Brandi Glanville: “I’m 5’10 126lbs”


Responding to her haters:

To the haters calling me fat-I’m 5’10 126lbs I’ve had 2 kids Im42 I try &workout 3 times a wk -I LOVE 2cook&eat! I applaud your perfection!

… says Brandi.

5’10” and 126 lbs s 178 cm and 57 kg.


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18 thoughts on “Brandi Glanville: “I’m 5’10 126lbs””

  1. I don’t know who would call her fat since she clearly isn’t… She’s not very attractive in my mind but fat she isn’t.

    • They’re calling her fat because in our society, fat is an acceptable substitute for insulting a woman. If you don’t like her as a person, people will call her fat.
      That’s also why people get sooo upset when I say someone is overweight, they associate it with this type of stupid fat hatred. Society is so hypocritical, it’s ok to make fun of fat people and laugh at them running, but the moment you say they are overweight, people get so offended.

  2. This is what’s wrong with the word “fat”, people use it as an insult as if it means there’s something wrong with you as a person for being fat. Obviously she is very far from fat, but I find her unattractive and attention seeking, which is probably why she has haters. I just find their choice of insult to be very poor, calling a woman fat is not a substitute for calling her out on her personality.
    Somehow being called “fat” is the worst thing a person can be? No, fat is just fat.

    • Idk, calling you out on your “personality” seems just as wrong. Fat is just fat, but “you” are bad/wrong/ugly as a person?

      • I mean yes if someone is indeed bad/wrong/ugly
        you should call them bad/wrong/ugly not “fat” as a replacement for those words. It really criminalizes the word fat in my opinion. Like I’ll see people commenting Paris Hilton is fat. It’s very obvious that Paris Hilton is not fat, but she is trashy, vulgar, and an all around not so pleasant human being. Fat should not be a replacement for those words.
        I’m not saying go tell someone they’re a bad person, I’m saying don’t call someone fat because they are a bad person. That’s just illogical.

  3. I think she might weigh less than Adriana because Adriana is very toned and has a scuplted, muscular look while Brandi is pretty much just gaunt . Her arms are very thin and under than some definition in her quads she’s not really toned.

  4. well she’s obviously not fat, her body looks great. Her face creeps me out though. way to much injectables and surgery..

  5. Brandi was a model too. I think Brandi has a smaller frame (skeletal structure) which would definitel shave off some pounds. My 48 neighbour is 5.10″ use to model wedding gowns back in the day & has remained 128 pounds all her life. Ex models are usually naturally thin or in the end have found out the easiest ways to sustain their low weights so I think it’s enteriley possible for Brandi an ex model who IMO has a smaller frame than Adriana to weigh less.

  6. I’m 5’10 and range between 126-132 and can say that 126 would be accurate. I have a similar body type (minus the boobs) and that’s what I look like at that weight. I also doubt Adriana is really 136, unless she’s way more muscular than I realize.

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