Danielle Fishel to Her Haters: ‘I weigh 107 pounds and am 5’1″ tall’


Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel (32) recently got married and instead of receiving congratulatory messages on social media, she was criticized for ‘looking fat’ in her wedding pictures. Here’s how she responded:

Ppl saying I was FAT @ my wedding: u r the worst kind of ppl on the PLANET. I weigh 107 pounds & am 5’1″. YOU are the reason anorexia exists.

I hope you’ll look at your own miserable lives and learn to stop judging others on their weight and looks. Love and happiness wins again.

… says Danielle.


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94 thoughts on “Danielle Fishel to Her Haters: ‘I weigh 107 pounds and am 5’1″ tall’”

    • I’d say 120 sounds right. I’m 5’2, 110 pounds and I look much thinner/bonier compared to her. She looks great, but there’s no way she’s 107.

    • I have to disagree. My friend is nearly the exact same height and weight. She looks curvy like Danielle, but wears a 00. Sometimes those are even to big and she has to wear kids’ sizes. Danielle may look to be curvy, but it’s all about how the body is shaped. Being 5’2″ and 107 lbs. is completely realistic for her.

    • I just think she’s tiny tiny…i mean 5’1 is so small, if she weighted 120, it would be more apparent. She just carries her weight on top. On a side note…always thought she looks like a troll, like the Olsens

    • She could definitely weigh 107 at 5’1”. I’m 5’2” and if I weigh more than 95 lbs I look fat. Everyone’s body is different and Danielle seems to be an apple body shape which means she will look dense at a lower weight for her height than someone with a different body shape. Also, small framed people tend to look fuller at lower weight than those with a larger frame.

  1. Aw Danielle! She looks fine, not my ideal but she seems happy and comfortable. Don’t agree on her anorexia comment though; it doesn’t exist because people call not-rail-thin girls like her “fat”, it exists in many due to complicated psychological issues.

    • Actually anorexia is a result of the western societal idealization of thinness. Ample psychological studies show that when cultures come into contact with western societies their anorexia rates dramatically increase.

      • anorexia exists for a myriad of reasons–in Japan women are anorexic because they are insecure about becoming adults and a few different reasons but all of the patients realize they are too thin, but can’t eat it gain weight, unlike in the west. I’ve read some interesting case studies juxtaposing eastern and western eating disorders.

          • But for completely different reasons than the west–globalism and western imperialism aren’t the reason for everything. Psychological manifestations aren’t all for the same reasons, and cultural is important. That’s like saying a Korean girl who gets eye surgery is trying to look white. Not everything can be covered by blanket statements or theories.

        • Actually, the field currently holds (and this may be reflected in upcoming versions of the DSM) that anorexia is a manifestation of a larger, anxiety-based disorder, of which there are many subtypes. This particular manifestation does exist because of idealization of slimness, but is not the cause of it; the underlying cause, like most mental illnesses, is trauma, genetics and improper psychobiological functioning.

          It is also important to note that anorexia precedes Western slimness ideals. The earliest documented case was somewhere in the 1800’s. Additionally, there are many reported cases throughout the 1900’s and even in the 1940’s and 50’s, when a curvier figure like that of Marilyn Monroe was ideal.

          The underlying disorder has a lot to do with anxiety-and-release behaviors similar to OCD, and less to do with actual body image goals. Anorexics fear being fat, so they engage in extreme “rituals” to prevent themselves from becoming fat, often leading to severely underweight figure which is NOT the Western ideal. Western ideal is slim, but not severely underweight.

          • Thanks for your insight Casey. Do you have happen to have any reading on the links beween eating disorders and OCD that you’d be willing to share? I’ve come to realise that my eating problems are closely linked to other OCD problems I suffer with (to the point they’re probably just another subset of behaviours) and I can’t find much relevant about this online to learn more. Like you say, there’s definitely something about the rituals and the fear that crosses boundaries with these “two disorders”. The fear and anxiety I feel about being “fat” that leads to ritualistic eating is the same fear I get about “bad things happening” that leads to non-eating related rituals (and both of those fears are not literally about those things, I know that, they’re the same undefined feeling, and the rituals are coping mechanisms for dealing with that feeling). Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • It may not be the reason it exists but it is a definite factor for some girls – whatever weight you are, under, ideal or over, those hurtful comments can cause you to develop a body image disorder more quickly than you might think.

