Cindy Crawford: “I’m five nine and a half and 135 or 140 pounds”


On how much she weighs:

I’m still five nine and a half and I weigh between 135 and 140 pounds (176 cm and 61-63 kg). I’m lucky to have a husband who loves my curves. Rande finds me my most beautiful the way I look when I wake up in the morning.

… says the supermodel.

“Vintage” Cindy:


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8 thoughts on “Cindy Crawford: “I’m five nine and a half and 135 or 140 pounds””

  1. LoL @ CC being curvy, girl bye. Double lol @ her naming her weight as proof of her curves. LoL cubed @ CC being “lucky to have a husband” that finds her body attractive!

    Strictly off looks?…He is LUCKY to breathe her air imho. Are husbands this terrible in general or what?? I can’t lmao.

    She looks good tho, then & now.

    • Haha, yes. Why do you need to call normal curvy? At her age you’d think she would be reasonable and feminist enough to recognize that you shouldn’t try to be super skinny, and especially not for other people. I don’t see why she has to almost apologize for being how she is. She knows she looks and feels great, why dumb down to further promote certain standards? I read this as “I don’t fit into size 00 and feel fine about it, but I expect other people think I should and am amazed if they don’t. I’m lucky, but if other women can’t find a man because they aren’t thin, that’s reasonable.” What?!

      • unfortunately a lot of women, no matter how beautiful or successful, feel the need to apologize for everything. thats the result of a misogynist society for you.

  2. Lol what a strange thing to say. If your wife was Cindy Crawford and you had issues with her weight you would know you have serious problems

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