Alicia Silverstone: “It’s no accident that everyone says that I still look like I did in Clueless”

4D60012F00000578-5857205-image-a-1_1529341330375 - Alicia Silverstone: "It's no accident that everyone says that I still look like I did in Clueless"

On how her vegan lifestyle makes her look 20 years younger:

Do I think I really know what works? Yeah. It’s no accident that everyone says to me all the time that I still look like I did in Clueless. I see the difference if I eat a certain way for a day, so I choose to make more than one meal be that great meal. After only two weeks of being vegan, people were beginning to ask, “What is going on with you? You look amazing! I was still eating lots of white pasta, french fries, and all sorts of sludgy things (in fact, I still do sometimes). All I’d given up was meat and dairy, and yet I began to look better in just two weeks!

… says 41 Alicia in Redbook.

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4D60013C00000578-5857205-image-a-2_1529341333568 - Alicia Silverstone: "It's no accident that everyone says that I still look like I did in Clueless" 4D60013600000578-5857205-image-a-17_1529342028932 - Alicia Silverstone: "It's no accident that everyone says that I still look like I did in Clueless"

alicia-silverstone-at-2018-vanity-fair-oscar-party-in-beverly-hills-03-04-2018-6 - Alicia Silverstone: "It's no accident that everyone says that I still look like I did in Clueless"

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14 thoughts on “Alicia Silverstone: “It’s no accident that everyone says that I still look like I did in Clueless””

  1. Odd, there are many cultures that are vegetarian and some close to vegan (some Buddhists and some Hindus) and some blue zones that are plant based diet, and the regular folk there dont notice any “youth retention” qualities of the diet.

    Sorry Alicia, but you’re a rich white woman in Hollywood, thats why you look so young… having literally millions of dollars at your disposal and a complete and total focus on remaining attractive, fit and polished might have something to do with it…

    • the people in plant-based cultures (buddhists and hindus) don’t note any youth retention qualities because their cultures are not obsessed with youth and beauty like america. eating less (or no meat at all) definitely makes an impact as with a plant based diet you are inevitably taking in more antioxidants (fruits, sprouted grains, and various leafy greens) and healthy fats (nuts, unprocessed oils, and avocado) that boost collagen production. of course her wealth makes top-of-the-line organic ingredients easier to access but a vegan diet is actually far easier to do with a very low budget. try it, you’ll save some money and your skin will thank you. 🙂

      • Alicia is literally claiming that she looked better even though she was eating like shit. And where I live, eating the foods you mentioned and completely replacing meat and dairy (farm raised) with that is definitely not money saving. My skin also looks amazing? Get a bit off your high horse.

        • congrats, you have good genes. and a plant based diet is almost always cheaper than a carnivorous diet (unless, of course, you’re buying hot pockets or some crap). however, some rural towns with poor agricultural communities (or access) do have higher costs for fresh produce, but it’s not comparable to the price of farm-raised meats. i’ll get off my horse when others open their eyes.

          • No, it’s not great genes, it’s healthy balanced diet and exercise and taking care of my body. No one needs you to open their eyes, you have opinions just like other people, you are not the holder of the holy grail.

          • Depends on where you live. In my country, avocado is a lot cheaper than fish, nuts are about the same as fish of good quality. Though living in central Europe and buying “healthy” food imported here from South America (avocado) or Japan (squid) is mind boggling to me and probably cancels out a big part of ecological benefits of not eating meat.

      • its possible that is true, but some of the longest living cultures also eat meat (not a lot like america, but in moderation as part of a balanced diet, with various proteins like fish and lean meats as well as vegetable based proteins like soy etc).

        Ive done both types for lengthy periods, and i dont notice a stark difference in health, skin etc. But I have good skin.

        What makes the biggest impact on my life is exercise. I cannot believe some people are inactive by choice.

  2. Lol. That candid photo is not flattering.
    I’ve never found her attractive, even back in the 90s. Always thought she was super overrated. Seems totally average to me.

  3. I don’t think she looks as young as she thinks she does— she looks good for her age, but she looks her age. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s unrealistic to try to look 20 years younger than you are. But if her diet and lifestyle make her feel better physically, then great.

  4. That last close-up is not really the best, but in other, non-photoshopped pictures she looks good. She is only 41 anyway, not 50.
    Most people tend to over-eat on carbs, while missing on all kinds of veggies, fruit and other macro nutrients. So if they switch to vegan, they suddenly feel much much better – because they are finally getting all vitamins and minerals they have been missing so far. Probably like in this case.
    However, my uncles by that way is a heavy meat eater, and at the age of 65, he looks like 50. So it is not a matter of eating or not eating meat, it is about eating mainly whole, minimally processed foods, having an active lifestyle together with genetics.
    Being vegan certainly has other benefits, e.g. environmental.

  5. She is in denial, she looks her age. In the last picture she looks 10 years older than she really is. Whatever helps her sleep at night.

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