  2. She’s tiny. That much is obvious. I can’t believe how old she looks…it makes me feel old, because I remember watching her on TV when she was just a little girl!

    • She looks quite old for her age too – I grew up watching her as well and she’s only got 3 years on me, but she looks ‘old’ somehow! Makes me feel old as well – approaching the big 3-0 and starting to feel stupidly vain about it, which I thought I never would!

      • awww, I understand. As much as I love being in my 30’s (just turned 35!), I get self conscious every time someone calls me “ma’am”. I am especially aware of it, because I teach at a university, so I am constantly reminded of what 20 year olds look like 🙂

        • Thanks Mia! Where I live I’ve been called ma’am in cafes, etc, since I was a teenager! Never liked it!
          I’m just telling myself there are lots of awesome things about getting older and I’m being silly about fearing a number! I’ll get over it. 🙂

          • In the southern U.S., if you look old enough to drive, you’re addressed as “ma’am.” It only seems to be a term appropriate for older women on the east coast.

      • I know what you mean I’m pushing 30 as well. I stress about it a lot for reason, but my grandma who is 90 always tells it’s an improvement. She says at 20 you can be cute, but at 30 you get to be elegant.
        I think having a 58 year old mother that still gets carded, and looks like my younger sister has given me a small complex though lol

  3. In 2006, I met Danielle in Las Vegas. She was REALLY sweet, and actually really small. My brother and I used to watch Boy Meets World, and I remember thinking she got a little too curvy when she hit puberty. When we met her, we walked away saying she is waaaay smaller than she looks on TV. So, I believe her! Plus, my best friend from law school is a tiny former cheerleader, 5’0, 110, and looks to be about Danielle’s size. People constantly hand her mediums when we go shopping, and she really wears an XXS. Perception is a funny thing!

    • completely agree! I have a 4’9 friend who weighs 90 pounds and she is really curvy, I couldnt believe when she told me she couldnt find clothes that fit her but then when we are shopping and she is trying on xxs clothes I couldnt believe it. People always over estimate short people

      • It’s the same with me! I’m 5’2″ and wear a UK size 6. Since I have a curvy butt and thickish legs (I’m a classical pear), some people don’t believe me.

      • “People always over estimate short people”

        they really do. even my mom is always constantly buying me bigger clothes because according to her, a girl my age “should not be an extra small” lol

        • Yep. My above-referenced friend has a tiny waist, super flat abs, and a bubble butt (which is mostly muscle because she has no cellulite) but people always misjudge her size. At any rate, Danielle was, and probably still is, a nice girl. Hell, when I met her, I said Topanga? and she smiled and said, “Danielle” and posed for pictures. It’s pretty rude that anyone would bash her on her twitter, especially on her wedding pics.

      • Yes, they do!!! I’m the same height and 85 pounds. I stopped shopping with friends because they always want dress me in things that I know well be so big they’ll be falling off me!!!
        I really wish more brands carried petite lines, or just cuter things in petite brands. Some times I can find things in juniors sections but it’s not always easy squeezing b❆❆bs hips and a butt into things cut for young girls

    • I totally agree about people overestimating short people. I think it’s because a person who is taller, but has the same shape, would probably wear a larger size. Clothing size depends so much on your bone structure, especially when shopping for dresses and skirts. Also, I think that being top-heavy makes people look “heavier” than they really are, if that makes sense.

      • I feel the opposite, that people underestimate shorter people, and actually most women. Like I’m 116 lbs and people guess I’m 100 lbs. My sister is 110 lbs (she’s a few inches shorter than me at 5’2″) and people guess she’s 90something. If you’re a slim woman people assume you must be 110 lbs or less, and if you’re short and slim they think 100 lbs or less lol. Probably because all celebrities/models are listed as under 120 regardless of height or build.

