’s (terrible) clothing choices irresponsible at all – in fact, I believe quite the opposite: that all these visitors who say that “No, it’s not OK for a 16 year old to dress like that” send a message that needs to be sent (even if sometimes too harshly): That this look is NOT OK. I do not think that anybody should wear such provocative outfits (regardless of age) and just like the impressionable public can learn and get inspired by positive role models, they can deduct what’s right and what’s not from the feedback this look has received in this post. I do not find that irresponsible at all, quite the contrary.

      • I agree 100%, seriously, you couldn’t have said it better.
        This is a CONCERT, Raymaxx, these are not pictures she did not want taken. She knew very well that she will be on TV, photographed, on the net, she CLEARLY wanted this. These pictures are public domain.

        I have a young daughter who likes to “sexy it up” recently and I showed her this post and all the negative feedback this look has received. She did not believe me when I, alone, told her that she doesn’t need the fishnets to look nice. This post and its many comments confirms the morals I want to send her, by the power of “WHAT NOT TO DO”, trust me, it’s stronger and more efficient than WHAT TO DO… I know the comments sound harsh, but God, isn’t ‘parenting’ supposed to harsh sometimes as well? How are they really going to ‘get’ the right values and behaviour otherwise?
        I completely agree that young girls can learn both from positive role models and from anti-examples and I am sad to say that Taylor is an anti-good-example at this point.

  25. Um, possessed, much?
    Also, I don’t care how good her body is, I don’t want to see her panties. Ever. I don’t really mind the corset thing, but it looks like she’s wearing thong underwear on stage. I’m sorry, but I just can’t find this acceptable.

  26. gosh, i thought she had enough money to buy clothes that fit her… it seems like not… and her stylist, if she has one, should be fired..

  27. hm, still skinny but is she gaining maybe?
    she reminds me SOOO MUCH OF CHERIE CURRIE FROM THE RUNAWAYS…I would say she’s ripping her off but I dont know that she’s ever heard of her…

    • Hey I just said that! haha, I bet she does, judging by her music she’d be a rock fan. Even her voice is quite similar, like a bit softer than Cherie’s real rock growl but very deep and raw in the same way. She’s classless but not untalented in my opinion

  28. all i know is that i’m not thrilled to see her underage body parts wrapped up in lingire.

    bummer, because if she cleaned herself up, style and attitude wise, she’d be quite attractive!

  29. The first pic is SCARY. Someone is definitely winning the battle in suppressing natural beauty….

    Raccoon eyes, bleached hair, garter belt, stockings, public display of butt cheeks but — PHEW — she wore a rosary. Religious fundamentalists and parents everywhere can now breathe a sign of relief.

  30. If I see any more young girls presenting themselves like some prostitute I think my eyes will start to bleed.

    She’s such a stunning girl, why ruin it with all that make up , the possesed look and all these pantless outfits. At least wear one of these ultra mini barely there skirts.

  31. she’s gaining because she’s in the middle of puberty, her body is changing from a girls to a womens, she probably will continue changing until her early twenties.
    as for her clothes, they would look horrible regardless of the age of the person wearing it. what’s for sure is her parents probably live off her, that’s the only logical explanation i can find to them allowing her go out in public like this

  32. I bet Lohan would look classy standing beside her.Anyway she got an evil and harsh face no matter what she wears.She isnt a beauty to me.

  33. where the hell are her parents….why would they allow the daughter to downgrade so much and so far….shes dying for attn and is going about it in the most used way ” i will just take off my clothes and start some lame a– band” hope she doesnt turn into courtney love in a couple of yrs.

  34. 16yr old blonde, white corset-thing, racoon eyes…wait, wasn’t that Cherie Curries most famous concert outfit of all time? Taylor’s pretty and quite talented, she should try for a more original look! I do actually like her band though, they’re suprisingly real grunge/rock

  35. … so what? she goes for the extreme look.. she wants to look sexy in an ugly way.. as pretentious she might be, I still value her more than KIM KARDASHIAN. funny, Kim has a sextape and poses regularly semi-naked but no one cares.. “as long as she looks pretty and pretends to be this innocent young girl”.. like paris hilton or van. hudgens etc… we all know how dirty these girls are..
    you’re such hypocrites

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