Bethenny Frankel: “I weigh 115 pounds. People don’t talk about people that are overweight”


On her weight:

People do comment a lot. I do say ‘yeah, I am thin.’ I mean, I have a brand called Skinnygirl, so it’s not a big giant mystery. You can’t please everybody. You try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody. Sometimes I do agree that I look too thin, especially when I’m tired, especially when I’m haggard. I do eat. There are nutritionists that comment that I don’t even weigh a hundred pounds. I weigh 115 pounds. I’ll be happy to get on the Today show scale.

On how only skinny people are picked on:

People don’t talk about people that are overweight. If someone thought you were overweight imagine being like ‘wow, that person looks really overweight’ and keep talking about it, that wouldn’t be nice. But that’s not something I’m going to complain about.

… says Bethenny, who is 5’7” tall.

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41 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel: “I weigh 115 pounds. People don’t talk about people that are overweight””

  1. She is so right. People don’t think anything about an overweight person because most people in the western world are overweight, this is a medical FACT. While I don’t think skinny people are the only ones picked on, people definitely have a skewed view of what is too skinny, and what is overweight. Even with the Rebel Wilson post people were saying OMG she’s healthy! Please. She is MORBIDLY OBESE. And what has the world come to that Bethenny Frankel is now considered emaciated?
    Just look at the way people react to my comments here. Whenever it’s anything negative about an overweight, obese, or just thicker/curvier person I always get a wave of angry replies. When it’s something negative about a thin person, no one even sees my comment. Just look at the responses to my “boo hoo” comment I posted about Iggy Azalea’s cellulite vs the “boo hoo” about Giuliana Rancic getting skinny shamed. Ha, and people try to convince me they don’t take things personally here, sure.

    • I agree with you that people get more upset about making fun of overweight people whereas it’s totally okay to make fun of skinny people.

      But! “Most” people in the western world aren’t overweight…. YET. I think it’s at something like 30%, which is WAY too high and which is why obesity is becoming an epidemic.

      I hope our societies can turn that around, and a great way to do that would be to stop saying people are too thin or too muscular. Like, damn, just be happy that they’re healthy and in shape– then more people might be inspired to eat right and exercise.

      • Ok maybe I was generalizing, I meant America, here 70% of people are overweight, and about a third of people are obese, and the rate of morbid obesity continues to rise.

    • Spot on! I think it all has to do with effort. People are forgiving of something that’s natural, but are mistrustful of something that’s the result of effort.

      A woman who’s slightly pudgy or overweight = no effort, “natural.”
      Thin woman = effort, therefore it’s “unnatural.”

      I think that’s the basic conception that most people have, and as soon as they think that there’s effort involved in how you look, they’re suspicious and almost…resentful.

      • True. I have a problem with accusing someone of not being naturally thin because a lot of people who were always fat before were just unhealthy growing up. Look at Holly Rose Emery, she lost a ton of weight and became a model. She used to eat a ton of junk food and then made healthier choices. If anyone thinks she looked healthier before, they are delusional!
        If someone is healthy, fit and has more muscle tone, bigger frame etc, they can say they are naturally bigger, but a lot of these people claiming they were born this way just eat way too much junk food and sit all day.

  2. I am 5ft 4 and at my skinniest I was 110 pounds. I have an athletic kind of body shape. I knew if I dropped more weight i would be unhealthy. I was exercising 1 to 2 hours everyday plus i was careful about the quantity of food i was eating. (oatmeal or one toast, small orange juice, half a spicy tuna sandwich, a yogourt, an apple, small meat, soup and green veggies/carrots, everyday) She has muscles so i dont think she is unhealthy. She is just borderline. I mean she is active, she exercises a lot and is really careful about what she eats.

    • Do you think you were healthy at that exercise and intake?

      It’s not a pointed question, I just wonder what you meant by it and how it related to Bethenny.

      • The exercices and food was healthy, my energy was at his highest so was my focus. What might have been unhealthy was to think of it ALL THE TIME. I became the Healthy and body reference and I wanted to keep that title. Everyday I knew what I was going to eat and when I was going to eat it. The thing is: it is super easy to fall into the overdo ”run faster, longer but without more food”. As an example, if i skipped my breakfast or if I wasnt eating at regular hours I wasnt feeling good but if I was following my ”diet” and exercices as planned it was GOLD. Miracles to the body. So i feel that she might be where i was at a point where everything is under control and she only have to maintain it. The balance between the energy you need and the exercices you do can be hard to find and once you find it you shouldnt test too much the limits. I post a lot about this ”unhealthy” way of living before. It is not anorexia, it is not bulimia it is just super control which i think it is not natural. It is a borderline dangerous if it is push to the extreme but it is considere healthy.