    • That reminds me of when I go shopping. Misses 0s and XSs swallow me, yet clueless salesladies will suggest Smalls & Mediums as if that is what I wear. I’ve even had Asian salesladies flat-out insult me by insisting I don’t wear the size I’m going for … and it turns out my waist is even smaller than theirs. Don’t let b❆❆bs & a butt on an otherwise tiny body fool ya. 😉

  4. Not sure who she is, but she is really cute! Love her eyes, very pretty! I think it’s hard to guess people’s weight. honestly, some people look bigger than they weigh and others look smaller than what they weight! When I was 120lbs I thought I was sooo big, but I was an Australian size 6-8. This other girl I worked with was an Australian size 12-14. Also my height. But yet weighed 110lbs. I was so confused by that at the time and started eating less (obviously I had issues going on already)…but I thought that I was bigger than her because I weighed more than her, even though it was as clear as day that I was sizes smaller than her.

    • ooops I meant she was an Australian 10-12. No idea what that constitutes to in US clothing, but I think 6-8 is like a size 2-4, and 10-12 is a size 6-8US…I think.

      • Aus sizes are the same as UK I think, if she was 5″6+ O I think she would be a 10 – 12 (6-8 us)I think shes closer to a 6 – 8(2-4 US) at 5″1.

  5. regardless of her weight being true or not, its just as8hole people commenting if they are really insulting her on her wedding day, I mean its not like she was ever a stick and just blew up, she has always been this curvy, why say anything.

  6. She’s small, but she’s not toned. People are used to see either extremely skinny or quite toned celebrities and she doesn’t fall in those categories.

    Nothing wrong with that though, I think she looks great. I would love to weigh 107 pounds!

  7. People are so incredibly mean, makes me hate social media that these kinds of a-holes get to go around tearing others down – especially on their wedding day!
    She’s not fat in the least – she’s very petite and curvy, hard to look ‘Hollywood-lean’ when you’re built like that. Her attitude to it is great!

    • “People are so incredibly mean, makes me hate social media that these kinds of a-holes get to go around tearing others down – especially on their wedding day!”

      Says the same person who is on this site every day tearing other women down. oh the irony.

      • Yeah I agree. Erica you are pretty hypocritical you always feel the need to remind us that ultra thin is not your ideal. each to their own its not really my ideal either but you contribute to other girls feeling bad i bet!

  8. Don’t agree with her comment on anorexia… BUT those people are really rude. I don’t see why there needs to be so much negativity all the time. She’s not my ideal, but I’m sure she looked great on her wedding day. Humans are creatures meant to work with each other, not against.

    • and she is NOT fat, obviously not super thin, but not everyone is meant to be thin. She’s clearly a healthy size, I don’t get why people are so terrible on the internet.

      • The anonymity? It makes people–especially younger people imo–lower their filter. There are some interesting case studies on technostress and its correlation with less courteous behavior. Yay psyche class haha. Personally, I’d never say anything online that I wouldn’t say outloud. But yeah, I agree. People can be very harsh online, Alias!

  9. I love “Topanga” and I believe she is tiny but I don’t love her style. I think it makes her look bigger than she is and her smile in the last couple of pics are kind of giving her the crazy eyes lol. Love her hair though! Always have and always will!

  10. Don’t be sad, Topanga!
    She isn’t super thin, but she’s pretty normal. There’s nothing wrong with her and it’s crappy to be vocal like that about someones wedding photos.

  11. awwe, Topanga 🙁
    that’s so sad that she had to be made to feel this way during what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of her life

    • Agreed, Winnie. But no one told her to post her wedding photos in the public forum of twitter, facebook, etc if she couldn’t take the heat. Strangers hiding behind a computer can be ruthless and sadly thats what happens when you put yourself out there.

