Jane Seymour Brings Today’s Quote

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On looking fabulous at 67:

I think looking stylish at any age you have to feel comfortable in your own skin. You have to feel that this is who you are. At any age, including my age now, I always look to see what suits me best in terms of cut and style and how I can make the most of the features that I still feel OK about and sort of hide the ones that I think have maybe had their moment.

… says Jane.

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4 thoughts on “Jane Seymour Brings Today’s Quote”

  1. She still looks very beautiful. I’m so glad to see, that she has chosen a more natural way. I know she is not surgery free. But there is no sign of “Hamsterface”..

    • lol can you give me some examples of hamster face? ive never heard the term before but i think i can imagine what you mean.

      I always thought she was neat, especially her heterochromia (eye colour)

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