      • Sorry, it is related to Bethenny not by her comment but by how her body looks. Super tone so she eats and exercices but still is super tiny. It can be related to Kelly rippa as well or jessica alba. Anyone who looks healthy by exercices a lot and is still skinny. On an other hand, Rachel Zoe, Jaime King, Nicole ritchie, look like they are not eating enough. Kate Hudson looks like she has a good balance so does J. lo.

  3. Good for her! Yeah I agree with her, I don’t get why it is politically incorrect to talk about unhealthy people needing stay off the deep dish pizza, but when it comes to healthy people who are thin, they get constantly attacked. Heart disease is still the leading cause of death and that is generally attributed to the obesity eating disorder.

    • Yup it is absolutely dangerous to promote obesity especially in times where more and more people are dying from obesity. Like yes I get it we shouldn’t promote anorexia, but look at the mainstream media and tell me who that is severely underweight is being promoted as beautiful. Unless you’re trying to tell me Alessandra Ambrosio is going to die of anorexia soon, then ok have a good life people lol.

    • It’s always politically incorrect. She makes a false equivalency about body shaming, that fat shaming or skinny shaming are worse or better than the other. They are not, they are simply different.

      I agree heart disease is likely fueled in a huge part because of our obesity. I think a large culprit too is sugar intake too (regardless of outer weight) and high stress. It is a huge factor, but it isn’t the only one. If that were the case there are far too many thin/svelte people who have died of heart disease that your theory doesn’t include.

      You revealed your own implied prejudice too by citing “people who are thin” as “healthy”, and the other side of “unhealthy” comprised of “people who need to stay off the deep dish pizza”. I wonder, how do you feel about a medically obese people who eat 2,000 calories a day and exercise? Why the need to paint obesity, already a difficult to understand and complex to treat disease, as a disease of pure laziness? Has it not occured to you the number of complications that can cause weight gain when nothing else has changed?

    • jjj2 because people are ignorant. When some people see a skinny person, they think they’re healthy, not what they put their bodies through in order to be at that weight. Let’s be clear here, although I don’t think this woman looks underweight to me, she could be considering her age. I don’t know for sure, but the point is, don’t think only overweight people have an unhealthy relatinship with food. Practically almost every very thin person I’ve ever heard from has a very skewed view of food too.

      • “Practically almost every very thin person I’ve ever heard from has a very skewed view of food too.” What do you mean?

  4. 5’7″ / 115, sounds about right.

    I think she has an awesome body. Good muscle tone, too – and her DAUGHTER, ahhhh, little precious thing.

  5. Hmm, I think she’s 5’5 though. Their heights are always inflated, and judging by her pics next to others she’s about 5’5- 115 which I would have guessed had she not said her weight. She looks borderline underweight, but not quite. Her face, wide jaw is what makes people think she’s thinner than she is.

  6. I think she looks really good and not too thin.
    btw I remember being bullied once for my skinny legs when I was in elementary school, it is just as rude and hurtful as telling people they’re fat.

  7. First I thought that she looks heavier than 115 lbs but when you compare her to the little girl in one of the photos (her daughter?) she really does look pretty tiny! Often times skinniness doesn’t show much in photos because you don’t have anything/anyone to compare it to. You only see proportions in pictures and not absolute weight and height… For example: I saw Jennifer Lopez irl about a year ago and was shocked at how much thinner she looked in person!!

  8. am i the only one who completely disagrees with her? if anything i think people comment more about overweight people…lena dunham, kelly clarkson, rosie odonnell, christina aguilera (yoyo), jessica simpson, anna nicole smith (yoyo), janet jackson (yoyo), kevin federline, rob kardashian…need i go on? people will comment if you’re one either end of the scale.

      • It really depends, some people who are very petite can still look thin at this weight, she seems pretty fit and she could be lying about everything too. She looks a bit on the short side when next to other celebs. I think she is quite petite but she is not super skinny, 115 and 5’4 looks about right for me based on these pics.

  9. What? Wait, is she saying fat people aren’t being shamed for their body, but skinny people are? So fat people don’t experience body shame in her world. Wow.