      • Pretty sure most people who have social media accounts like facebook/twitter post pictures of themselves, especially special events like weddings. She has tons of fans who obviously couldn’t attend the wedding but who want to see her pics. But Danielle isn’t even a celebrity anymore and it’s dumb that people go out of their way to call a former child star fat on her big day.

        • What are you FAT!! So sad.
          All you fat women whining about how fat women aren’t really fat, all that energy you could be out running that fat off your ass. And if you weren’t fat, you wouldn’t be saying this woman isn’t.

          • Aww, honey, I’m 5’6 and 114lbs, far from fat!!!! I don’t think she’s stick thin, but she’s definitely not fat. Just because our opinions differ, does not mean I’m fat!!

          • No you’re not fat. But your’e not thin either. That explains you original comment because any truly thin person would not say this woman is ‘far from fat’.

          • Agree. And body fat percentage is important too. I’m 13%, and to me, this woman is NOT thin lol. She’s not thin period. And I’d be suspicious of anyone who says she is not fat…….not fat? Really? OK.

          • Lol if you think Danielle is fat, please check yourself into the nearest mental asylum. You sound like some neurotic anorexic who thinks that normal healthy people look fat because your brain is messed up. But don’t worry, there is treatment for body dysmorphic thoughts.

  12. she was always a big boned curvy short girl eve non boy meets world..i remember people used to compare her to danica mckeller (Winnie cooper) and I think winnie had the better body and prettier face and hair….throughout the show she got chunkier and chunker…one season I remember she was plain old fat Topanga…but she def is not fat in these pics she looks good. I bet she is 108 necause the camera adds pounds and ill say this she looks really good the same as her bmw days her face didn’t age so that’s good..but shes really overrated her and Melissa joan heart were supposed to be really great looking back on tgif….but they just were plain janes…really.

  13. Looks heavier than what she claims, but she is pretty short so it could be true. Clearly a very insecure and sensitive woman…having to spit out her stats to prove to people that she isnt fat. Newsflash…haters gunna hate, who cares. She’s always struggled with her weight…she was a lot bigger that this at one point during boy meets world.

    • I don’t think that she’s insecure or sensitive…I think she’s saying it more to prove that if you think someone who weighs 107 lbs is fat, then there’s a problem here! An adult woman who weighs 107 is not fat, not even chubby. 107 lbs is nothing, even if she’s short, that’s still SMALL. She’s giving people a reality check. And I agree with her.

  14. Aww <3 Topanga! No she is not fat at all. But I'll be honest she looks bigger than 107 to me, because my mother is 5'1 120 lbs and she looks about this size. She probably lied because she was tired of people calling her chubby. But anyway I think Danielle is a really nice girl and wish her nothing but happiness, she shouldn't have to defend herself to random internet haters.

  15. My heavens the people on this site have the most warped image. Sometimes the camera adds weight. I get called thin all the time and in some pictures with certain angles and clothes, I look a lot chubbier than I am. I can believe she is 107…because not everybody who is 107 lbs and 5’1 will look the same…body shape and genetics have a lot to do with it.
    And yes, anorexia is due to psychological issues…but comments like these often spur and aggravate the onset of anorexia. I would know more than the average person considering I used to work at an eating disorders unit.

    • I used to be anorexic. I had anorexia and bulimia for seven years. I never had it because someone said models were hot and average girls were fat. I could have–and did–looked at women like Danielle and recognized they were within the healthy bmi. I just wanted to be lower and smaller and ‘better’. I wouldn’t have tried to eat even less or tried to lose more weight just because someone called a normal person fat. For me, it wasn’t about them, it was about me. I wanted control, perfection, and to impress and control myself. I also had an abusive, neglectful, and narcissistic parent. My disorders werent about the medias depiction of women

  16. does she want a medal? why doesnt she ignore those who call her fat? i highly doubt it is affecting her. she just wants to seem down to earth and she knows the public will side with her. i hate how all female celebrities try to fish for compliments. its so lame

  17. Had to google her wedding pics and I thought she looked stunning! Hope I’m as beautiful of a bride (in 2 weeks ahhh!) but anyway, even if she were fat, which she clearly isn’t, screw people for tearing someone down on their big day. Brides are under too much pressure already…glad my wedding photos won’t be circulating the internet!

