Devon Windsor to Models of Color: ‘You know how hard it is to be blonde?’

Devon Windsor to Models of Color: ‘You know how hard it is to be blonde?’ 1

24 year-old Devon Windsor Devon Windsor recently made a few highly-criticized comments during an episode of her reality show ‘Model Squad’. Watch the fragment below:

The model issued an apology shortly after, stating:

Devon Windsor to Models of Color: ‘You know how hard it is to be blonde?’ 2

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Devon Windsor to Models of Color: ‘You know how hard it is to be blonde?’ 3 Devon Windsor to Models of Color: ‘You know how hard it is to be blonde?’ 4 Devon Windsor to Models of Color: ‘You know how hard it is to be blonde?’ 5

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22 thoughts on “Devon Windsor to Models of Color: ‘You know how hard it is to be blonde?’”

  1. Having to put highlights in your hair is a certain amount of work. If a ‘model of color’ has hair which requires certain treatment, that is a certain amount of work too. I don’t know that I have a problem with her statement.

    • …you are missing the point here…like spectacularly

      shanina: I was bullied mercilessly for my skin colour and told I wouldn’t be able to do fashion
      black girls/woc get turned down for shows because of their skin

      devon: I fcuking LIVED in sooo many countries for like two years and have blonde hair and that is so hard for me so there!!!

      do you see where ppl are coming from?

      her actual hair colour is irrelevant. like are you really going to compare dehumanising racism to…a white girl colouring her hair?

    • I mean, I don’t think the other ladies were talking about merely hair. That’s ignorant of the deeper issues surrounding skin colour etc, not to mention the adversity non-whites had to face throughout history. Devon might have been joking, but I personally didn’t get that vibe. Looks like she pulled a Kendall Jenner and is now trying to save her a$$ from backlash.

  2. This racist, low-forehead having troglodyte bitch really sat there listening to Shanina talk about how black models/models of colour face racism and get excluded from fashion shows and all she has to say is “do you know how hard it is being blonde.”

    “I lived in a different country for two years and I didn’t speak Paris” ?? Poor you….you simple minded dipshit

    • she’s such an embarrassment to herself I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, she must’ve been playing a role for the reality show! There is NO WAY ON EARTH someone would be so alienated to make such stupid comments on a delicate subject.
      Also: “I didn’t speak PARIS”?! I just can’t.

      • she’s a model, they aren’t paid to talk (for a reason). dumbassery ensues. they literally walk for a living. don’t expect any book-junkies on the runway. she’s a dumbass and is too dumbass to realize that what she has said is utterly racist (unless her PR agent tells her to dial it back “for the masses”). ugh.

    • yes. god forbid she *had* to be born white , blonde, tall, and thin. she’s not necessarily an extreme trumpeteering racist– she’s too dumb to realize that the statements she makes come from white “pretty” privilege and…uhh… RACISM. good grief, check your privilege, girl. stop being dumb. but i guess that’s asking too much of a VS model that will be “disposed of” in a year or so anyway.

    • While I’m not defending Devon in any way, your use of childish namecalling reduces your message and reflects very poorly upon yourself. If you really want to be heard you need to find a more educated way to express yourself.

      • lol i really don’t feel the need to be genteel and honey-tongued when expressing my distaste over dumb racist (at the very least tone-deaf comments) made by some mediocre model. this is a comment on a gossip website *not* a university dissertation, there is no “message” to be conveyed on my part so you can literally take your self-righteous arse over to JSTOR if you want ppl expressing themselves in “a more educated way.” peace! 🙂

  3. “I didn’t speak Paris” (cringe AF)…and I have an incredibly hard time believing she stringed together an eloquent “apology” like the one above. Shows like this are vapid as hell and I wish young impressionable people never become seriously influenced by the vacuousness that’s evident in this video, mostly by Devon Windsor. I officially lost respect for her, although I don’t know how much respect I even had to begin with.

  4. Everyone in the whole entire fashion world needs to stop taking themselves even 1% as seriously as the do. Fashion. Is. Not. That. Important. You’re making or advertising *clothing, not finding a cure for cancer. Waaaaaay too many “open letters” and other nonsense from models and designers alike who think they’re more than just a shiny but ultimately pointless accessory to life.

    • I’d agree with you but unfortunately people need and have always needed clothes, and clothes are extremely significant to a culture/time/politics.

      Most of what we understand of ancient and non western cultures is through analyzing their clothing systems and symbolisms.

      • “Most of what we understand of ancient and non western cultures is through analyzing their clothing systems and symbolisms”? It is more through cultural and historical artifacts, relics and art, im pretty sure “clothing systems” are just kind of part of the bigger picture.

  5. She speaks about her own experience as if the models of color didn’t have to go through all that, and other discrimination on top of that. No one is asking you to be blonde honey, we can see you aren’t one naturally. She also said in a separate interview, if a designer wants someone brunette she is OK with that. What the hell are you talking about, you choose to be blonde, because you would get ZERO work as a brunette and you know that which is why you keep highlighting your hair. To compare that to the unfair racism these other models have to face is insane. There are models of color who are at least 1000 times better looking than her, and Devon gets booked over them because she is blonde, and white.

    Notice how Olivia Culpo is the only one who defends her (on Twitter), so she’s probably just like Devon as well. I like how she went on that part of not speaking Paris (???), and Italian. OK but you are an American, you speak English and never had to learn English. Sure there are difficulties being in France, and Italy, and not knowing the language, but if you know English it makes life 10000 times easier even in Europe. Imagine a Russia, Chinese, or Brazilian model at the age of 16 by herself in Paris, not knowing French, or English. It’s much harder than it is for an Australian, American, British model. The fact that Devon still doesn’t speak Paris, and is modeling shows knowing English is pretty much all you need to become a model. I noticed how Nadine Leopold doesn’t really sympathize with her because Nadine had to learn English when she started modeling. Just shows another layer of privilege Devon has but is completely unaware of.

    And Ashley Moore is gorgeous

  6. When I first saw this clip I thought it was acted, I am shocked that this is real and someone could be this stupid. Wow. Like the way she talks, is she really that dumb??? This girl needs to go back to school.

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