Elle Macpherson: “I don’t even know how much I weigh”



On how she doesn’t care about the number on the scale:

‘I don’t even know how much I weigh. It’s about how I feel, my energy levels and creative levels. Those are more important to me than a number on a scale. When I was younger I was more concerned about what I weighed because I didn’t know any better.’

… says 50 year-old Elle.


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23 thoughts on “Elle Macpherson: “I don’t even know how much I weigh””

  1. I believe her and that is quite healthy if you ask me. Clearly she is in shape especially if she’s 50. Eating right, exercising, sleeping. She looks very healthy and sexy as hell. You my lady are killing it.

  2. I believe her. The models from her day are still in a league of their own. I’m a big Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer fan. They’re all so naturally well proportioned and fit. Elle looks great.

    • I know! Why did supermodels look like the epitome of fit (even the baywatch babes did, minus the implants), but nowdays the models look so frail and sick. Huge difference.

  3. Her body looks smoking and she is an attractive woman, but I think she would look better with shorter hair! It’s a very girly look that doesn’t really work for her anymore, IMO.

    • Her body looks 25, but I think her face looks 40-ish- which is still great for a 50 year old but yeah she doesn’t look 39 like some people say- unless they are only talking about the bdy.

  4. About her not knowing what she weighs, I think that’s very healthy thinking. With my ed I have been obsessed with numbers, but I begin to realize, as long as you are healthy and happy with how you look, losing that one pound (or gaining) will not make you happier. Neither will knowing what you weigh in general. Again it’s all about that balance. You can weigh yourself, but don’t do it on a daily basis. And don’t get scared of the scale, since that’s obviously not a good sign either.

    (Giving myself some advice here….)

  5. Well, I think that’s why she said: it doesn’t matter if you are healthy and fit.

    I do agree though that the HAES movement sounds like bull s—…. I didn’t even know that existed (had to google it).

  6. She looks good, healthy. I thought she was still mid-40’s. I don’t find her particularly attractive face wise. Not ugly either, just not stunning. But her body has always been great.

  7. Her hair needs work, and 12 less inches, body her body is incredibly, even for a 25 year old. THE BODY indeed.

    While she doesn’t mind the scales, she certainly has minded other aspects with some help concerning her breasts, lips and face..
    Same ends as the scale I would think, no?

    • I personally love her hair, but it’s probably extensions the ends seem so full compared to the top.

      Agree that her body is incredible, but that first picture looks heavily ‘shopped, her skin does not look like that

  8. Agree Jackie. It’s a major factor and if someone says it’s all up to will, they are ignorant. Will plays an important role, but even more does the enviroment you live in and a healthy mindset. Any emotional distress or lack of finance is immediately a set back.

  9. I haven’s deleted any of your comments – we switched to a new system a few months ago and since then all comments have to go through moderation before appearing on the site. It takes a while, but the non-offensive comments do appear on the site.

  10. She’s one of the few celebrities that I feel is the real deal. I believe she really is active and positive and doesn’t know how much she weighs. Go Elle!

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