    Okay let’s get this straight – They’re not the same thing. Being fat holds another level of societal disgust, called fatphobia, that skinny people don’t have leveraged against them. It hurts both ways, but the more anyone say “oh man it’s SOOO bad for us! – oh, yeah, and only us.” You are not making allies, you’re not becoming part of the solution. The more you point out the divisive and categorical nature of prejudice without examining it’s intersectionality with other issues, you’re pitching the issue as an ‘us-vs-them’ instead of the way it is, ‘society-vs-individuals’.

  10. I agree with her. She doesn’t even look unhealthy anyway, she’s just thin but it’s not shocking or anything to me IMO. I’m around 5’4 and 105 lbs, I’m not shockingly thin or anything but the amount of people who comment on my weight (especially overweight people) is shocking. It’s all comments like, “You’re too skinny!”, “Are you anorexic? You should eat more!” Stuff like that, while if you told an overweight person that they’re too big and should eat less, sh_t would hit the roof. It’s unfair and annoying. People should stop snarking on each pther’s bodies, period.

    • It’s probably because at 5’4 at 105lbs your BMI is 18 right on the nose, it makes it more likely you’ll be affected with hypothyroidism, cancer, TB and others. The ADA defines ideal body mass being between 20-25, being below 20 as underweight and being 18.5 or lower as extremely underweight. It’s like being unhealthy but in the opposite way an over-eater is.

  11. I agree with you. I think she more meant that it’s acceptable to talk about the underweight, whereas talking about the overweight makes a person “mean.”

  12. No we don’t need to feel ashamed if we are fat. Where are you even getting this from!? I’m just saying we should be honest with ourselves. Let’s be real we are not. Most people don’t even know they are overweight or obese. Most people can’t even properly identify someone who is overweight. The average American woman is 5’4 160 pounds that’s not “average” that’s overweight. Does it make you any less of a person? No, but it is a medically unhealthy weight to be. That is all. You’re the one stigmatizing being overweight or obese really. I’m just staying facts.

  13. Her body is actually my ideal and I agree with her on the skinny shaming being more acceptable than fat shaming. I guess it has to do with most of the American population becoming increasingly overweight. Of course being seriously underweight is just as unhealthy, but that isn’t becoming an epidemic here

  14. I don’t think that bethanny frankel looks annorexic and the vs angels not either (at least the most famous ones). But I do think that some HF models weight is dangerously low. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of a model dying of heart arrest (i think that’s the term in english? Anorexia leads to a very low blood pressure and heart irregularities). I’m not saying it happens all the time, but I’ve read about it on the news more than once.
    On the other side being obese is very dangerous too! But it’s also a medical fact that having a bmi of 15 is more dangerous than one of 30!

      • Not even HF models are 50 pounds underweight. And we are living in a world where there are now people 500 pounds overweight.

    • YES I have heard of models dying, but those are small numbers. Does every HF model die of anorexia? Nope not even close. Snejana, Vlada, Olga are alive and well, Olga even has a child. And all the VS models, used to be HF skinny. And funny you bring up the deaths of a few runway models, the same has happened to plus size models. A plus model ranted about how she was healthy in an interview, and dies 2 years later of a heart attack. I think her name was Mia Davis.

      ” But it’s also a medical fact that having a bmi of 15 is more dangerous than one of 30!” I would like to see your evidence for that? I think having a BMI of 15 is healthier than a BMI of 30 at the age of 15. If you have a BMI of 15 you’ll probably end up a BMI 18-19 by the time you’re 30, if you have a BMI of 30 at 15, you’re probably just going to end up with a BMI of 40.

  15. Oh no it’s not a mystery – but it is complicated, and a health issue is usually best addressed when it acknowledges and investigates the way certain bad lifestyle or genetic patterns interact with each other.

    I’m not going to say my story is an overwhelmingly common, but it is important to represent as many diverse stories of obesity, rather than just sticking with a single story version of it’s causes and harm. My wake up call about understanding came during middle school, where my very close friend was obese. Interacting, talking and spending a lot of time with her helped me understand my own prejudice; no, she isn’t eating unhealthy. No, she’s not sneaking snacks or carbs of candy. I made tons of assumptions about why she couldn’t or wouldn’t drop the weight, until it hit me like a brick – she doesn’t need to. Her health and wellness habits were no different than a lot of peoples’, and they were thinner. There wasn’t anything that needed ‘fixing’ in her diet or exercise.

    I mean, she was eating right and exercising, and she was really really fat. The sooner people can accept that sometimes that is true, and sometimes it is absolutely the persons’ own fault, we’ll be better off. 🙂

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