  18. At 5’1″, I would totally believe 107. People see any kind of suppleness & they knee-jerk, “140 at least!” irrespective of height. lol

  19. What is she, 12? Come on. If you put yourself out there, it’s a given that you have to deal with things like that – accept it and be the bigger person. I can’t believe this is coming from a grown woman. Get your priorities straight.

  20. ” instead of receiving congratulatory messages on social media, she was criticized for ‘looking fat’ in her
    wedding pictures”

    What a rude thing to say…

    “YOU are the reason anorexia exists.”

    What a silly thing to say…

  21. I highly doubt she’s 107 pounds lol, this is girl is far from fat/chunky or overweight but she’s much too curvy to pass for 107 pounds on a 5’1 frame.

    • WRONG! For one thing, the camera always adds weight–you would be shocked if you saw most celebs in person–they are tiny. Also, she’s got a muscular, athletic body, which makes her look way better than some of the walking skeletons around these days. I believe her. No way is she anywhere near fat.

      • She isn’t 107 unless she suffers from osteoporosis, she has too much subcutaneous fat and her b❆❆bs are too large to be that light otherwise. In the photos she looks 120-130. My guess is she is 117 and knocked off 10 pounds for her reply.

  22. First, she’s not 107. She is more like 120-130, idk, I am not really good at judging bigger and shorter women’s weights. Secondly, 107 is only thin if you’re like 5 ft 7 or 5 ft 8 so shut the hell up ahhaha.

    • You’re completely out of your mind. And if you think 107 is only thin when you’re tall, I shudder to think what you weigh. Go back to your proana site with all those lunatics who will be dead by 30.

  23. I am 5’1 and currently 111 lbs and I want to say NO WAY she’s 107lbs.. but the camera is very unforgiving for some people.. she looks a good 120 lbs to me too.. but it could be bad angles/lighting and weight added from the camera…

  24. I’m 5’1 and 108 pounds and I am much much thinner than her.

    It just shows how much different levels of muscle mass can make a huge difference and change your shape. Every body is very unique 🙂

  25. There is no way she weighs 107 pounds. It’s really sad that she would fight back by calling out others for “causing anorexia” when she feels the need to blatantly lie about her weight. If she really wanted to address eating disorders and body image in the media she should have posted a more “realistic” number for her body type and have been proud.

  26. If people did not look and have an opinion of you..you would not have the job you have. I think she looks great but I just can’t stand celebs who spend hundreds of thousand of dollars and so many hours making sure that they are as beautiful as possible and then find any chance to plaster their image everywhere and anywhere possible…then get offended when people have something negative to say. The very reason they are doing what they are doing for a living is to gain the public’s opinion….they just want all the good opinions and none of the bad. Who doesn’t….. but they actually have the nerve to accuse anyone who has a negative opinion of how they look, as being shallow. That type of fame is nothing but shallow. They dream of the fame their whole lives, invest huge amounts of money and time into their looks so how is that any less shallow? Plus the get more money than most people would use in a life time for investing that time into their looks. You signed up for it and are payed very well for it. The rest of us are judged physically by everyone around us…good or bad every single day and we don’t get a dime for it.

  27. another poster said Danielle looks like a troll. I don’t think she looks like a troll, but she is definitely weird looking, and not in a pretty, hot, or beautiful way. just my opinion. and while I would not consider her fat, she is certainly not skinny by any means. she would probably look better if she lost 20 to 30 pounds. btw, what’s up with those eyelashes? i mean they look good on some girls (ahem…younger…) but on her, not such a good look, looks like she’s trying too hard.

  28. her weight is irrelevant !!! although she is in the public eye, I think it is cruel to put people down…… and at her wedding ??
    come on !!!!

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